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DwtS Offseason Update: 12-21-06

Tour News
The San Diego Union-Tribune featured a review of the first show on the Dancing with the Stars
Tour. According to the reviewer, the professional dance routines were
the highlight of the evening. And the celebrities made several
references to the weight loss benefits of dancing, since the tour is
sponsored by Slim-Fast. was able to procure a copy of the list of tips on “touring life” given to the cast of the DwtS Tour, and it reads like the instructions handed out by your Social Studies teacher before the Junior High School ski trip. If you’re not on time, we will leave you behind, and doggone it, no #2 in the bus toilet!

Fans in the Sarasota, Florida area can mingle with Tony Dovolani on January 20 at the Florida West Coast Symphony’s annual gala and concert, titled “Gotta Dance! A Symphonic Night at the Movies.”

Willa Ford says she’s glad she gave up her career as a pop singer and avoided becoming another party girl. “That’s not the career I want,” said Willa. “You don’t see Angelina Jolie hitting someone in a bar.”

of people who hit other people in bars, Shanna Moakler offered her
thoughts on Tara Conner’s recent troubles as the reigning Miss USA, suggesting that most girls who wear the crown are unprepared for the pressure that goes with it.

Other News
Vivica A. Fox has been keeping busy with a variety of projects, including her duties as editor-at-large of the fashion magazine Jolie. She and Mario Lopez will be on hand for the January launch of GM’s new vehicle models. Although I’m not sure that standing on a rotating stage in front of a Buick counts as a positive career move.

For a special holiday treat, enjoy the video of Edyta Sliwinska, Alec Mazo, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing in a commercial for Jared Jewelers. Edyta even gets to deliver the company’s tag line: “He went to Jared.”

Cook Islands: Reunion Show

Survivor reunions are always a mixed bag of amusing
exchanges and bloated exposition, and the Cook Islands Reunion Show was no
different. Here are some of the highlights…

Yul on his winning strategy
“I think the key to winning the game is maximizing the good luck and mitigating the bad luck.”

Jeff Probst outs Yul as a nerd
“Out on the show, Yul was constantly going, ‘We have a 33.3% chance of this happening.'”

Yul confirms his nerdiness
talking about convincing Jonathan to flip back to Aitu, Yul said, “I
came up with this whole argument where I said, ‘If you don’t switch
over to our side, probability-wise, we’ll be able to execute a strategy
in which you’ll be out in the next two rounds, so really you have no

Did Becky ever consider a romance with Yul?
“No, it didn’t enter my mind.”

Yul on his inclusion in People’s Sexiest Man edition
think this is a little silly. I think my mom would be happy. I think
she just wants me to get married, and she’s hoping this will help me
find a wife.”

Jeff and Yul discuss Yul’s naked dip in the hot tub with Parvati and Ozzy
Jeff: “I couldn’t tell if [you thought] ‘Wow, this is great,’ or, ‘This is my worst nightmare.'”
“I think it was more the latter. I wanted to get the hell out of there,
but I didn’t want to give them the opportunity to strategize.”

The first thing Yul did when he got home
got a Costco membership, and I went crazy. I bought so much food, it
wouldn’t fit in my fridge. And I just sat there… ‘Well, gotta eat it
now,’ and chowed down.”

How did Ozzy feel upon returning to civilization?
“Honestly, I think I fell into a deep depression. The concrete jungle kinda got to me a little bit.”

Was Jonathan playing a villain?
“There’s no villain in Monopoly. I was playing to win one million bucks.”

Jonathan on watching the show with his family
warned them that I was going to be called some fantastic names. They’re
like, ‘What do you mean, Dad?’ ‘Oh, like cancer and rat and weasel.’ So
that sucked. So you get called names, so what? We don’t call people

Send him back to the island, please!
wrote a ridiculous, Lionel Richie-esque song about Survivor, and he
performed it as the Reunion Show went to commercial. As Sekou sang, he
actually yelled, “C’mon, everybody, sing along!” — even though this
was the first time anyone had ever heard the song.

Yul on the success of his racially diverse coalition
hoping that in some small way, we’ve shown that it’s not the color of
your skin that determines who you are, but what’s inside… who you are.”

Jeff and Stephannie discuss why she called Nate a “race traitor” after he voted for her
Jeff: “Did you trust him because you’re both from the same ethnic group?”
Stephannie: “Absolutely. I expected him to have my back.”

Brad, on pressure to positively represent his ethnic group
think a lot of times in media, [Asian] men are portrayed as these
WASP-y, thin, nerdy, bookwormish type of guys, and I think Yul and I
did a fantastic job of breaking the mold, breaking the stereotype that
a lot of America have today.” (Hey, Brad. Yul’s a lawyer who did math
problems on the island. But at least he’s ripped.)

Adam on the status of his relationship with Candice
“Candice is a great girl…” Enough said.

Jeff and Parvati discuss her profession
Jeff: “We labeled you as a boxer on the show. What kind of boxing do you do? I don’t even know.”
Parvati: “It’s called ‘model boxing.'”

JP hops on the reality show carousel
He revealed that he’ll be on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, starting January 10, on Oxygen.

Billy on his professed love for Candice
in the heat of the moment. How many of us haven’t stuck out foot in our
mouths in our lives? I just happened to do it on national TV.”

Coming this spring… Survivor: Fiji.
revealed that, this time, there will be 19 contestants. One tribe will
live in luxury, while another lives in poverty. There will be two
Hidden Immunity Idols on Exile Island — and, of course, another twist
or two. Plus, one Survivor will make “a controversial decision that will
have all of America talking.”

Cook Islands: Finale

After dominating much of the game through social strategy, Yul was narrowly able to beat Nature Boy Ozzy and win Survivor: Cook Islands. Yul’s victory proves the old adage: Give a man a fish, he eats for a day. Get another man to catch fish for you, you win $1 million.

After a thorough recap of the season, viewers joined up with the Aitutonga tribe at their camp. Adam, the last remaining member of the former Raro tribe, sat alone in the shelter, essentially having “given up,” in Ozzy’s estimation.

The tree mail that heralded the next immunity challenge included a spider web and a note about a kind of “directional test.”

“Sounds like another one for Ozzy,” said Yul. The other contestants groaned inwardly, knowing that he was right.

The challenge was a rope obstacle course that looked, in Yul’s words, “like a big jungle gym.” Survivors raced around the course to eight different stations, collecting bags of puzzle pieces, one at a time.

The pieces created a three-dimensional, eight-pointed compass rose. Jeff Probst described the challenge as “the most difficult puzzle we’ve ever had.”

