DwtS 8, Week 3: Results

Again, the two Steves got the lowest scores. And again, neither of them went home. In fact, neither wound up in this week’s dance-off. Instead, we were treated to a Battle of the Barbies.

If nothing else, this season’s new wrinkle — the dance-off — has forced ABC to let us know which couples are safe much earlier in the show. I appreciate that. Unfortunately, it also means that, week after week, we’re going to see a few of the week’s worst dances two days in a row.

Within the first couple segments of the show, we learned that Gilles & Cheryl, Melissa & Tony, Shawn & Mark, Steve & Karina, David & Kym, Chuck & Julianne, Lil’ Kim & Derek, and Lawrence & Edyta were all safe.

When it came time to reveal the bottom two, Ty & Chelsie and Steve-O & Lacey were given reprieves.

That meant that the dance-off would be between Denise and Holly:


Though the judges preferred Denise tonight, their marginal support wasn’t enough to save her, and she and Maks were eliminated.

Going into this season, I never would have guessed that Maks would be going home before his fiancée.

Next week, tune in to see if Shawn "Skipper" Johnson can maintain her spot at the top: