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TAR All-Stars: Episode 2

Memo to all future Amazing Racers: When you’re going down the highway at 40KPH, and pretty much every other team on the entire Race has flown past you–some more than once–you might have missed a Speed Limit sign somewhere along the road.

Teams left Ecuador for Santiago, Chile, where they entered the headquarters of Codelco,
the largest copper mining company in the world. There, teams
encountered a Roadblock, which required the team member with the best
eye for details to scour a boardroom for clues to their next

A bunch of actors portraying Executive Vice
Presidents of Something-or-Other doodled letters on their notepads, and
had other letters embroidered onto their ties and suits. Those letters
could be rearranged to form the name of the teams’ next destination, Chuquicamata. Clever contestants would notice a picture of that next destination (and a plaque with its name) hung on the boardroom wall.

Most of the contestants were not clever.

Queen Dustin was the first to notice the picture, and she escaped the
boardroom without anyone seeing her copy the name from the picture’s

Joyce and Eric had been the first contestants to the
boardroom, but because they didn’t pay attention to the photos on the
wall, they left in two of the last three places (Only Ian lagged behind
with them). Ultimately, it didn’t matter, as all teams bunched up at
the airport while waiting for another domestic flight, but it was

The next destination was the largest open-pit copper mine in the world. There, a Detour forced teams to either drive a gigantic front end loader (fun) or change the nuts and brackets on one of the front end loader’s 10-foot-tall tires (tedious).

most of the teams chose the tedious work of changing the nuts and
brackets. Rob & Amber drove the front end loader and finished the
Detour first, while having more fun than the other teams. Joe &
Bill also drove the loader, and finished quickly, as well.

teams finished their Detours, they hopped into trucks and drove toward
the Pit Stop, which was in the Valley of the Dead. Charla & Mirna,
who’d hired a cabbie to lead them, became incensed when they noticed
Dustin & Kandice following.

The cabbie pulled over to make
sure that he would be paid his $100 fee, and both of the teams behind
him stopped. Dustin & Kandice seemed interested in working with
Charla & Mirna to get directions from the cabbie, but the two
cousins wouldn’t stop shrieking at the Beauty Queens for following them.

they weren’t able to get Charla & Mirna to calm down for even a few
seconds, Dustin & Kandice drove off on their own. Charla &
Mirna then realized that they couldn’t afford to foot the cab bill
alone. Oops.

They tried to offer their cabbie all of their money
and belongings, even promising not to eat the next day, for whatever
good that would do the cab driver. Charla & Mirna gave up and
pushed on alone, crying about the Beauty Queens all the way to the Pit

Charla said, “Beauty is sometimes skin deep. It’s easy to
make yourself beautiful with plastic surgery. But to have a pure heart,
and to have morals, is not easy to make up.” Lucky for you, Charla,
producers have decided that this season’s Race winners will not be the team that finishes first, but instead the team that judges itself to have the purest hearts.

teams drove through the desolate but beautiful Valley of the Moon, the
shifting terrain forced them to adhere to a forty kilometers per hour
speed limit.

Unfortunately, Drew & Kevin didn’t notice a
sign at the end of the Valley that told them they could resume regular
highway speeds. They grew confused and angry as all of the other teams
passed them once, and then passed them again after Kevin and Drew
figured out they were all going the wrong way.

Rob & Amber
were the first team to reach the finish mat in the Valley of the Dead,
winning a pair of offroad motorcycles, which, sadly, cannot be used
until after the race. Oswald & Danny finished in second place,
meaning this week’s top two teams were the same as last week’s.

& Drew puttered into the Valley of the Dead in last place, and by
the time they reached the mat, Drew had had enough. He stomped away
from the mat upon hearing he and Kevin were last to arrive. Phil
Keoghan had to beg Drew to come back to the mat so that the team could
be properly eliminated.

Next week, Danielle flips out when she has to pick up some fish.

Survivor Fiji: Episode 3

Last week, clumsy Boo chopped himself with a hatchet and poked his eye
with a spear. This week, “Papa Smurf” Gary slipped during a Reward
Challenge and almost broke a rib. At this rate, Moto’s going to start
losing members without ever voting anyone out.

At the Reward
Challenge, Ravu was actually in decent shape for a change. Using a pair
of glasses, Michelle was able to start a fire, meaning that her tribe
could finally boil water to drink. It’s one of the few times in Survivor history that a contestant was able to make fire without flint.

the challenge, two greased-up contestants from opposing tribes slid
down a slippery incline, grabbing a numbered ball along the way. At the
bottom of the incline, the first contestant to toss the ball into an
elevated basket earned a point.