Elements of the challenge included a rope net, bridge, tunnel, and a giant spider web that hung several feet above the ground. The two most time consuming obstacles were a set of wobbly rope steps, and two parallel knotted ropes that had to be crossed using only two wood planks, which contestants picked up and moved as they went across.

Ozzy struggled more than usual, starting off on the tricky wood plank obstacle. By the time he finished it, Yul had already retrieved three bags of puzzle pieces, and Adam had two. Sundra and Becky also had at least one bag each.

Then, Ozzy raced more aggressively, bounding across the rope net and somersaulting through the tunnel. He quickly closed the gap between himself and Yul, taking the lead when Yul got hung up on the same plank obstacle that had slowed Ozzy.

Ozzy was first to start on his puzzle, followed (in order) by Yul, Adam, Becky, and Sundra. Everyone’s hands shook as they set down piece after piece, and Adam made swift progress. But he wasn’t fast enough to catch Ozzy, who won — just as Yul had predicted.

Adam looked dejected as they returned to camp, with little he could do to save himself. In an effort to keep the game interesting, he approached Ozzy and Sundra about voting for Yul to force him to use his (Not So) Hidden Immunity Idol, but they weren’t interested.

At Tribal Council, Adam refused to go quietly into the dark jungle night. He pointed at Becky and Sundra and said, “I’m not sure what these two do. They’re boring people.” He said that Becky wasn’t going to force Yul to use the Hidden Immunity Idol, because, if Yul wins the next Immunity Challenge, he can give the Idol to her.

Adam was generous in his final comments, after the Aitu tribe members voted him out. He said, “You guys got us good. All I can say is congratulations.” Though he acted as though he took some things personally while on the island, this showed that he did understand that it was just a game.

Back at camp, Sundra, Yul, Becky, and Ozzy celebrated their victory over all the former Raros. Tree mail informed them that they’d all be taking the traditional “Fallen Comrades” tour together, during which they would reminisce about their defeated competitors, and then participate in the final Immunity Challenge.

They were stunned by this last bit of news, since it meant that there would be a Final Three — instead of the usual Final Two. But they decided that it was only fitting that all four of the former Aitus would be able to take part in the final challenge together.

The final Immunity Challenge relied heavily on balance and endurance, as it usually does. These challenges typically favor women. But this season, all challenges favored Ozzy.

Out in the water, the Survivors had to stand on a small steel perch that had been individually proportioned to their foot size. Every 15 minutes, a section of each small platform fell away. After one hour, they’d be standing on a piece of metal less than half the size of a postcard.

Everyone made it successfully through the first two rounds, as a portion from the front and then the right side of the platform fell away. At the 45 minute mark, when Becky released a part from the left side of the platform, she fell into the water.

After one hour, everyone survived the release of the final removable section of the platform. Yul balanced on the tiny square in a squatting position, while Sundra and Ozzy stood upright. When Jeff asked Ozzy which of his body parts was most uncomfortable, he answered his sweaty, itchy “nether regions,” causing Sundra to laugh and briefly lose her balance.

Eventually, Yul tried to stand up, and he fell into the water. Sundra and Ozzy lasted a total of 2 1/2 hours, before Sundra’s knees buckled and she fell. Ozzy’s winning streak remained unbroken.

At camp, Yul and Ozzy talked about that evening’s vote. Ozzy had the Immunity Necklace and Yul had the Immunity Idol, so they were both assured spots in the Final Three. Yul wasn’t about to vote for Becky, and Ozzy felt that in the interest of fairness, he should vote for Sundra and force a tie.

Yul consented to allow the women to battle for the final spot with a tiebreaker challenge, but he had a backup plan. He pulled Becky aside and said, “If you want the Idol, I’ll give it to you.” But she was afraid of how a “sneak attack” on Sundra would look to the jury, and she declined.

The vote at Tribal Council ended in a tie, and the women prepared for a fire-building tiebreaker challenge. It proved to be an embarrassing display of exactly what you could manage to avoid learning while stranded on an island for 38 days.

Becky and Sundra built pyramids of kindling and, using flint and steel knives, furiously tried to catch sparks on some coconut husks. They worked up a sweat, but after an hour, they had no fire, and the jury was fighting to stay awake.

At that point, Jeff said, “Stop where you’re at. We’re gonna go to matches.” The first matches caught the husks on fire, but they didn’t last more than a minute. Both women had to restart from scratch.

After 30 more minutes, Sundra ran out of matches. She watched as Becky took her time, carefully cultivating a fire that was able to burn through a rope and raise a flag. She joined Yul and Ozzy in the Final Three.

During her parting comments, Sundra said, without a hint of irony in her choice of words, that getting this far in the game had “ignited so many things in me.”

The next morning, the Final Three watched their last Cook Islands’ sunrise, and then Becky went for a walk. While she was away, two native women arrived in a canoe with breakfast. After screaming Becky’s name in vain, Ozzy and Yul dug into the chow.

Ozzy felt it was fitting that he and Yul share breakfast alone, since it was likely they wouldn’t be sharing any of the votes that night with Becky.

Yul and Ozzy asserted their dominance at Tribal Council that night by giving great opening statements. Yul was pleased to have taken his entire alliance to the end and said, “I’ve done more than anyone else to affect the overall course of the game.”

Ozzy mentioned that he was a provider who had “embraced every aspect of the game.”

Becky elicited eye rolls from Jonathan and Adam when she said that she knew she wasn’t the fastest, strongest, or smartest competitor, so she had played a social game. It was funny, considering it came from someone rarely seen talking to anyone but Yul.

Nate began the Jury questions portion of Tribal Council by giving “props” to the remaining contestants. He asked Ozzy in what way he’d played a better strategic game than Yul, and Ozzy replied that he’d been the mastermind behind throwing the challenge to oust Billy in the season’s second episode.

Nate then asked Becky why she deserved to win instead of Yul or Ozzy. Becky said that Nate hadn’t been privy to many of the conversations she’d had with Yul, and that Yul hadn’t been directing the game by himself.

Jeff asked Nate if he was satisfied with Becky’s answer, and Nate said, “No.” Becky then said that part of the reason she deserved to win was that she’d turned down Yul’s offer of the Idol. With that juicy disclosure, Nate took his seat.

Jenny was up next and asked Yul if he thought the game was more physical or strategic. Yul didn’t hesitate to reply “strategic,” giving the example that he’d let Ozzy’s prowess in the challenges deflect the attention away from him so that he’d be seen as the lesser threat.

Parvati was up next and said, in the light of learning that Becky had turned down the Idol, “Beckers, convince me that you want to win.”

