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DwtS 8, Week 4: Results

With both Steves in the bottom three during this double-elimination week, at least one of them was destined to go home.

Joining them was Holly, who — after finishing in the bottom two last week — was unable to muster up enough support to keep her safe.

Because of the double elimination, there was no dance-off. Holly expressed her disappointment that she wasn’t given a chance to try her Tango over again, after forgetting the steps last night.

Instead of a dance-off, the judges awarded an encore to Gilles & Cheryl for their perfect Tango.

Both of next week’s dances — Paso Doble and Viennese Waltz — were previewed in some wonderful pro demonstrations. Kevin Rudolf sang his hit, "Let It Rock," while Julianne, Derek, Lacey, Chelsie and Artem Chigvinsev (from So You Think You Can Dance) performed the Paso Doble:

Then, former DwtS pro Louis van Amstel choreographed a lovely routine to demonstrate the Viennese Waltz:

The DwtS pros danced one more time as musical guests Boyz II Men performed a medley of songs.

When it came time to reveal the results, Holly & Dmitry and Steve & Karina were shown the door. Mercifully, this puts an end to the Woz-hacking-the-votes conspiracy theories.

Next week, Steve-O & Lacey get another chance to prove that they deserve to stay in the competition. Will Steve-O be able to raise his game? And who’ll be next to fall into the bottom two?

Ox Notes: March 31, 2009

Entertainment Tonight has a new reporter on the Dancing with the Stars beat: Maksim Chmerkovskiy. The ousted pro interviewed the couples after last night’s exciting DwtS Performance Show.

Access Hollywood‘s cameras were also backstage with the couples last night, and Samantha Harris turned over her "Insider Sam Cam" to the contestants so that she could rest her ailing voice. OK! chatted with the couples as well.

DwtS 6 champ Kristi Yamaguchi spoke with People about the current season. The magazine sought out some expert opinions on why this season’s cast has so many injuries.

The revamped version of Rob Thomas’s Cupid premieres on ABC tonight after Dancing with the Stars. Zap2It and The Chicago Tribune gave the new series okay reviews, and Zap2It interviewed Thomas about getting to make Cupid a second time.

Disney/ABC/ESPN signed a deal to bring original programming to YouTube.

Sunday night’s episode of The Amazing Race was watched by about 13 million people. TV Guide has an enlightening interview with the eliminated pair, Mel & Mike. I’m gonna miss those guys.

The Chicago Tribune has an interview with comedian Ricky Gervais.

Top Chef: The Tour hit the road last week. In other food TV news, NBC canceled The Chopping Block after just three episodes.

FOX is developing a dating show for "average-looking people." The network also announced that the new season of So You Think You Can Dance will premiere on Thursday, May 21.

DwtS 8, Week 4: Performances

The introduction of two new dance styles — Lindy Hop and Argentine Tango — made for one of the most memorable evenings of performances in Dancing with the Stars history. The high scores atop the leaderboard show just how far behind some of the other couples have fallen.

Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke — 30

Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani — 29

Lil’ Kim & Derek Hough — 27

Ty Murray & Chelsie Hightower — 25

Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas — 25

David Alan Grier & Kym Johnson — 22

Chuck Wicks & Julianne Hough — 22

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska — 19

Holly Madison & Dmitry Chaplin — 16

Steve-O & Lacey Schwimmer — 15

Steve Wozniak & Karina Smirnoff — 12

Tuesday night’s DwtS Results Show promises a double elimination, after a dance-off between the bottom three couples. Will Woz & Karina be able to stay out of the bottom again? Should Lawrence & Edyta spend extra time rehearsing their Tango tomorrow morning, just in case?

Ox Notes: March 30, 2009

It’s Monday, which means another Dancing with the Stars 8 contestant is injured. Holly Madison visited the doctor late last week complaining of a pain in her side, resulting from inflamed muscles around her ribs. She will be able to tango tonight with Dmitry Chaplin.

Also dancing tonight is Steve Wozniak, whose fan base grew after he received a total score of ten points from the judges last week. The Woz and partner Karina Smirnoff stopped by the set of The Insider, where Steve revealed that he may walk Karina down the aisle when she weds Maksim Chmerkovskiy this summer.