The first team to six points won
their choice of rewards: a set of fishing gear, the luxury items they
brought from home, or a basket of fresh fruit. Also, the winning team
sent one of the losers to Exile Island. That person would return in
time for the Immunity Challenge.

Many of the contestants dove
head first down the incline, in traditional Slip n’ Slide style. Gary
took a few steps onto the slippery surface and fell hard on his back.
He completed the challenge, and Moto won again, choosing the fishing
gear and sending Sylvia back to Exile Island — a smart strategic move,
limiting the number of people who could potentially have the Immunity

Back at camp, Gary was disoriented and couldn’t take a
deep breath, leading him to fear a broken rib or possibly heart
trouble. The show’s medics didn’t find anything seriously wrong with
him and prescribed painkillers and rest.

Luckily for Gary, the Immunity Challenge wasn’t physical in nature. It was an old-fashioned Survivor
eating contest, meaning that contestants had to eat gross things like
sea cucumbers and peanut worms. It’s one event I can always count on to
make me glad I’m a vegetarian–until the next time I see my husband eat
another delicious hamburger.

Rocky and Mookie were the only
members of Ravu to win their face-offs, in part because the rest of
their tribe was dehydrated and didn’t have enough saliva to swallow
their food. The final battle came down to Anthony and Gary, and Gary
earned Moto’s fourth consecutive victory by eating two disgusting,
hairy pig snouts before Anthony could swallow his first bite.

Sylvia was still Ravu’s biggest outsider, Mookie felt that Anthony
hadn’t tried hard enough at the challenge. Because they feared Sylvia
might possess the hidden Immunity Idol (meaning that the person with
the second highest number of votes would be eliminated) a couple of
people agreed to vote for Anthony.

As the day dragged on, Mookie
became even more convinced that Anthony wasn’t a committed member of
the tribe and told as much to anyone who would listen. At Tribal
Council, Mookie told Anthony off, and it looked as if Sylvia might last
another week.

As the votes were read, Anthony and Sylvia were
tied at three votes each. But Rita decided to branch out on her own and
cast her vote for Earl. The tiebreaking vote was cast for Sylvia, and
since she hadn’t found the Immunity Idol, she was eliminated.

Next week, concerns about Gary’s health linger.

Full Cast of DwtS 4

Here’s an expanded description of the celebrities of Dancing with the Stars 4, including their professional partners.

Laila Ali
Partner: Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Laila Ali is the 30-year-old daughter of Muhammad Ali, as well as a women’s boxing title holder. The discipline she’s learned through boxing should mesh well with Maksim’s occasionally tough training style.

Billy Ray Cyrus
Partner: Karina Smirnoff
The singer of the infectious (not necessarily a compliment) country hit "Achy Breaky Heart" is now a regular on the Disney Channel show Hannah Montana. Something tells me Karina won’t let BRC rest on his line-dancing laurels.

Clyde Drexler
Partner: Elena Grinenko
While this NBA Hall of Famer played, he was nicknamed "The Glide." Clyde is over six-and-a-half feet tall, so don’t be surprised if Elena has to dance on stilts.

Joey Fatone
Partner: Kym Johnson
Joey Fatone is a former member of boy band *NSYNC (their name was all caps preceded by an asterisk), and he now performs on Broadway. His dancing skills should be a welcome change for Kym, who danced last season with the less-than-nimble Jerry Springer.

Shandi Finnessey
Partner: Brian Fortuna
Shandi Finnessey parlayed her victory in the 2004 Miss USA competition into hosting gigs on the Game Show Network. She and new DwtS professional Brian might be this season’s underdogs.

Leeza Gibbons
Partner: Tony Dovolani
Leeza Gibbons is a talk show host and founder of a charity that assists people with memory disorders. Until Tony’s partner, Sara Evans, quit last season, he seemed on his way to his second straight season in the finals.

Heather Mills
Partner: Jonathan Roberts
At least early on, Heather Mills is sure to be the most talked about member of the cast. She’s in the process of divorcing (Sir) Paul McCartney, she’s a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador, and she’s got a prosthetic leg. Jonathan’s classy style and background in Standard should be a great fit for Heather.

Apolo Anton Ohno
Partner: Julianne Hough
Apolo is an Olympic gold medalist in speedskating. If he’s been willing to put so much work into an amateur sport, he should be a eager student for Julianne — especially now that he’s getting paid.

