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Ox Notes: October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Survivor: Gabon host Jeff Probst blogged for EW about last night’s episode: "Matty, Matty, Matty. He’s like a Billy Joel song. Wearing his heart on his sleeve." EW also has a recap of the episode.

A fourteenth season of The Amazing Race starts filming this weekend.

Dancing with the Stars
pros Maksim Chmerkovskiy and Louis van Amstel say that their comments in a recent TV Guide article were taken out of context. Maks told People and Louis blogged that neither of them criticized Cheryl Burke’s or Lacey Schwimmer’s weight.

Bravo is working on four new fashion-themed reality shows to replace Project Runway, which left the network for Lifetime.

ESPN’s Chris Berman will interview presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain during halftime of the Steelers vs. Redskins game on Monday Night Football.

MSN has a photo gallery of TV’s Worst Actors. CSI: Miami‘s David Caruso made the list. I can’t imagine why:

Ox Notes: October 30, 2008

Dancing with the Stars pro Lacey Schwimmer has been diagnosed with endometriosis, the same condition that sent fellow pro Julianne Hough into surgery earlier this week. Schwimmer is managing the condition with medication and will be able to finish the season with partner Lance Bass.

People has an article about "What You Didn’t See" behind the scenes at Tuesday night’s DwtS Results show. And here’s a video of ousted contestant Cloris Leachman’s appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Dina Lohan is hinting that she may have already signed on for the next season of Dancing with the Stars. If that’s the case, shouldn’t they change the name of the show to Dancing with the Parents of the Stars?

On Tuesday, November 4, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert will co-anchor live Election Night coverage on Comedy Central.

Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford told Us Magazine that she’d consider a guest spot on the proposed Melrose Place remake "if they offered me a lot of money." Zap2It has slideshows of other stars they’d like to see reappear on the updates of Melrose Place and 90210.

EW has a Then and Now slideshow of the cast of Freaks and Geeks.

Sci Fi is working on a video game competition show called GameQuest.

Cracked has a list of 9 Foreign Rip-Offs Cooler Than the Hollywood Originals which includes gems like Indian Superman and Chinese Popeye. Sadly, the list left out Turkish Star Wars. Watch as Luke (or Han, or whoever he’s supposed to be) trains for interstellar combat:

Ox Notes: October 29, 2008

Entertainment Tonight filmed an interview with Cloris Leachman following her ouster from Dancing with the Stars. The 82-year-old actress also talked with OK! Magazine about her future plans, which include a movie and, possibly, a Broadway musical.

E! reports that fans shouldn’t be surprised if Cloris follows through on her promise to return to the DwtS set next week: contestants get paid to sit in the audience after they’ve gotten the boot.

Access Hollywood and People filed behind the scenes reports from Monday night’s DwtS Performance Show. Kim Kardashian blogged about the performances for MSN.

Before she went into surgery yesterday, DwtS pro Julianne Hough blogged about her medical condition for Fancast. Earlier this week, she and dance partner Cody Linley modeled Halloween costumes for Access Hollywood.

Cody and his temporary replacement partner, Edyta Sliwinska, started working together even before it was announced that Julianne would leave the show to have surgery, according to TV Guide. Edyta filled in for Julianne during the Group Hip-Hop rehearsals.

In other news, The CW and CBS are both considering remaking Melrose Place.

The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan posted the transcript of her super-long interview with Mad Men creator Matt Weiner.

People has an interview with ousted Amazing Racers, Ty & Aja.

Variety’s Brian Lowry writes about the ways networks are trying to put a positive spin on their declining ratings.

I’m going to have to subscribe to VH1 Classic so that I can watch That Metal Show, which the network describes as a cross between The View and Headbanger’s Ball.

DwtS 7, Week 6: Results

Lackluster performances led up to a predictable outcome: Cloris has left the building.

As in past seasons of Dancing with the Stars, the Group Dance was awarded the encore. Too bad this year’s Hip-Hop number was the worst Group Dance yet.

Following the performance, Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer were told that they were safe, as was Cody Linley. Cody said that Julianne Hough’s appendectomy went well, but he’ll dance with Edyta Sliwinska next week, in order to give Julianne time to recover.

