Survivor Fiji: Episode 1

Survivor’s fourteenth season brought a new group of castaways
to the islands of Fiji. Despite some early strategic (or at least
social) gameplay, Jessica was puzzled to find herself the first person

This season was supposed to have 20 contestants, but
moments before filming began, one of the survivors dropped out. That
left producers scrambling for a way to split the group into two tribes.

instead of dividing the group, all 19 remaining contestants were
plopped onto a beach, where they milled about until host Jeff Probst
flew by in a plane and dropped a box with blueprints for building the
castaway version of a mansion, complete with a separate kitchen and

Using provided supplies, the group followed the
directions of resident architect Sylvia and managed to complete the
floor of their shelter before the sun set and the torrential rains

Work continued the next day, and the group managed to
finish their primary shelter. In two days, these 19 people had created
something that far surpasses anything yet made by the dumbasses on Lost–who, after two-and-a-half seasons, are still living in lean-tos made out of tarp.

(no relation to He-Man) proved to be the most capable builder and
survivalist, despite having all the physical prowess you’d expect from
a skinny computer engineer in his mid-fifties, which he is.

group settled in for a cozy night in their new shelter, until “Dreamz”
and “Rocky” (who must really hate their real names if those are the
nicknames they’ve chosen for themselves) got into a loud argument.
Rocky bemoaned letting his emotions get the best of him, evidently
forgetting that he’s a reality show participant from Boston, who are
almost always cast solely because of their quick tempers.

At the
season’s first challenge the following morning, the group agreed that
Sylvia had been in charge of building the shelter, and Jeff Probst
singled her out to divide the team into two tribes. Since she didn’t
know which team she’d wind up on, Sylvia wisely divided the teams
evenly in terms of physical fitness — although she made sure to
separate Dreamz and Rocky.

Moto Tribe: Gary, Dreamz, Boo, Alex, Edgardo, Stacy, Cassandra, Liliana, and Lisi
Ravu Tribe: Yau-Man, Rocky, Mookie, Anthony, Earl, Jessica, Erica, Rita, and Michelle

a reward for her hard work on the shelter, Sylvia was sent to Exile
Island to spend the night with 1000 deadly sea snakes. On the bright
side, she was immune from Tribal Council, and she did get a clue to the
whereabouts of a hidden Immunity Idol. Unfortunately, the clue said the
Idol was somewhere back at camp.

The two new tribes then took
part in their first Immunity Challenge. The winning tribe would not
only avoid Tribal Council, but would return to find their camp tricked
out with a sofa, dishes, and a solar shower.

The losers would be
sent to a new beach furnished with only a pot and a machete — slightly
better than the conditions those Tent City losers on The Apprentice L.A.
have to live in. After voting someone out, Sylvia would return from
Exile Island to fill the spot of the eliminated tribe member.

the challenge, seven members of each tribe pulled a chariot containing
the tribe’s two remaining members, who collected three hanging bags of
puzzle pieces along a dirt course.

At the finish line, four
tribe members assembled the three puzzles, revealing the numerical
combination to a wheel puzzle that functioned like a combination lock.
Turning the wheel the correct number of times revealed a bin containing
the knife, which cut the rope, which raised the flag, that wriggled and
jiggled and tickled inside her.

Both teams were neck-and-neck
through the chariot phase and started their puzzles at about the same
time. Jessica got hung up on her part of the puzzle, and Ravu fell out
of contention. Alex cut the rope for Moto and raised their flag, giving
them the victory and rights to the sweet shelter.

Ravu made
their way to their new home, which had a cave for shelter and plenty of
coconut juice to drink until they could build a fire and boil water.
But there wasn’t much time to get comfortable before Tribal Council.

Erica, and Rocky had formed a pact not to vote for one another, and
they tried to sway their teammates to vote for Rita. But, seeing as how
Rita and Jessica were evenly matched physically, the team held
Jessica’s poor puzzle skills against her.

Although Erica and
Rocky got wind of Jessica’s impending doom, they didn’t tell her, and
she was surprised to be voted out at Tribal Council. Erica and Rocky
stuck to their word and didn’t write Jessica’s name down, instead
casting throwaway votes for Yau-Man and the hitherto invisible Mookie.

week, we see the first evidence of Boo’s (also not his real name) bad
luck streak. He settles into a hammock to relax after cutting his hand
with a machete, only to have the hammock collapse underneath him.