Vincent Pastore (Since Replaced by John Ratzenberger)
Partner: Edyta Sliwinska
After his character Big Pussy got whacked on The Sopranos, Vincent Pastore gained a lot of weight and suffered some serious heart problems. He lost 29 lbs. on VH-1’s Celebrity Fit Club, and ballroom dancing is the next step in his new heart-healthy lifestyle. He’ll be the fourth partner for Edyta, the only pro to compete in every season of DwtS.

Paulina Porizkova
Partner: Alec Mazo
Paulina Porizkova twice graced the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition during the 1980s, but she’s perhaps better known as the wife of gangly Ric Ocasek, former singer of The Cars. Paulina and Alec are the best looking duo in the competition. Actually, anyone and Alec would probably be the best looking duo in the competition.

Ian Ziering
Partner: Cheryl Burke
Ian (pronounced eye-an, not ee-an) Ziering portrayed middle-aged high schooler Steve Sanders on Beverly Hills 90210. Cheryl’s won every season of DwtS she’s participated in, so Ian is in very good hands.

DwtS 4 Celebrities Announced

The celebrities are:
Paulina Porizkova
Laila Ali
Ian Ziering (who will be partnered with Cheryl Burke)
Shandi Finnessey
Billy Ray Cyrus
Vincent Pastore
Apolo Anton Ohno
Joey Fatone
Leeza Gibbons
Clyde Drexler
Heather Mills

be updating the list later today with more detailed descriptions of the
contestants, and, hopefully, more information on the professional
dancers they’ll be partnered with.

Dancing with the Stars 4 premieres on March 19 at 8 p.m. EST.

Apprentice L.A.: Episode 6

In this week’s episode of The Apprentice, the candidates’ skills were put to the ultimate test of executive aptitude: registering people for a giveaway at the mall.

not exactly sure how the ability to sign up mall shoppers for a
vacation sweepstakes qualifies one for an executive position at a
corporation. But I suppose the inability to do so could certainly be a

Aimee and Surya lead their respective teams,
Kinetic and Arrow, despite being utterly disrespected by their
teammates. No matter which team lost, a Project Manager was dead meat.

had the more challenging location, as a large number of the patrons at
their mall spoke only Spanish. Derek and Jenn had that information in
advance and didn’t tell Aimee. But Aimee failed to make any adjustments to
address the issue during the task, instead focusing on unimportant
details, like a goofy inflatable octopus that Jenn had included in
their kiosk decor.

Instead of hiring a native Spanish speaker,
Aimee left Muna and Derek to translate the online sign-up form for
customers. The extra time that took may have hurt the team, as Kinetic lost the
task to Arrow by fewer than 50 customers.

In the boardroom, everyone ganged up on Aimee, and Trump had no choice but to fire her.

The Apprentice takes a break for the Academy Awards this Sunday, but will return with a new episode the following week.

DwtS 4 Pro Dancers Revealed

ABC will announce which celebrities will be competing in Season 4 on
Wednesday, February 21. Jerry Springer will be making the announcement
on Good Morning America, which airs from 7-9 a.m. CST, but we’ll post the list here at MOIB for you late sleepers out there.

The list of professional dancers participating in DwtS 4
has already been leaked. Returning to the show are Cheryl Burke, Kym
Johnson, Karina Smirnoff, Edyta Sliwinska, Elena Grinenko, Alec Mazo,
Jonathan Roberts, Maksim Chmerkovskiy, and Tony Dovolani. New to the
cast are Julianne Hough and Brian Fortuna, two of the company dancers
from the DwtS Tour.

Notably absent from the list are Jesse DeSoto and Louis van Amstel. Ashly DelGrosso elected not to return because she’s expecting her first child. Makes sense to me.

DwtS 4 Rumors
cast announcement will confirm whether or not a couple of new
celebrities rumored to be possible participants are actually in the
cast: Olympic speed skater Apolo Anton Ohno and the soon-to-be-former Mrs. Paul McCartney, Heather Mills.

According to People Magazine, Cheryl Burke is dating Matthew Lawrence, younger brother of DwtS alum Joey Lawrence.

by piles of (slowly melting) snow here in suburban Chicago, Florida seems like the most
appealing place in the whole world right now. Those of you lucky enough
to be in the Boca Raton area on February 26 can stop by the Jewish Federation of South Palm Beach County’s gala to see Maksim Chmerkovskiy perform with both of his celebrity partners, Tia Carrere and Willa Ford.

