Apprentice L.A.: Episode 5

On this week’s Apprentice, all the candidates survived a day spent among the honeybees. But, in the end, Team Arrow’s project manger, Aaron, couldn’t avoid getting stung by Donald Trump.

introduced this week’s task by ominously pointing out that Arrow
project manager Aaron had been awfully quiet in the boardroom the night
before, when he was supposed to be offering Trump his advice on which
member of Kinetic to fire. Trump’s words were a sign that, should his
team lose, Aaron would be in a heap of trouble.

For the task,
teams needed to harvest their own honey, package it, and then sell it
at a grocery store. The team who earned the most money won the task.

gathering honey from the hives of thousands of bees turned out to be
easier than developing a marketing plan. The folks on Arrow and Kinetic
in charge of marketing — Surya, James, & Aaron (Arrow) and Aimee
& Jenn (Kinetic) — wasted hours of time just coming up with names
for their honey. (I don’t know why contestants on The Apprentice always insist on group brainstorming, when it almost never does any good — just like in the real world.)

least Kinetic made a vinyl sign to put up outside the store where they
were selling their honey. Arrow never even got that far.

At the
grocery stores the following day, Project Managers Aimee and Aaron
spent the majority of their time making coffee or standing around
looking bored — instead of selling honey.

By day’s end, Kinetic
outsold Arrow, earning the winners a trip to the Los Angeles Lakers’
practice facility to play a pick up game with legendary members of the
Lakers organization, like coach Phil Jackson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar,
James Worthy, and… Brian Cook? Are you telling me that the
lycanthropic Vladimir Radmanovic wasn’t available?

the boardroom, the original members of Arrow ganged up on new guy Surya
(who’d switched teams an episode ago) for his role in the lackluster
marketing campaign. Nicole was the only one perceptive enough to pick
up on Trump’s not-so-subtle hints that he wasn’t impressed with Aaron.

wasn’t about to let her former teammate be bullied, and she stuck up
for Surya. She also questioned why Aaron, a sales professional, spent
so little time actually selling the honey.

Nothing Aaron said
made any difference to Trump, and Aaron was fired. That did little to
comfort Surya, who considered the disparaging remarks made about him in
the boardroom to be outright lies. After Aaron’s ouster, Surya couldn’t
stop fuming. He tried to talk to Trump, but Trump ushered him out.
Then, outside the boardroom, he whined and whined to Nicole. After the
show’s credits had rolled, the thin-skinned Surya was still complaining
to her.

Next week, Surya gives his teammates the third degree
for their boardroom conduct. And the weeks-long flirtation between Tim
and Nicole escalates, leading to a hot tub makeout session. (And since
they were making out in a fancy hot tub, we can assume that Arrow wins
the task and moves back in to the mansion.)