Survivor Fiji: Episode 2

Even though Erica saved the Ravu tribe from dehydration, she wouldn’t
keep her big yap shut at the Immunity Challenge. Her freakout made her
the latest contestant eliminated from Survivor: Fiji.

Sylvia joined the Ravu tribe after her brief stay on Exile Island, she
found them in rough shape. With no fire to boil water, they’d resorted
to licking the dew off of palm fronds.

Sylvia did what she does
best and started barking orders, but her exhausted team wasn’t in any
shape — or mood — to carry them out. Within a few minutes of joining
the tribe, she’d made herself the obvious target for elimination.

they stumbled about and fell down, delirious from dehydration, it
seemed like they might be better off forfeiting the Immunity Challenge
and saving their energy. But Erica started poking around the bushes
near their cave and discovered dozens of pineapples.

from their boost of citric acid, and now scurvy-free, the Ravu tribe
was ready to take on their pampered rivals. Earl, the early hero of
this season, even vowed to marry Erica.

Meanwhile, things
weren’t going all that well at Moto’s camp, at least for one of their
tribe members. Boo, a construction worker by trade, proved that he
might be the most accident-prone person on the planet.

Boo poked his eye on a spear. Minutes later, using a terrible chopping
technique to axe wood, he managed to slice through his hand and into
his thigh.

With only one functioning eye, hand, and leg, Boo
decided to do the least dangerous thing he could: rest in a hammock.
That’s when the hammock became unraveled, dropping Boo to the ground
with a thud.

Somehow, Boo survived long enough to make it to the
Immunity Challenge. Teams paddled their canoes through the water,
collecting four boxes and towing them back to shore.

ashore, teams opened up their boxes to find the pieces of a flag pole,
which all fit together as a puzzle. The first team to solve the puzzle
and raise their flag pole won the rights to the posh camp, fishing
gear, and, should Ravu win, flint. The winning team also sent one of
the losers to Exile Island.

Ravu got an early lead in the water,
and had already started assembling their pole by the time Moto got
their boxes ashore. But Erica flipped out, screaming about how to
correctly assemble the puzzle.

Distracted by Erica, Ravu fell
behind. Eventually, most of them stopped working on the puzzle and
gawked as Moto raised their flag in victory.

Moto chose Earl,
the fittest of the Ravu men to send into exile. They didn’t realize
that there was a flint on Exile Island, and that Earl would be in much
better condition than if he’d gone back to Ravu’s camp.

Earl had
only one complaint about Exile Island — the snakes. He regretted
having to kill a snake in self-defense, saying, “Snakes are
misunderstood. But we have an understanding now.”

When Ravu
returned to their fire-less camp, sentiment quickly turned against
Erica for her in-challenge freakout. Even if it only bought her one
more week, Sylvia was off the chopping block.

Anthony insisted
that the team had functioned better before Sylvia arrived, and that it
didn’t make sense to eliminate one of their younger, stronger members.
He tried to steer the vote away from Erica, but at Tribal Council,
Anthony and Erica were the only people to vote for Sylvia.

week, Ravu manages to start a fire without flint, and someone on Moto
is seriously injured. Is there any chance that it’s not Boo?