TAR All-Stars: Episode 1

If executed poorly, an all-star season of a reality show can easily
alienate the very fans it’s trying to please. Case in point: too much
Rupert on Survivor: All-Stars. Fortunately, the premiere episode of The Amazing Race: All-Stars
had just the right balance of jokers and jerks — even if they’re
missing some of the jokers (Ken & Gerard) and jerks (Colin &
Christie) I was hoping for.

The eleven teams started the race in
Miami, Florida, before departing for Ecuador. In the shuttle ride from
the parking lot to the airport, it became apparent which teams were
really on the ball and which weren’t.

John Vito & Jill, Rob
& Amber, and Ozzy & Danny all realized that the flight leaving
first might not actually arrive in Ecuador first. They checked with
their shuttle drivers and learned that the second flight on American
Airlines arrived nearly two hours earlier than the flight on a smaller
airline, Copa.

David & Mary, who were not widely regarded as
a shrewd team during Season 10, booked their seats on Copa before
asking the ticket agent if it was the faster flight.

The shuttle
ride to the airport also confirmed that, just like in Season 7,
everyone’s gunning for Rob & Amber. Ozzy & Danny, who were
sharing their shuttle, jokingly congratulated Rob & Amber for
having “your own cable channel,” and said they were familiar with
“Romber” simply by virtue of living on the planet Earth.

anti-Romber sentiment apparently ramps up next week, which strikes me
as funny, since they didn’t even win their season but are still seen as
the most fearsome team. Meanwhile, no one seems worried about Uchenna
& Joyce, the actual winners of Season 7 and the only TAR millionaires competing in All-Stars.

Ecuador, Drew & Kevin were in big trouble. After already losing a
footrace with Charla, Drew fell while stepping out of cab and lay
moaning and rolling in the street for what seemed to be several minutes.

Drew accepted that, were his shoulder actually dislocated, he would not
be able to wave his arm around in pain, and the team was back in the

But Drew & Kevin fell behind the pack on the way to
the Detour the next morning, which was located in the middle of a
nature preserve. Things only got worse when they blew out a tire on the
muddy road, but rather than put on the spare, Drew simply drove on
three wheels and a rim.

Drew’s willingness to go offroad
four-wheeling on three wheels saved Kevin and him from elimination.
Season 3 favorites John Vito & Jill had gotten bad directions along
the way, and they wound up entering the vast nature preserve on the
wrong side. (Earlier in the day, the same thing had happened to Charla
& Mirna — due in no small part to the pseudo-Spanish they spoke
throughout the episode (e.g., “Exallante,” and “Muy dinero.”).

outcome of the first episode was all that show producers’ could have
hoped for. Everyone’s nemeses Rob & Amber finished in first place,
making them sure to inspire the hatred of the other teams. And the nice
but boring ex-couple, John Vito & Jill, were eliminated.

& Danielle, the only “new” team on the race, finished in fourth
place, which is very respectable considering they originally raced with
different partners. And the two most sluggish teams, David & Mary
and Kevin & Drew, finished at the back of the pack–as sluggish
teams tend to do.

Next week, in addition to the escalating Romber bashing, Charla takes on the Beauty Queens, Dustin & Kandice.

Survivor Fiji: Episode 2

Even though Erica saved the Ravu tribe from dehydration, she wouldn’t
keep her big yap shut at the Immunity Challenge. Her freakout made her
the latest contestant eliminated from Survivor: Fiji.

Sylvia joined the Ravu tribe after her brief stay on Exile Island, she
found them in rough shape. With no fire to boil water, they’d resorted
to licking the dew off of palm fronds.

Sylvia did what she does
best and started barking orders, but her exhausted team wasn’t in any
shape — or mood — to carry them out. Within a few minutes of joining
the tribe, she’d made herself the obvious target for elimination.

they stumbled about and fell down, delirious from dehydration, it
seemed like they might be better off forfeiting the Immunity Challenge
and saving their energy. But Erica started poking around the bushes
near their cave and discovered dozens of pineapples.

from their boost of citric acid, and now scurvy-free, the Ravu tribe
was ready to take on their pampered rivals. Earl, the early hero of
this season, even vowed to marry Erica.

Meanwhile, things
weren’t going all that well at Moto’s camp, at least for one of their
tribe members. Boo, a construction worker by trade, proved that he
might be the most accident-prone person on the planet.

Boo poked his eye on a spear. Minutes later, using a terrible chopping
technique to axe wood, he managed to slice through his hand and into
his thigh.