Becky said, “I’m not a sneaky person,” and that if she was going to win, she wanted it to be in a way she could be proud of.

Rebecca told Yul and Ozzy that she was torn between them, and she wanted to know something that would help her make her decision. Yul eloquently said that he felt that “minorities are underrepresented in the media,” and that he hoped to be an advocate for more realistic and fair portrayals of minorities.

Ozzy followed Yul’s speech, saying, “I have very similar interests and goals.” He also was eager to help people with their racial questions: “‘Hey, what’s a Mexican?’…This is a Mexican right here!”

Adam took the floor next, and he told the Final Three that they were all “painfully boring,” so he wanted Ozzy to “talk trash” about Yul and Becky. Ozzy obliged, accusing Yul of not working as hard as he could’ve and reminding Adam of Becky’s embarrassing fire-making display the night before.

Candice told Yul she had a question for him, and she wanted a straight answer, not political doublespeak. She said that, in order for Yul to get her vote, he could respond only “Yes,” or “No.” Any elaboration would lose her vote for him.

Candice then asked her question. She asked if Yul had been “shamelessly working the Jury” at Tribal Councils past and present.

Yul put his chin in his hand and thought for a few seconds, before answering, “Yes.”

Candice thanked him, saying, “I know that was hard for you.”

Yul shrugged and replied, “Well… shamelessly?” Candice pointed at Yul and said she would have to reconsider whether he’d just violated her yes-or-no-only condition.

Brad was up next, and since he’d had virtually no time to get to know Ozzy before being voted out, he asked Ozzy what his most challenging life experience had been. Ozzy broke down in tears as he said it was his troubled relationship with his father.

Sundra then asked what each of the Final Three had learned about themselves or life during Survivor. Ozzy gave the dippy reply, “Pure love,” Becky said she’d learned to live without a schedule, and Yul said he’d gained self-confidence.

The Jury questions came to a close with Jonathan. He confronted Yul, asking him to defend his telling of half-truths throughout the game. Yul responded, “What you’ve said is absolutely true,” admitting that he had lied, but only in the context of the game. It’s not how he would’ve acted in the outside world.

Then Jonathan asked Ozzy how giving him $1 million would make his own, and Jonathan’s, world better. Ozzy said he’d love to have the chance to go back to school without worrying where the money would come from, and then “try to change the world for the better.” He didn’t specify how he would do this.

After that, it was time to vote. Parvati cast a vote for Ozzy, calling him the “ultimate competitor.” And Jonathan wrote Yul’s name, saying of the other contestants, “Yul outplayed you all.”

Host Jeff picked up the votes and disappeared into the forest. Seconds later, we cut from filmed footage on the Cook Islands to the live feed from Hollywood. In the studio, the finalists and jury sat, as Jeff walked onstage with the votes.

Before Jeff read the votes in the studio, he said this 13th season was “one of the most enjoyable seasons we’ve had in quite a while.”

Jeff then read the votes. After eight votes, Ozzy and Yul were tied with four apiece. Jeff announced that the ninth, and deciding, vote went to Yul — making him the winner of Survivor: Cook Islands.

While Yul had looked prepared for a loss, Ozzy looked positively devastated after the final vote was read. After hugging Becky and Ozzy, Yul went into the audience and celebrated with his family.

I’ll be recapping the Reunion Show in a day or two. Check back soon!

DwtS Offseason Update: 12-16-06

The rumor mill is churning out plenty of gossip regarding Dancing with the Stars 4. And a couple of familiar faces are slated to join the DwtS Tour.

Tour News
Dancing with the Stars alums Jerry Springer and Sara Evans will be joining the Tour for select performances.
Jerry will perform at the shows in Chicago, Columbus, Cleveland,
Cincinnati, and Nashville, where he’ll be joined by Sara, for that show

Season 4 Rumors
Earlier this week, it was reported that Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson had been cast for DwtS 4. But representatives at ABC say that quotes attributed to show producer Conrad Green were “completely fabricated,” and that no final casting decisions have been made yet.

Apparently Joey Fatone didn’t get the memo from ABC, as he announced on a radio show that he will be a part of DwtS 4. The former member of ‘NSync would follow a storied tradition of ex-boy banders on Dancing with the Stars, including Joey McIntyre, Drew Lachey, and Joey Lawrence (okay — Joey was only a solo artist).

At E! Online, Ted Casablanca dished that one member of the Dancing with Stars family will be axed before the start of Season 4.
He didn’t say who’s being replaced, but since the only permanent
members of the family are the hosts, judges, and band, the pool of
candidates is pretty limited.

Shanna Moakler announced at a party that she’s dating her DwtS dance partner, Jesse DeSoto. I think that makes their relationship the first, and only, confirmed romance to come out of the show.

Other News
More new TV shows for former DwtS contestants. Stacy Keibler is joining the cast of the ABC drama What About Brian. And Jerry Springer will be a part of a new reality series on VH-1 entitled The Springer Hustle, about the backstage drama that takes place at The Jerry Springer Show.

John O’Hurley recently became a dad for the first time. On December 6, his wife Lisa gave birth to a baby boy, named William Dylan.

Dancing with the Stars was the 10th most searched television show on the internet in 2006. Lycos released its lists of most searched terms in 2006, and DwtS was only bested by American Idol, Smallville, and seven other shows.

Cook Islands: Episode 14

Parvati got naked in a hot tub with Yul and Ozzy, and it still wasn’t
enough to save her. She was eliminated at the end of the penultimate episode of Survivor: Cook Islands.

episode began with a Reward Challenge that promised to be provocative
— Survivors writhed in a muddy pit and ran to a mat, where they rubbed
their skin and wrung out their hair to get a much mud as possible into
a bucket. The three survivors to collect the most mud won the reward.

the challenge actually transpired was less than provocative. As the
swimsuit-clad contestants squatted over their buckets and rubbed their
muddy bottoms, the image was more reminiscent of toilet activities than

As host Jeff Probst put it, it was “like watching bad performance art.”

rules of the challenge stipulated that contestants could not carry mud
in their hands or arms. Yul got creative and loaded mud in between his
shoulder blades. He transported a total of 22.5 pounds and finished in
third place.

Parvati was slightly more successful, piling mud into her cleavage. She finished with 24 pounds. (of mud, not cleavage)

by sheer force of will and superhuman mud-carrying ability, Ozzy
finished in first with 45 pounds. He had the honor of sending Adam to
Exile Island for his third cold, stormy stay of the season.

their reward, Ozzy, Parvati, and Yul were flown to an island spa for a
night of relaxation. The plane cabin was layered in plastic, as all the
reward winners were still caked in drying mud. Parvati’s head looled
from the weight of the dirt in her hair. And Ozzy looked like a clay
statue with white teeth.

