J.D. Has a Will?

Marty failed to take advantage of a golden opportunity during the penultimate episode of Rock Star: INXS. The Final Three were given their choice of any song that had been previously performed by anyone on the show for their final performance on Tuesday night. Instead of following his first instinct and choosing J.D.’s song “Pretty Vegas,” Marty picked Pink Floyd’s “Wish You Were Here,” a song he performed several weeks ago. By picking a safe song instead of trying to beat J.D. at his own game, Marty may have doomed himself.

Tonight’s non-performance show succeeded at making Mig look like a total fool. Mig’s speech about feeling like he earned his place in the Final Three was followed by genius commentary from Marty, who theorized that Mig’s strategy must be to save it all for the finale since he hasn’t shown much thus far.

The clinic for the week was a songwriting session with Andrew Farriss, who said he was pleasantly surprised by Mig’s writing. “Pleasantly surprised” is Australian for “you stink.” Andrew was impressed with Marty’s lyrics, as well as his willingness to collaborate. As in the recording studio clinic, J.D. came unprepared to the session with Andrew, who was taken aback at this. Andrew said J.D.’s got great ideas and passion, but that he needs to start getting those ideas down on paper. And even though the final product was good, Andrew has to know that if J.D. is picked, Andrew will be the one doing most of the work.

Mig’s song selection was one of the stupidest things I’ve seen in this series. Thinking that he’d lost his reputation as “the guy who starred in the Queen musical,” Mig picked “Bohemian Rhapsody.” Not smart. He’s a tiny guy with a high pitched voice and a girlish haircut – all I can think about him is that he’s the guy who starred in the Queen musical. Mig’s a goner and everyone knows it but him.

J.D. made a brilliant choice with “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones, which is apparently in his will as a song he wants played at his funeral. This raises the question – how is J.D. organized enough to have a will? And as a guy who’s supposedly homeless, what does he have to leave to anyone? “To my sister, I leave my collection of unflattering hats.” Despite that, it’s a great song choice because it will show off J.D.’s voice and style, and all he has to do is perform it better than Ty did. If J.D. performed the whole song choking on one of Dave Navarro’s nipple rings, he’d still do better than Ty.

At this point, I’m done speculating. It’s Marty or J.D., and I almost don’t care which one it is. It’ll be fun to see Mig’s ego get crushed, and I’ll endure J.D.’s non-answers to questions. But if the rejects show up and I have to see Ty stick his tongue out one more time, I’m gonna be pissed.