With only one functioning eye, hand, and leg, Boo
decided to do the least dangerous thing he could: rest in a hammock.
That’s when the hammock became unraveled, dropping Boo to the ground
with a thud.

Somehow, Boo survived long enough to make it to the
Immunity Challenge. Teams paddled their canoes through the water,
collecting four boxes and towing them back to shore.

ashore, teams opened up their boxes to find the pieces of a flag pole,
which all fit together as a puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle
and raise their flag pole won the rights to the posh camp, fishing
gear, and, should Ravu win, flint. The winning team also sent one of
the losers to Exile Island.

Ravu got an early lead in the water,
and had already started assembling their pole by the time Moto got
their boxes ashore. But Erica flipped out, screaming about how to
correctly assemble the puzzle.

Distracted by Erica, Ravu fell
behind. Eventually, most of them stopped working on the puzzle and
gawked as Moto raised their flag in victory.

Moto chose Earl,
the fittest of the Ravu men to send into exile. They didn’t realize
that there was a flint on Exile Island, and that Earl would be in much
better condition than if he’d gone back to Ravu’s camp.

Earl had
only one complaint about Exile Island — the snakes. He regretted
having to kill a snake in self-defense, saying, “Snakes are
misunderstood. But we have an understanding now.”

When Ravu
returned to their fire-less camp, sentiment quickly turned against
Erica for her in-challenge freakout. Even if it only bought her one
more week, Sylvia was off the chopping block.

Anthony insisted
that the team had functioned better before Sylvia arrived, and that it
didn’t make sense to eliminate one of their younger, stronger members.
He tried to steer the vote away from Erica, but at Tribal Council,
Anthony and Erica were the only people to vote for Sylvia.

week, Ravu manages to start a fire without flint, and someone on Moto
is seriously injured. Is there any chance that it’s not Boo?

Apprentice L.A.: Episode 5

On this week’s Apprentice, all the candidates survived a day spent among the honeybees. But, in the end, Team Arrow’s project manger, Aaron, couldn’t avoid getting stung by Donald Trump.

introduced this week’s task by ominously pointing out that Arrow
project manager Aaron had been awfully quiet in the boardroom the night
before, when he was supposed to be offering Trump his advice on which
member of Kinetic to fire. Trump’s words were a sign that, should his
team lose, Aaron would be in a heap of trouble.

For the task,
teams needed to harvest their own honey, package it, and then sell it
at a grocery store. The team who earned the most money won the task.

gathering honey from the hives of thousands of bees turned out to be
easier than developing a marketing plan. The folks on Arrow and Kinetic
in charge of marketing — Surya, James, & Aaron (Arrow) and Aimee
& Jenn (Kinetic) — wasted hours of time just coming up with names
for their honey. (I don’t know why contestants on The Apprentice always insist on group brainstorming, when it almost never does any good — just like in the real world.)

least Kinetic made a vinyl sign to put up outside the store where they
were selling their honey. Arrow never even got that far.

At the
grocery stores the following day, Project Managers Aimee and Aaron
spent the majority of their time making coffee or standing around
looking bored — instead of selling honey.

By day’s end, Kinetic
outsold Arrow, earning the winners a trip to the Los Angeles Lakers’
practice facility to play a pick up game with legendary members of the
Lakers organization, like coach Phil Jackson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,
James Worthy, and… Brian Cook? Are you telling me that the
lycanthropic Vladimir Radmanovic wasn’t available?

the boardroom, the original members of Arrow ganged up on new guy Surya
(who’d switched teams an episode ago) for his role in the lackluster
marketing campaign. Nicole was the only one perceptive enough to pick
up on Trump’s not-so-subtle hints that he wasn’t impressed with Aaron.

wasn’t about to let her former teammate be bullied, and she stuck up
for Surya. She also questioned why Aaron, a sales professional, spent
so little time actually selling the honey.

Nothing Aaron said
made any difference to Trump, and Aaron was fired. That did little to
comfort Surya, who considered the disparaging remarks made about him in
the boardroom to be outright lies. After Aaron’s ouster, Surya couldn’t
stop fuming. He tried to talk to Trump, but Trump ushered him out.
Then, outside the boardroom, he whined and whined to Nicole. After the
show’s credits had rolled, the thin-skinned Surya was still complaining
to her.

Next week, Surya gives his teammates the third degree
for their boardroom conduct. And the weeks-long flirtation between Tim
and Nicole escalates, leading to a hot tub makeout session. (And since
they were making out in a fancy hot tub, we can assume that Arrow wins
the task and moves back in to the mansion.)