When he’s not out doing publicity with Karina, Steve Wozniak spends his time going out to dinner and riding Segways with fellow contestant Steve-O.

Another DwtS duo heavy on the publicity circuit are Chuck Wicks & Julianne Hough, who recorded two interviews (here and here) with Entertainment Tonight and showed off their Lindy Hop moves for MySpace.

Ty Murray & Chelsie Hightower spoke to TV Guide about the dangers of the Lindy Hop.

Shawn Johnson’s DwtS contract, which is a matter of public record because she’s a minor, reveals that she — and presumably the other celebrity cast members — receive a base salary, plus weekly bonuses starting in Week 3 that increase as the season progresses. If Shawn makes it to the Finale, she’ll earn $365,000 for the season.

In non-DwtS news, host Phil Keoghan blogged about the latest episode of The Amazing Race. Turns out that none of the Season 14 production crew knew sign language. That meant nobody could communicate with Luke, when his mother, Margie, passed out from heat exhaustion.

CBS’s TAR website has new videos featuring the losing teams shopping in Thailand and Phil working out in a Russian hotel.

Ox Notes: March 26, 2009

Leading off with Dancing with the Stars news, an armed man was arrested on Monday after trying to break on to the set to see Shawn Johnson. A restraining order has been issued against the suspect.

Tuesday night’s DwtS Results Show was watched by 15.7 million people, finishing second in its timeslot to an episode of NCIS. People has a backstage report from the set. Samantha Harris recorded a post-show video diary for The Insider with camera work so bad that I couldn’t stand to watch the whole thing.

After the first three weeks of competition, oddsmakers have recalculated the couples’ chances to win Dancing with the Stars 8. Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke and Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani lead with 3-1 odds.

If you’d like to attend the DwtS 8 Finale, judge Carrie Ann Inaba put two tickets up for bid at charity auction site Clothes Off Our Backs.

This Saturday, Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan starts a 40-day, 39-city bike trip from Los Angeles to New York City to raise money for Bike MS. People has Phil’s full itinerary.

People also has an interview with Christie & Jodi, the team most recently eliminated from The Amazing Race. As the Pit Stop footage showed, they finished just two minutes behind Mark & Michael.

Family Guy cartoon character Stewie Griffin will make a cameo appearance on Bones on May 7.

For my brother’s sake, I’m posting a link to Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi’s sexy new Carl’s Jr. commercial.

This is a big week for British comedy series The Mighty Boosh. The show makes its U.S. TV debut on Sunday, March 29 on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, and it was just announced that the first season of the show will be released on DVD in the U.S. on July 21.

My knowledge of The Mighty Boosh is limited to one of their sketches: Old Gregg. It is the most bizarre thing I’ve ever seen. I defy you to watch the sketch and not, at some point during the course of your day, spontaneously shout, "I’m Old Gregg!" (Note: The video may be inappropriate/too weird for work):

Ox Notes: March 25, 2009

Denise Richards made the interview rounds after being eliminated from Dancing with the Stars last night. She spoke with OK!, Us, E! and People and joined her fellow castmates in an interview video for Access Hollywood. Only in Denise’s video interview with ET does she seem truly surprised to have been booted before Steve Wozniak.

DwtS judge Carrie Ann Inaba explained in her EW blog what happened during last night’s scoring mix up and clarified how each season’s songs are chosen.

Prior to last night’s DwtS Results Show, Jewel interviewed her husband, Ty Murray, who gave good technical descriptions of the challenges of the Foxtrot and what happens to him physically when he’s nervous.

Despite the claims in CBS’s commercials, tonight’s special episode of Survivor: Tocantins isn’t "all new." It’s mostly old.

Bad news for Veronica Mars fans: the feature film version of the canceled show is on indefinite hold.

Bob Barker returns to The Price Is Right on April 16 to promote his new autobiography.

Discovery has scheduled a Deadliest Catch convention for April 25 in Seattle.

If you haven’t had your fill of Dancing with the Stars news, check out Denise Richards on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night:

DwtS 8, Week 3: Results

Again, the two Steves got the lowest scores. And again, neither of them went home. In fact, neither wound up in this week’s dance-off. Instead, we were treated to a Battle of the Barbies.

If nothing else, this season’s new wrinkle — the dance-off — has forced ABC to let us know which couples are safe much earlier in the show. I appreciate that. Unfortunately, it also means that, week after week, we’re going to see a few of the week’s worst dances two days in a row.

Within the first couple segments of the show, we learned that Gilles & Cheryl, Melissa & Tony, Shawn & Mark, Steve & Karina, David & Kym, Chuck & Julianne, Lil’ Kim & Derek, and Lawrence & Edyta were all safe.

When it came time to reveal the bottom two, Ty & Chelsie and Steve-O & Lacey were given reprieves.

That meant that the dance-off would be between Denise and Holly:


Though the judges preferred Denise tonight, their marginal support wasn’t enough to save her, and she and Maks were eliminated.

Going into this season, I never would have guessed that Maks would be going home before his fiancée.

Next week, tune in to see if Shawn "Skipper" Johnson can maintain her spot at the top:

Ox Notes: March 24, 2009

Backstage at last night’s Dancing with the Stars 8 Performance Show, the stars chatted with ET and Access Hollywood. They were also ambushed by Samantha Harris for her Insider video diary, in which Sam proves that she has no business operating a video camera.

Us Magazine and OK! also interviewed the contestants after the show, and People filed a report about What You Didn’t See behind the scenes. Diane Mizota and Joey Lawrence recapped the performances for their Yahoo! Buzz Session.

Reality Blurred reports that the $200,000 per celebrity fee DwtS supposedly shells out each season may be a little low.

A Survivor stage show could be coming to a theme park near you.

EW has a photo gallery of shows that were canceled prematurely. I appreciate the nods to sci-fi shows Invasion and Firefly, but I can’t understand the fondness TV critics have for Wonderfalls. That show was terrible.

DwtS 8, Week 3: Performances

The judges still have yet to flash any "10" paddles this season, but three couples are on the brink of earning them. And it was another bad week for guys named Steve.

Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke — 27

Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas — 27

Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani — 27

Lil’ Kim & Derek Hough — 25

David Allen Grier & Kym Johnson — 24

Chuck Wicks & Julianne Hough — 23

Ty Murray & Chelsie Hightower — 23

Lawrence Taylor & Edyta Sliwinska — 20

Holly Madison & Dmitry Chaplin — 17

Denise Richards & Maksim Chmerkovskiy — 16

Steve-O & Lacey Schwimmer — 15

Steve Wozniak & Karina Smirnoff — 10


Ox Notes: March 23, 2009

Injuries might make this the final week for one of the Steves on Dancing with the Stars 8, only not for the Steve you might think. Steve-O has a hematoma in his back but plans to dance in tonight’s Performance Show. Steve Wozniak, however, may not be able to after he pulled a hamstring on Friday.

On tonight’s DwtS Performance Show, Gilles Marini & Cheryl Burke will dance the Samba, while Ty Murray & Chelsie Hightower, Shawn Johnson & Mark Ballas and Melissa Rycroft & Tony Dovolani will dance the Foxtrot.

Nancy O’Dell is recovering after surgery to repair her own DwtS-induced injury, and contestants Lawrence Taylor, Holly Madison, Denise Richards, Shawn Johnson and Julianne Hough all confessed their own DwtS-related woes.

An article at Yahoo! revealed that the celebrities who participate in Dancing with the Stars are paid a base salary of $200,000 for the entire season. They only earn bonuses for finishing in first, second or third place. That means that Belinda Carlisle, the first contestant booted this season, gets paid as much as the contestant that finishes the season in fourth place.

In other reality show news, The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan blogged about last night’s episode and posted a video diary about the stylish boots favored by Russian women.

CBS’s TAR website also features a video showing the drama at Elimination Station as the younger, fitter teams socially isolate Linda & Steve. It’s a whole other show within the show.