Then it was time for the Ballroom Kids competition. Siblings Craig & Samantha defeated Simon & Lucy in a clean sweep.

Next, the Pussycat Dolls performed with Missy Elliot.

Then, Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson were told that they were also safe.

After the announcement, Michael Flatley danced on a burning stage. The actual performance wasn’t quite as exciting as the description would have you believe, but Flatley did a nice job.

Following that, some random dudes, including a sports psychologist and a Marine, talked about the mental discipline required to compete on Dancing with the Stars.

Finally, Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas were put under the red lights alongside Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani. Tom Bergeron announced that Cloris & Corky had been eliminated.

As Cloris lingered on stage saying farewell to Susan & Tony, Samantha Harris called from the dance floor, "We want to have time to talk to you before you go, so come down here." Then why the hell did you wait until the last minute of the show to announce who was going home?

Samantha feebly attempted to ask questions as Cloris walked past her to the judges table. Tom said, "The producers are in my ear[piece] going, ‘If you want to get her over….’ No, I don’t actually. I wanna let her do what she wants to do."

When Cloris finally stood next to Tom & Samantha, she cajoled all of them into sitting on the floor. As Samantha continued to ask the standard questions about the experience, Cloris feigned indignation: "I can’t go home. Are you serious? This is a joke," before adding, "I can’t get up now."

If for nothing else, Cloris, you will be missed for for your unrivaled ability to frustrate and torment Samantha Harris.

Ox Notes: October 28, 2008

After last night’s Dancing with the Stars 7 Performance Show, the cast chatted with Entertainment Tonight and OK! Magazine. Judge Bruno Tonioli told TV Guide: "I think Cloris should go home."

Speaking of Ms. Leachman, Lance Bass wrote in his Us Magazine diary that she slept through the first half of their Group Hip-Hop rehearsal.

According to an article in The Belleville News-Democrat, next week’s DwtS Results Show will air on Wednesday night so that ABC can cover the Presidential Election on Tuesday.

DwtS pro Derek Hough told OK! that he’s "freaked out" by a demon costume his girlfriend, Shannon Elizabeth, has to wear for a movie she’s currently filming.

EW has tips on how you can make over your office to look like Don Draper’s on Mad Men.

The producers of Project Runway have filed a lawsuit against Bravo claiming the network tried to tank the most recent season by not promoting the show and moving it to an earlier timeslot.

After only a handful of episodes, CBS is pulling The Ex List and filling its timeslot with NCIS reruns. A second season of Moonlight doesn’t seem like such a bad idea after all, now, does it, CBS?

DwtS 7, Week 6: Performances

Tonight’s Dancing with the Stars 7 Performance Show featured a group hip-hop dance that was worse than I could’ve imagined.

Head judge Len Goodman had the night off, so Lord of the Dance‘s Michael Flatley filled in.

Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke — Viennese Waltz
To make his performance extra smooth, Maurice shaved his mustache. Michael Flatley said, "All in all, it was a beautiful dance." Carrie Ann Inaba told the couple to work on their chemistry. Bruno Tonioli said that "the moves were all there, but they were not linked correctly."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…7, Michael…7, Bruno…7 = 21/30

Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer — Jive
Too bad Len wasn’t around to enjoy their traditional take on the Jive. Bruno cheered, "The Lance is back on target!" Michael said, "Welcome to the fight." Carrie Ann yelled, "Woo!" before pointing at the ceiling and saying, "I don’t know where Len is right now…" Tom Bergeron interjected, "He’s not dead!"

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…9, Michael…9, Bruno…9 = 27/30

Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani — Mambo
Susan looked unsure of the moves. Carrie Ann told Susan, "I’m proud of you. That’s what I want." Bruno said, "The timing was off." Michael said, "I thought it was intoxicating."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…8, Michael…8, Bruno…7 = 23/30

Brooke Burke & Derek Hough — Rumba
Brooke revealed that she injured a tendon in her foot. Michael said, "I hope I have a card [paddle] here big enough for your score." Carrie Ann told Brooke, "I feel that the injury did hold you back." Bruno agreed: "Tonight, you were under par."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…8, Michael…10, Bruno…8 = 26/30

Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas — Cha Cha Cha
The performance was pretty boring, until Corky grabbed Cloris’ leg and flung her around. Bruno told Cloris, "You’ve gotta be the only person in the world able to sell such nonsense as a Cha Cha Cha. And people buy it!" Michael said, "My father told me I better not say a bad word about you tonight." Carrie Ann got serious: "We lost Toni Braxton for this, and that kinda makes me sad."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…5, Michael…5, Bruno…5 = 15/30

Cody Linley & Julianne Hough — Samba
The expression on Cody’s face was so serious, you’d have thought he was dancing a Paso Doble. Carrie Ann said, "That was the most intense Samba I’ve ever seen." Bruno asked, "Where was the exuberance?" Michael told Cody, "I think the best is yet to come from you."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…8, Michael…8, Bruno…7 = 23/30

As they waited for their scores, Julianne said that she has endometriosis and will have abdominal surgery tomorrow. Julianne hopes to be back next week, but until she feels better, Edyta Sliwinska will fill in for her and dance with Cody.

Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson — Rumba
Kym described the story of their routine as a woman telling her man, "You’re quite pathetic, but I think I still love you." Michael called it "smokin’." Carrie Ann looked at Warren and said it was "pretty sexy." When Tom told Carrie Ann, "Stop flirting with him," Warren shoved Tom in the back of the head, doubling Tom over with laughter. Bruno said, "You made some mistakes tonight."

Judges’ Scores: Carrie Ann…8, Michael…9, Bruno…8 = 25/30

Group Routine: Old School Hip-Hop
Choreographed by Shotyme
Everything from the costumes to the dancing was embarrassing. Cloris was so bad that she spent much of the routine up on the stage — off the dance floor and far away from the other dancers.

Judges’ Leaderboard:
27 — Lance & Lacey
— Brooke & Derek
25 — Warren & Kym
23 — Susan & Tony, Cody & Julianne
21 — Maurice & Cheryl
15 — Cloris & Corky

This really should be Cloris & Corky’s week to go home. She can’t keep up with the others, and it’s only going to get harder as the show continues. Cody’s getting all of my votes, so that we can see him dance with Edyta next week.

Ox Notes: October 27, 2008

Lance Bass wrote at his MySpace page that he and Lacey Schwimmer will dance a Jive on tonight’s Dancing with the Stars 7 Performance Show. Oddsmakers put Lance & Lacey’s odds to win this season’s mirrorball trophy at 5/1.

In other DwtS news, Maurice Greene & Cheryl Burke interviewed each other for Entertainment Tonight. In an article about Cloris Leachman, Corky Ballas told USA Today: "There are days we haven’t danced because of her blood pressure."

Next season’s Dancing with the Stars cast could include Rev. Al Sharpton, reports TV Guide.

Auditions for So You Think You Can Dance 5 start next month.

Reality Blurred has an interview with booted Survivor: Gabon contestant Kelly Czarnecki.

The same website also has the scoop on Fashion House, the new show that Bravo hopes will fill the void left when Project Runway moved to Lifetime.

The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan posted a wonderful analysis of last night’s Mad Men season finale, which I thought was terrific. The episode was so dense that it made Ryan (and me) wonder why the creators saved so much for the last episode of the season, especially given how little happened in the two preceding episodes.

Ox Notes: October 24, 2008

Dancing with the Stars 7 cast and crew members are "downright concerned" that Cloris Leachman is still on the show, according to a story in The Chicago Sun-Times. A source inside DwtS told the paper that Susan Lucci and Samantha Harris are particularly bothered by Leachman’s antics, though Harris told ET, "I adore Cloris Leachman."

The Insider is soliciting videos from ladies who want to win a date with DwtS pro Maksim Chmerkovskiy (thanks for the link, Deb!).

DwtS fans in the Orlando area can watch former DwtS pros Jonathan Roberts, Elena Grinenko and Jesse DeSoto perform at the Dancing for a Cure benefit on Saturday, October 25.

Survivor: Gabon host Jeff Probst wrote in a blog post for EW why he thinks Ace seems so untrustworthy: "It’s that damn accent."

FOX has shelved its disappointing game show Hole in the Wall with sixteen completed episodes still unaired.

