Apprentice L.A.: Episode 6

In this week’s episode of The Apprentice, the candidates’ skills were put to the ultimate test of executive aptitude: registering people for a giveaway at the mall.

not exactly sure how the ability to sign up mall shoppers for a
vacation sweepstakes qualifies one for an executive position at a
corporation. But I suppose the inability to do so could certainly be a

Aimee and Surya lead their respective teams,
Kinetic and Arrow, despite being utterly disrespected by their
teammates. No matter which team lost, a Project Manager was dead meat.

had the more challenging location, as a large number of the patrons at
their mall spoke only Spanish. Derek and Jenn had that information in
advance and didn’t tell Aimee. But Aimee failed to make any adjustments to
address the issue during the task, instead focusing on unimportant
details, like a goofy inflatable octopus that Jenn had included in
their kiosk decor.

Instead of hiring a native Spanish speaker,
Aimee left Muna and Derek to translate the online sign-up form for
customers. The extra time that took may have hurt the team, as Kinetic lost the
task to Arrow by fewer than 50 customers.

In the boardroom, everyone ganged up on Aimee, and Trump had no choice but to fire her.

The Apprentice takes a break for the Academy Awards this Sunday, but will return with a new episode the following week.