On the island, the contestants showered, had their clothes washed, enjoyed massages, and feasted.

dinner, the storm knocked out power at the spa. That didn’t stop a band
and a group of hula-style dancers from performing for them.

also didn’t stop the Survivors from drinking. A lot. Parvati initiated
a threesome skinny dip in a hot tub, where she flirted strategically
with Ozzy. Ozzy dove around the tub, claiming he was imitating a
humpback whale. Parvati laughed and said, “I just peed in my pants —
and I’m not wearing any!”

When the gang returned to camp the
next day, Becky immediately pulled Yul aside for a conference. She and
Sundra were concerned about Ozzy’s totally lopsided victory at many of
the challenges, and she wondered if perhaps he should be the next
person voted out.

Yul shared some of their concerns, and
divulged the flirting between Ozzy and Parvati on the Reward trip. “I
definitely underestimated her,” said Yul.

Later, at the Immunity
Challenge, Parvati’s hair looked extra clean and shiny, especially when
the bedraggled Adam returned from Exile. The restful stay she, Yul, and
Ozzy had enjoyed at the spa had obvious benefits; the three of them
were the only people who even had a chance in the challenge. By the
end, nobody else was even close.

Survivors had to carry four
bundles of wooden puzzle pieces one-at-a-time across four ascending
balance beams. Once all for bundles had reached the other side, they
could be untied, and the pieces fit together to make a tabletop maze.

there, survivors had to maneuver two small balls through the maze —
avoiding occasional “decoy holes” — and the drop the balls through two
pits as the end. It was like an oversized version of the game Labyrinth.

Ozzy ran gracefully across the balance beams, his competitors fell off
into the sand on either side of him. Adam grumbled, “C’mon!” as he
futilely tried to get even one bundle of puzzle pieces across the
beams. Sundra fared no better. Of the Reward Challeng losers, only
Becky got any bundles over the beam.

Yul and Parvati both
managed to get all of their bundles across, but they still weren’t even
close to Ozzy. His Aitu pals offered half-hearted congratulations on
his third consecutive victory, as they realized that they might not
ever get another chance to vote him off.

Knowing either he or
Parvati would be voted out that night, Adam approached Yul at camp and
asked if it was him. Yul said that if Adam wanted to stay, he’d do what
he could to steer the vote toward Parvati.

Adam said he’d like
to stay, and only felt a little bad about offering his pal Parvati up
in his place. He mused, “If it’s benefiting me, I’m okay with it.”

also approached unofficial puppet master Yul about the evening’s vote.
He admitted that they considered a bigger threat than Adam in balance
and agility challenges, so she was some danger.

But things
looked up for Parvati when she was idly discussing strategy in the
shelter with Adam and Ozzy. As she and Adam debated whether to vote for
Sundra or Becky, Ozzy casually mentioned that he wouldn’t mind seeing
Sundra go.

Adam and Parvati immediately perked up, asking Ozzy
if he was seriously considering turning on his old tribemates. He said
probably not, as that could lose him their jury votes.

But Adam
cautioned that Ozzy’s current alliance would turn on him as soon as he
lost an Immunity Challenge. Ozzy admitted to having had the same

Yul also had the jury on his mind, and he brought
Jonathan’s hat with him to Tribal Council. Jonathan’s parting words had
been a request for the return of the hat he’d left at camp, and Yul
hoped the gesture might make up for his voting for Jonathan.

looked like the gesture worked, as Jonathan beamed upon his reunion
with his hat. Parvati suggested that, “Yul has been playing this game
to win votes from the beginning.”

After a discussion of the hat,
and whether Yul was just kissing up to the jury, Jeff steered the
conversation toward Adam. “You seem to be the biggest physical threat… on paper.”

Adam chuckled and told Jeff that he hasn’t
delivered because, “I’m just not all there, physically — and mentally
— anymore.” (Were you ever, Adam?)

Votes were cast, and they
split down the usual alliance lines, with Parvati earning four votes to
Sundra’s two. In her farewell confessional, Parvati said, “I could’ve
worked it more in the hot tub if I wanted to.”

Survivor: Cook Islands
wraps up on Sunday night, with two hours of competition, followed by an
hour-long reunion show. Jeff Probst promised three more Tribal Councils
(including the final face-off with the jury), which should make things
interesting, considering there are still five competitors left. Will
one of the Councils be a double-elimination, or will we have a final

My prediction is that Ozzy wins a car in a Reward
Challenge, becuse Ozzy wins every challenge. He then becomes the next
victim of the Survivor Car Curse, as Yul earns enough jury votes to win
in a landslide, regardless of whether he faces one or two competitors
at the end.

TAR 10: Finale

If you placed a hefty bet before the season started that the youngest, fittest all-male team — Tyler & James — would win The Amazing Race 10,
you have a lot to smile about. And you’re the only one, because the
rest of us had to suffer through a boring and predictable finale.

Teams began the leg in Barcelona, Spain, where they found their first clue in a park behind the impressive Sagrada Familia basilica. The clue contained a photo of the Eiffel Tower, so teams were off to the airport, to catch flights to Paris.

they arrived at the airport late at night, teams had to wait until 4
a.m. for the earliest ticket counter to open. Rob & Kimberly were
the only team to get on the first flight to Paris: a 6 a.m. flight to
Charles de Gaulle Airport.

Tyler & James boarded a 7:05
flight, also to Charles de Gaulle. Lyn & Karlyn, however, got a
7:25 flight into Orly Airport.

Lyn & Karlyn’s strategy
worked. Orly is much closer than Charles de Gaulle to central Paris, and they
were able to take a taxi to the Eiffel Tower, while other teams went by
train from Charles de Gaulle. The Alabama moms reached the Tower at the
same time as Rob & Kimberly.

The clue teams found on the
Tower’s third floor instructed them to take the train to the town of
Caen and then by cab to a nearby airport. All of the teams traveled on
the same train.

In Caen, Tyler & James’s cab arrived at the
airport first. Rob & Kimberly arrived last, but they also arrived
most spectacularly, as Kimberly nearly toppled the cluebox in the
process of falling on her can.

In a Roadblock entitled “Storm
the Beach,” both team members would ascend in a small plane, and one
team member would skydive with an instructor onto Omaha Beach, a key site in the Allied invasion of Normandy during World War II.

other team members would endure a surprise nosedive in the plane before
reuniting with their partners at a train station near the beach.

took the leap for his team, and Karlyn did so for hers. Her instructor
insisted that she was lucky to be with him, in part because he’s
“crazy.” I know that’s the most important quality I look for in a
skydiving instructor.

Race rules limit the number of Roadblocks
each team member can perform over the course of the season, and Rob had
already exhausted all his opportunities. So, Kimberly did the skydiving
for her team. But Rob was not happy about it, and he pouted, “The one
thing I wanted to do on the race…”

After everyone was safely
back on the ground, teams got their next clue, directing them back to
Paris. All teams got tickets for the 5:23 p.m. train to Paris via Caen.

teams waited for the train, Rob & Kimberly walked to a post office
to change their money from dollars to Euros. An early train to Caen
arrived at 5:10, and the two other teams hopped on.

Rob &
Kimberly were surprised (and scared) when they returned to an empty
platform, but their ticketed train arrived at 5:23, and they caught up
with the other teams in Caen.

Back in Paris, teams found their
next clue: a Detour called “Art or Fashion.” In Art, teams would carry
a large painting from a gallery to a street artist. But none of the
teams even considered this task.

Instead, everyone opted for
Fashion. At the Anatomy fashion studio, teams followed a jacket
pattern, cutting out pieces of fabric and properly pinning them in

The task was made for models Tyler & James because,
as Tyler said, “We’ve been fitted a million times.” They finished their
jacket as Lyn & Karlyn and Rob & Kimberly struggled to make
proper pleats.

On their way out, Tyler gloated, “We’re good. We’re models.”

next clue instructed teams to fly to New York and retrieve a clue at
the Daily News Building. The models took a cab to Charles de Gaulle
Airport, as did Rob & Kimberly, while Lyn & Karlyn went back to

Unfortunately for the ‘Lyns, Orly doesn’t have direct
flights to New York. So, the moms headed to Charles de Gaulle, and they
wound up the last team on the standby list for seats on the first
morning flight to New York.

During the night, Rob found a
manager at the airport and was able to get confirmed seats for the
morning flight. As passengers began boarding, he and Kimberly were the
only racers with seats on the plane.

That’s when Tyler &
James began to pray. Really hard. It must have worked, because they
went from “standby passengers” to “confirmed passengers” just moments
before the plane departed.

I assume that God convinced a couple
devout French people to skip the flight, so that the Models would have
a shot at the Race’s million dollar prize. Finally, after countless
generations of oppression, God felt that good-looking, young, white
male Americans have suffered enough.

(If you’re a conspiracy
theorist, you might suspect that the show’s producers had bought a
number of seats on the flight in advance. Then, they would have the
option of releasing them later, if it would help keep a couple teams neck-and-neck until the end. If the Models hadn’t
caught the early flight, Rob & Kimberly would have won, going away.)

& Karlyn prayed, too, but obviously not as hard, because they
didn’t get seats on the flight. That meant they were out of the running
for first place. It also means that God plays favorites.

the teams landed in New York, it came down to a classic duel of wits
and skill. Just kidding; the result was decided by cabs and dumb luck.

& Kimberly’s cab driver didn’t know exactly where the Daily News
Building was, so he followed Tyler & James’s cab — until they
reached a toll booth. Rob & Kimberly’s cabbie was stuck in the cash
lane, while Tyler & James’ cabbie sped through the toll, thanks to
his E-Z Pass.

The race was effectively over for Rob & Kimberly at that point.

The clue at the Daily News Building sent teams to find a sculpture called The Alamo
in the East Village. The models had no trouble running the two-mile
distance to the sculpture, and it helped that they were both familiar
with Manhattan.

The clue at the sculpture told them to find a
cabbie willing to drive them over 50 miles to St. Basil’s Academy in
Garrison, New York, where the finish line awaited. The first cabbie
Tyler & James found agreed to take them, and the Models jogged to

Phil Keoghan had another surprise for the boys, on top of their $1 million. They got to make a phone call — just like in jail!

handed Tyler a cell phone, and he called his mom to tell her he was a
half-millionaire. James’ dad (and his massive eyebrows) just happened
to be hangin’ at Tyler’s mom’s house, so he got to hear the good news
as well.

As Rob & Kimberly ran to the mat, they noticed the celebrating models. As he ran, Rob muttered, “Damn, the boys won.”

the mat, Rob & Kimberly confirmed that they still wanted to get
married, even though $1 million would’ve paid for a much nicer wedding.
Phil said to Kimberly, “I know you were very keen on having a big rock
on your finger.”

Kimberly looked over at Rob and said, “Now he’s just gonna have to work for it.”

Then Lyn & Karlyn arrived and they cried, proud of finishing in the top three.

& James’s victory made this the fifth season won by a pair of
strapping young lads. Such an outcome also occurred in seasons 1, 2, 4,
and 9 (which had all-male teams finishing in both first and second
place). Considering that three of the other seasons didn’t have any
real alpha male duos — 5, 6, and 8 (the Family Edition) — the odds
often seem to favor these teams.

It’s silly then that several of
the tasks on this leg seemed designed to further benefit the Models.
They’ve had lots of experience being fitted for clothes, they’ve both
worked in New York, and they were certainly in fine shape to run two

Viewers already expect the young, fit, male teams to do well. Those teams don’t need to be given any extra advantages.

because the audience expects these teams to do well, it makes it less
exciting when they inevitably win. Everyone loves an underdog. But, as TAR
history shows, the underdog loses more than half of the time. And
that’s even when the underdog teams outnumber the alpha dog teams by a
ratio of ten to one.

It’s time for the producers to stop casting
these teams, and not just because they have the best shot at winning.
These teams also often make for the worst TV. As in Seasons 1 and 2,
the latest winning team was actually one of the season’s least memorable. (Maybe instead of casting ex-addicts/current models, they could cast some ex-models/current addicts.)

An unsatisfying ending tends to sour one’s view of the season that preceded it. Let’s hope next season — the long-rumored TAR All Stars — lives up to its potential.

Cook Islands: Episode 13

On this week’s Survivor: Cook Islands,
Jonathan’s stay at Exile Island gave the other Survivors a taste of how much more peaceful life was without him. At Tribal Council,
his former alliance-mates decided that, sometimes, comfort trumps
strategy, and Jonathan was voted off the island.

The morning after Candice’s ouster, Parvati, Becky, and Sundra were preparing coconut, when Parvati
nearly chopped off the end of her left thumb with the machete. The
paramedics gave her a few stitches to hold the end of her thumb on and
bandaged her up.

The paramedics’ instructions to keep the
bandage mostly dry went unheeded at the Reward Challenge. As soon as
the Survivors’ family members showed up, all bets were off.

Jonathan was reunited with his wife, Parvati with her dad, Sundra
with her mom, Becky with her sister, Yul with his brother, and Ozzy
with his mom. Adam enjoyed a reunion with his father, George, who looks
exactly like Adam will in 30 years. Both Adam and Dadam already have the same hairdos and gape-mouthed grins.

Survivors partnered with their loved ones for the challenge, which, in
its simplest form consisted of transferring the contents of a pail of
water into a larger bucket, until that bucket was full enough to lift a
counterweighted flag.

Survivors had to wear blindfolds as they scooped water from the ocean.
Then, they tossed the water from their pail. Their loved ones, standing
about ten feet away and not wearing blindfolds, tried to catch the
water with another small pail, which they then emptied into the large

Relying only on vocal directions from their partners,
the Survivors launched pail after pail of water at their loved ones,
drenching them in the process. After each toss, Jonathan’s wife wrung
out her shirt and hair into her pail, maximizing her efficiency.

Jonathan and Ozzy had the early lead. But Parvati and her dad were able to make up ground and squeak out the win. When asked to pick someone to go straight to Exile island, Parvati didn’t hesitate to send Jonathan.

For their Reward, Parvati and her dad would spend a couple hours at the Aitutonga camp, before being ferried over to a ceremony and feast with a local tribe.

And they wouldn’t be going alone. Two other Survivors and their relatives would be joining them. Parvati’s dad, Mike, had to pick who would be joining them — with no help from Parvati.

First, he selected Sundra’s
mom, whom he referred to as the “beautiful island lady.” Then he chose
Adam’s clone, George. Because she’s closest with Adam and Sundra, they’re probably the two Parvati would’ve chosen, too.

a short stay at camp, the reward winners joined the women and children
of a native tribe in a ceremony on a nearby island. Following the
tribe’s religious ritual, the castaways entered a sacred cave, anointed
a freshwater pool with scented oils, and dove in.

Then Parvati, Adam, and Sundra feasted on meatloaf, fried chicken, corn on the cob, and biscuits with their relatives.

at camp, Yul, Becky, and Ozzy decided to hide the coconuts they’d
collected, so that they didn’t have to share food with Parvati and Adam. The trio wanted to keep their enemies from being too well-fed for challenges.

But when Parvati, Adam, and Sundra
returned from their reward with a bag full of meatloaf, corn, and
biscuits, Becky said that she, Yul, and Ozzy felt too guilty to carry
through with their coconut embargo.

The Immunity Challenge the
next day was designed for Ozzy to dominate, and he did just that. It
was a floating obstacle course, requiring the Survivors to run over
planks, rowboats, and floating barrels to reach buoys with two bundles
of sticks attached.

After completing two passes through the
course (one pass to get each bundle) the Survivors tied their sticks
together to form a long pole, which they used to reach two hanging
rings, suspended about a dozen feet away.

As Ozzy was “doin‘ it all with the pole,” as Jeff Probst
put it, his competitors were falling off of barrels into the water and
moving with all the accuracy of drunken coeds. Ozzy later said, “It was
certainly quite hilarious seeing people just eating it all over the

Upon returning to camp, it became obvious that no one
was happy to have Jonathan back from Exile Island. When joined the
group at the fire, he got the silent treatment for a few minutes,
before everyone just got up and walked away.

He chased his supposed allies Becky and Sundra
into the forest to talk strategy. But he had to yell, “Guys? Guys?
Ladies?” before they would even give him the curt response, “We’re
getting firewood.” At that point, Jonathan knew he was in trouble.

told Jonathan that he’d do what he could to convince the group to vote
for Adam as originally planned. But Jonathan wasn’t hopeful: “Are they
going to sacrifice everything they’ve worked for because Parvati’s smiling at them?”

Jonathan was right to be worried. He received six votes at Tribal Council and became the next member of the jury.

his final words, he was mostly disappointed that his former allies
didn’t have the courage to tell him he was going. “These people are
terrible liars,” he said of the Aitu Four.

was a bad strategic move to get rid of Jonathan, especially for Yul and
Becky. Jonathan was in no position to turn on them, and it’s unlikely
that he’d win any Immunity Challenges from here on out.

important than that, there was absolutely no chance that the jury would
award him the $1 million, so he was the perfect Final Two candidate.

Instead, Yul and Becky will now have to work extra hard to keep Adam and Parvati from winning Immunity or convincing Ozzy or Sundra to switch sides.

In fact, it looks like that’s exactly what Adam and Parvati try to do in next week’s episode. When Ozzy starts spending too much time with the former Raro members, Becky and Yul consider turning on Ozzy.

DwtS Offseason Update: 12-6-06

The exposure from their appearances on Dancing with the Stars
has been good for the careers of Mario Lopez and Jerry Springer. One of
them earned a role on George Lopez’s sitcom, and the other is shilling
for a video game. Guess who got which gig.

Tour News
At his forum, Maksim Chmerkovskiy further explained why he chose to drop out of the DwtS Tour:

certain situations in life present themselves and you have to make a
decision. That is exactly what happened in this particular case. I made
a decision to benefit the future. At this particular point, I cannot
reveal any more information; your understanding of my privacy is
greatly appreciated.”

At this point, no one is slated to replace Willa and Max on the tour.

Season 4 Rumors
Almost as quickly as the rumor surfaced, it was put to rest. Jennifer Aniston will not be on Dancing with the Stars 4 this spring.

Other News
Mario Lopez has parlayed his popularity from DwtS into a few new jobs. He’s signed a talent holding deal with the CW network to join the cast of a current CW show or develop a new show for the 2007-2008 season.

In the meantime, Mario did an embarrassing dance routine at a launch party for the video game Viva Pinata.

Jerry Springer has made a few career changes of his own since the end of his run on DwtS. On Tuesday, he ended production of his radio show , because of increasing demands on his time. He’s going to play a recurring character on the George Lopez show, and he’s filming a movie in February.

Jerry also joined Sara Evans on stage
at her December 1 show at the Star Plaza Theatre in Merrillville,
Indiana. One of Sara’s songs, “You’ll Always Be My Baby,” has been
adapted into a children’s book.

TAR 10: Episode 12

This week, the blonde Beauty Queens couldn’t make up enough ground to become The Amazing Race‘s
first ever all-female Final Three team. That honor was reserved for the
Alabama Moms, Lyn & Karlyn. In other news, after this episode’s
Detour, I’m half tempted to rename this website

Teams started the episode at a Berber camp in Morocco’s Atlas Mountains, from which they drove over 200 miles to Casablanca.

marveled at the wildlife along the trip’s winding mountain roads. “I
hate how there are so many dogs out here! …Oh, those are lambs.”