Reality Blurred has the details on Jillian Michaels’ Fitness Ultimatum 2009 for the Wii, which doesn’t contain any of The Biggest Loser trainer’s trademark swearing.

Fans of Flight of the Conchords will want to visit the website of Dr. Ronald Chevalier. Trust me.

Who knew that viewing EW’s photo gallery of the 25 Cheesiest Syndicated TV Shows would make me so nostalgic for Acapulco H.E.A.T.?

In case you missed Supernatural last night, here’s Jensen Ackles’ lip-synched rendition of "Eye of the Tiger." You’ll enjoy the performance even if you’ve never seen the show before. Note the sound of the crew members chuckling off-camera.

Ox Notes: October 23, 2008

Apparently, Cheryl Burke’s public declarations that she’s happy with the way she looks weren’t good enough for some of her fellow Dancing with the Stars pros. Louis van Amstel and Maksim Chmerkovskiy said in the latest issue of TV Guide that both Cheryl and Lacey Schwimmer need to lose some weight. Classy, guys.

Julianne Hough blogged that she’s feeling fine after a trip to the hospital for stomach troubles.

TV Guide and People both filed reports from backstage at Tuesday night’s DwtS Results Show. Kim Kardashian blogged about the episode for MSN.

Starting in March, Alec Baldwin will be the permanent co-host of TCM’s weekly film showcase, The Essentials. Here’s a link to a list of the movies that will be featured on The Essentials for the rest of the year.

Also coming up on TCM is its special 48 Hours of Horror, featuring non-stop horror movies on October 30 and 31.

Speaking of scary stuff, two new DVD sets of Sesame Street episodes from the late 1960s and early ’70s contain warnings that the episodes are appropriate for adults only, lest children be exposed to Oscar’s grouchy attitude or Cookie Monster’s addiction, not to mention Cookie smoking a pipe (before he eats it). Naturally, I look forward to watching the DVDs with my 5-year-old niece, thereby enhancing my reputation as "Cool Aunt Kathy." You can watch a clip of the offending shows here.

The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan wants all of us to start watching The CW’s Privileged and Supernatural. I haven’t seen Privileged yet, but I love Supernatural. It’s the most consistently good show on TV.

As a bonus, tonight’s episode of Supernatural will be followed by a 90-second clip of Jensen Ackles lip-synching Survivor’s "Eye of the Tiger." I sure hope it can top his rendition of The Beatles’ "I Saw Her Standing There" (Jensen sings at the 1:10 mark in the song).

Ox Notes: October 22, 2008

Toni Braxton avoided the press after being voted off Dancing with the Stars 7 last night. She skipped interviews with Access Hollywood, E!, and Entertainment Tonight, though she did stop by Jimmy Kimmel Live. Her partner, Alec Mazo, only spoke to OK! Magazine.

Also absent from the post-show interviews was DwtS pro Julianne Hough, who went to the hospital for the treatment of stomach pains.

In the interviews linked above, Cody Linley revealed that he’ll dance the Samba next week, and Cloris Leachman said that she will Cha Cha. And, of course, the whole cast will perform a Hip-Hop routine.

Monday night’s DwtS Performance Show was watched by an audience of 18.6 million. Julianne Hough and Kim Kardashian blogged about the performances, while People filed a report about "What You Didn’t See" behind the scenes.

EW’s Annie Barrett posted a second video clip of her interview with Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who spoke about his unofficial duties on the DwtS set, wrangling Cloris Leachman when she would wander off her mark. The interview was filmed on Friday, when Maks was still confident of the fans’ support for Toni Braxton and Susan Lucci.

People has an interview with Brooke & Marisa, the latest team eliminated from The Amazing Race.

Smallville‘s John Glover will return to primetime in a role on Brothers & Sisters.

The Chicago Tribune’s Maureen Ryan is not impressed with the scheduling moves NBC has made this season.

Variety has an article about what producers do after they leave the TV business.

Production just wrapped on Project Runway 6, and things don’t sound good for the show’s first season on Lifetime. The producers set up a fake Mood fabric store for the designers to shop in, and they didn’t use Michael Kors and Nina Garcia in every episode. Not a good idea.