DwtS 8, Week 4: Results

With both Steves in the bottom three during this double-elimination week, at least one of them was destined to go home.

Joining them was Holly, who — after finishing in the bottom two last week — was unable to muster up enough support to keep her safe.

Because of the double elimination, there was no dance-off. Holly expressed her disappointment that she wasn’t given a chance to try her Tango over again, after forgetting the steps last night.

Instead of a dance-off, the judges awarded an encore to Gilles & Cheryl for their perfect Tango.

Both of next week’s dances — Paso Doble and Viennese Waltz — were previewed in some wonderful pro demonstrations. Kevin Rudolf sang his hit, "Let It Rock," while Julianne, Derek, Lacey, Chelsie and Artem Chigvinsev (from So You Think You Can Dance) performed the Paso Doble:

Then, former DwtS pro Louis van Amstel choreographed a lovely routine to demonstrate the Viennese Waltz:

The DwtS pros danced one more time as musical guests Boyz II Men performed a medley of songs.

When it came time to reveal the results, Holly & Dmitry and Steve & Karina were shown the door. Mercifully, this puts an end to the Woz-hacking-the-votes conspiracy theories.

Next week, Steve-O & Lacey get another chance to prove that they deserve to stay in the competition. Will Steve-O be able to raise his game? And who’ll be next to fall into the bottom two?