Rob pointed to the beasts’ horns and said, “Goats.”

Casablanca, Models Tyler & James and Beauty Queens Dustin &
Kandice (who had started the leg in last place, but were now solidly in
second) found guides to lead them through a crowded market and directly
to the cluebox located in a park.

The clue was a Roadblock. One
team member needed to find a butcher stand selling a local delicacy:
camel meat. The stall was easy to find, thanks to the gruesome,
mostly-skinned camels dangling on ropes in front of it.

heads were hung like wind chimes outside of the place. The heads’ skin
and eyeballs were still intact, giving the shop a
fresh-from-your-nightmares kind of appeal.

After purchasing one
pound of camel meat, racers ran across the square to a restaurant,
where they ground and spiced the meat before handing it to a chef, who
grilled it on skewers.

Once all of the meat was eaten, teams received their next clue.

the cow lip eating champ from Week 8, was nearly done munching on his
camel by the time Kandice arrived at the meat grinder. James raved
about his dish, “It’s like a really good burger.”

As soon as he
was finished, James grabbed his next clue from the chef. It instructed
teams to fly to Barcelona, Spain and find a park.

After Kandice
finished her plateful of camel meat, the Beauty Queens’ guide led them
back to their SUV. Along the way, the Beauty Queens passed by Rob &
Kimberly and Lyn & Karlyn.

At the Roadblock, the tension of
the race started to get to both trailing teams. A somewhat frantic
Kimberly couldn’t figure out how to work the manual meat grinder, and
she had to watch Lyn for clues on what to do.

Karlyn, who had
nothing to do but sit and watch Lyn eat the camel meat, constantly
criticized Lyn for eating too slowly. Karlyn complained, “You can’t be
sittin’ there chewin’, contemplatin’.”

Finally fed up, Lyn snapped, “Karlyn, shut the hell up!”

Karlyn snapped back, “You don’t tell me to shut up!”

the car on the way to the airport, Lyn tried to explain that the meat
had come straight off of the grill and was too hot to eat quickly. But
Karlyn wouldn’t back down, insisting, “I’m not gonna change. If she
doesn’t like it, she doesn’t have to listen.”

At the airport,
all teams got tickets for the same flight to Barcelona, which arrived
that night. The park that held the next clue was closed until morning.

the park opened, teams raced through a hedge maze to find the clue box.
Inside the box were instructions for this week’s Detour: “Lug It or Lob

In Lug It, team members donned a pair of nine-and-a-half
foot tall costumes from Barcelona’s Festival of Giants. In costume,
they had to walk more than one mile in search of another costumed
giant, who held their next clue. The costumes were heavy and hot, but
the mission was fairly straightforward.

In Lob It, teams took
part in another traditional activity: tomato throwing. As locals pelted
them with ripe tomatoes, teams searched a pile of of thousands of
tomatoes for a clue hidden inside of a tomato. It wasn’t physically
difficult, but searching the pile could be time consuming — not to
mention messy and annoying.

Rob & Kimberly decided to do Lob It and quickly realized they’d made a bad decision.

locals were merciless. Rob tried to draw their fire, as Kimberly
searched the pile. But she was pelted so badly that her face was soon
covered in tomato juice and seeds. She begged and screamed at Rob to
stop and switch tasks, but he declined.

Finally, she stormed off of the field toward their waiting taxi, crying, “I’m not getting hit in the face again!”

all of the compassion of your older brother when you were a kid, Rob
said, “Way to go, Kim. Way to cry… Just because you’re getting hit by
a couple of tomatoes.”

They asked the cab driver how far they
were from the other Detour. When he responded that they were 20
kilometers away, Rob convinced a resigned Kimberly to walk back to the
tomato pile.

Naturally, Rob found the clue inside of a tomato
almost immediately.

Rob & Kimberly changed into clean clothes before riding in
their cab toward the Pit Stop, which was at a fountain on the other
side of Barcelona.

Meanwhile, Dustin & Kandice had donned
their oversized costumes and were walking the streets of Barcelona. As
they asked for directions, Tyler & James caught up to them.

was bad news for the Beauty Queens. Part of their punishment for
finishing in last place on the previous leg was that they were Marked
for Elimination, and needed to finish in first place in order to avoid
a 30-minute penalty.

With the Tyler & James right on their
heels, Dustin & Kandice needed to beat the Models in a footrace to
the mat — and hope that they other two teams had gotten stuck in the
pile of tomatoes. They didn’t know that Rob & Kim were ahead of
everyone, meaning the Queens’ fate was likely already sealed.

the tomato pile, Lyn & Karlyn had a much easier go of it than Rob
& Kimberly. Once they found their clue, Karlyn was finally able to
relax, and she apologized to Lyn for her prior bad behavior.

The Models and Beauty Queens finally found the giant with their clue, and they were off to the Pit Stop.

& Kimberly arrived at the fountain in first place, winning a trip
to Barbados. When he realized that they would be one of three teams to
compete for $1 million, Rob began to cry. Kimberly was kind enough not
to make fun of him.

Lyn & Karlyn reached the mat in second
place, as the other two teams got lost on their way to the fountain.
Eventually, Tyler & James got some good directions, and they landed
on the mat in third.

The Beauty Queens alternately cried and
laughed as their journey came to an end. Kandice called their finish,
“hard to take. But we knew we weren’t going to be happy unless we
won… If there’s a stereotype of us playing with our tiaras all day, I
hope it’s broken.”

Though they were viewed by their competition
(and some viewers) as this season’s villains, I was a little sad to see
that the hyper-competitive and mostly-competent Dustin & Kandice
wouldn’t be the first all-female team to win TAR. But, considering
Tyler & James’s surfeit of beauty products and Rob’s weeping, I
guess you could say all-girl team is guaranteed to win this season, one
way or another.

Cook Islands: Episode 12

Ever since she’d mutinied from the Aitu tribe, Candice had been on the
receiving end of as much wrath as the members of Aitu could dish out. After making her take one more trip to Exile Island, they finally put her out of her misery on this week’s Survivor: Cook Islands.

episode began with the castaways returning to camp from the previous
episode’s Tribal Council. After they arrived, the furious members of
the former Raro tribe lashed out at Jonathan for casting the deciding
vote against Nate.

In an interview, Parvati said, “All I wanted
to do was take Jonathan’s face and throw up all over it.” To Jonathan,
she said, “You’ve pissed everyone in this game off, so I hope you’re
happy with second place.”

Jonathan responded that he’d had no
choice but to side with Yul’s group and vote for Nate, because Yul had
the immunity idol. When Jonathan told her that he’d seen Yul with the
idol, Parvati wasn’t buying it. “I don’t believe a word that comes out
of your mouth.”

This week’s Reward Challenge was the Survivor
auction. This season’s auction differed slightly from previous
renditions. Each contestant was given $500 to bid on prizes, and they
were free to lend money to other contestants. However, this season,
food items could not be shared among bidders.

The first item up
for bid was a covered mystery item, which Jonathan won for $100. It
turned out to be a hot dog, fries, and a beer. Jonathan relished the
meal, as the other castaways looked on and licked their chops.

Jonathan still had $400 burning a hole in his pocket, and he wasn’t
about to the leave the challenge with any money remaining. Jonathan
placed a bid on nearly every item offered, sometimes driving the price
up out of spite as much as any real desire to win the item in question.

Parvati wanted a bubble bath and a piece of chocolate cake, Jonathan
forced her to bid more than twice as much as she would have paid
otherwise. After that, Jonathan bid against Ozzy for unlimited access
to a soft serve ice cream machine for the duration of the auction (Ozzy
won by spending all of his $500). Then, Jonathan outbid Yul to win
another mystery item, which turned out to be a pepperoni pizza.

wanting to miss out on an opportunity, Sundra paid $140 for the next
mystery item up for bid. She was the lucky winner of… a sea cucumber
in a jar.

Next, Jeff Probst held up a note which he said would
give someone power in the game. Desperate for any kind of edge, Candice
bid all of her money. Not wanting to give Candice that edge, Becky
convinced Yul to lend her some money, so she could go over $500.
Candice then borrowed some from Adam. In the end, Becky won the note,
for the price of $640.

After taking the note, Becky read it
aloud. She had to choose one survivor to leave the auction immediately
(pausing only to hand his or her money to Becky) and head to Exile

Becky sent a very hungry Candice off for a fourth trip to Exile Island. Parvati pouted and splashed sadly in the tub.

Candice had departed, Jeff brought out another item for bid: a tray
with a toothbrush, some toothpaste, toothpicks, and mouthwash. Adam,
Yul, Becky, and Sundra were holding out for more food, so they let
Jonathan have the tray for $100.

As Jonathan gargled away, Yul
muttered, “If that’s the end of the auction, I’m gonna jump off a
bridge.” Of course, Jeff then brought the auction to a close.

at camp, Jonathan strutted about, belching the stinky pepperoni burps
of victory into the faces of friends and foes alike. As soon as he went
out to fish, alliances temporarily broke down and everyone complained
about how obnoxious Jonathan had been at the auction.

Immunity Challenge the next day forced competitors to recall some of
the important events from their time on the island. For the first round
of the challenge, each contestant stood at a table with ten small,
numbered boxes, which were knotted shut with rope.

The castaways
were asked four questions with numerical answers (e.g., How many days
had it been since Candice and Jonathan mutinied from Aitu?). Adding,
subtracting and dividing the numbers produced a result that
corresponded with one of the boxes.

The correct box contained a
key to a lock attached to a flag. The first three survivors to unlock
their locks and raise their flags moved on to the next round.

Parvati, and Jonathan all made it to round two. Using new questions,
the survivors opened another box which held the key to the entrance of
a “timber tunnel” — the official name for those jungle gym-looking
structures that survivors are always crawling through in challenges.

through the timber tunnel, contestants crossed a floating platform and
raised another flag to win. Adam quickly calculated the correct numbers
for round two, earning him immunity.

Back at camp, the three
remaining members of Raro made their move. They made Yul an offer: get
rid of Jonathan first, and then you can pick us off one at a time. Even
though they knew they had little hope of making it to the end, Adam,
Parvati, and Candice just wanted to outlast Jonathan.

Yul said
that simply being annoyed with Jonathan’s behavior the other day wasn’t
enough motivation for him to stray from his original game plan. He said
that Jonathan was a “selfish, rational player,” which made it easy for
Yul to predict and control his actions.

Adam warned Yul that
they considered him the “ringleader” of the Aitu tribe, and not voting
off Jonathan now could have repercussions with the jury, should Yul
make it to the Final Two.

As the members of Raro went to the
shelter to sleep off a hard day of talking, Jonathan and the members of
Aitu were cooking the fish he’d caught. Jonathan wondered aloud if
there was any ethical problem with not feeding people who hadn’t worked
to earn their meal.

Ozzy quickly cut him off and said, “There’s
no ethical dilemma.” The others agreed. Ozzy, Jonathan, Sundra, Becky,
and Yul packed up their dinner and walked down to the beach — not
inviting Candice, Parvati, and Adam.

After a while, the sleeping
Raros woke up and noticed that things were awfully quiet around the
campfire. Candice went down to the beach to investigate, where she
couldn’t resist confronting the diners.

“Since when do you guys
not share food?” asked Candice. She then went on a tirade against
Jonathan, accusing him of fishing just to curry favor with the member
of Aitu and “weasel” his way into their alliance.

When Jonathan
objected to her name-calling, she clarified, “‘Weasel’ is a verb in
this situation!” She defended the Raro tribe’s laziness by saying,
“Everyone has their days when they lay around in the tent.”

else essentially laughed at that seemingly sincere statement, and
Candice was forced to return to the shelter, fishless.

At Tribal
Council that night, Candice made a point of bringing up the incident,
supposedly to give the jury a clearer idea of what the situation was
like at camp.

Parvati seized on the chance to criticize Jonathan, saying, “I’m half his age and I’m twice as mature as he is.”

Jonathan restrained a laugh and accused Parvati and her buddies of sitting around all day, “waiting for the dinner bell.”

When Yul tried to jump in and calm the conversation, Jeff interjected, “I expect that from you. You’re the U.N.”

Parvati informed Jeff and the jury that Yul was the “puppetmaster” behind the Aitu tribe.

Yul came as close to angry as we’ve ever seen him. He told Parvati, “We’re all here trying to win. You can’t fault me for that.”

When it came time to vote, the members of Aitu stuck to their original plan, and Candice was voted out.

her way to collect her torch, Adam stood up and laid an uncomfortably
long French kiss on Candice. Parvati laughed uncontrollably, and Nate
pimped his shirt, a la Pimp My Ride‘s Xzibit.

As he snuffed Candice’s torch, Jeff said, “A kiss is nice. Maybe if it was love, he’d have given you the Immunity Necklace.”

time, Parvati’s fingers try to befriend Mr. Machete, with disastrous
results. And power goes to Yul’s head as he starts to feel like “the
Godfather, arranging a hit on somebody.”