Survivor Fiji: Episode 1

Survivor’s fourteenth season brought a new group of castaways
to the islands of Fiji. Despite some early strategic (or at least
social) gameplay, Jessica was puzzled to find herself the first person

This season was supposed to have 20 contestants, but
moments before filming began, one of the survivors dropped out. That
left producers scrambling for a way to split the group into two tribes.

instead of dividing the group, all 19 remaining contestants were
plopped onto a beach, where they milled about until host Jeff Probst
flew by in a plane and dropped a box with blueprints for building the
castaway version of a mansion, complete with a separate kitchen and

Using provided supplies, the group followed the
directions of resident architect Sylvia and managed to complete the
floor of their shelter before the sun set and the torrential rains

Work continued the next day, and the group managed to
finish their primary shelter. In two days, these 19 people had created
something that far surpasses anything yet made by the dumbasses on Lost–who, after two-and-a-half seasons, are still living in lean-tos made out of tarp.

(no relation to He-Man) proved to be the most capable builder and
survivalist, despite having all the physical prowess you’d expect from
a skinny computer engineer in his mid-fifties, which he is.

group settled in for a cozy night in their new shelter, until “Dreamz”
and “Rocky” (who must really hate their real names if those are the
nicknames they’ve chosen for themselves) got into a loud argument.
Rocky bemoaned letting his emotions get the best of him, evidently
forgetting that he’s a reality show participant from Boston, who are
almost always cast solely because of their quick tempers.

At the
season’s first challenge the following morning, the group agreed that
Sylvia had been in charge of building the shelter, and Jeff Probst
singled her out to divide the team into two tribes. Since she didn’t
know which team she’d wind up on, Sylvia wisely divided the teams
evenly in terms of physical fitness — although she made sure to
separate Dreamz and Rocky.

Moto Tribe: Gary, Dreamz, Boo, Alex, Edgardo, Stacy, Cassandra, Liliana, and Lisi
Ravu Tribe: Yau-Man, Rocky, Mookie, Anthony, Earl, Jessica, Erica, Rita, and Michelle

a reward for her hard work on the shelter, Sylvia was sent to Exile
Island to spend the night with 1000 deadly sea snakes. On the bright
side, she was immune from Tribal Council, and she did get a clue to the
whereabouts of a hidden Immunity Idol. Unfortunately, the clue said the
Idol was somewhere back at camp.

The two new tribes then took
part in their first Immunity Challenge. The winning tribe would not
only avoid Tribal Council, but would return to find their camp tricked
out with a sofa, dishes, and a solar shower.

The losers would be
sent to a new beach furnished with only a pot and a machete — slightly
better than the conditions those Tent City losers on The Apprentice L.A.
have to live in. After voting someone out, Sylvia would return from
Exile Island to fill the spot of the eliminated tribe member.

the challenge, seven members of each tribe pulled a chariot containing
the tribe’s two remaining members, who collected three hanging bags of
puzzle pieces along a dirt course.

At the finish line, four
tribe members assembled the three puzzles, revealing the numerical
combination to a wheel puzzle that functioned like a combination lock.
Turning the wheel the correct number of times revealed a bin containing
the knife, which cut the rope, which raised the flag, that wriggled and
jiggled and tickled inside her.

Both teams were neck-and-neck
through the chariot phase and started their puzzles at about the same
time. Jessica got hung up on her part of the puzzle, and Ravu fell out
of contention. Alex cut the rope for Moto and raised their flag, giving
them the victory and rights to the sweet shelter.

Ravu made
their way to their new home, which had a cave for shelter and plenty of
coconut juice to drink until they could build a fire and boil water.
But there wasn’t much time to get comfortable before Tribal Council.

Erica, and Rocky had formed a pact not to vote for one another, and
they tried to sway their teammates to vote for Rita. But, seeing as how
Rita and Jessica were evenly matched physically, the team held
Jessica’s poor puzzle skills against her.

Although Erica and
Rocky got wind of Jessica’s impending doom, they didn’t tell her, and
she was surprised to be voted out at Tribal Council. Erica and Rocky
stuck to their word and didn’t write Jessica’s name down, instead
casting throwaway votes for Yau-Man and the hitherto invisible Mookie.

week, we see the first evidence of Boo’s (also not his real name) bad
luck streak. He settles into a hammock to relax after cutting his hand
with a machete, only to have the hammock collapse underneath him.