Survivor Fiji: Episode 3

Last week, clumsy Boo chopped himself with a hatchet and poked his eye
with a spear. This week, “Papa Smurf” Gary slipped during a Reward
Challenge and almost broke a rib. At this rate, Moto’s going to start
losing members without ever voting anyone out.

At the Reward
Challenge, Ravu was actually in decent shape for a change. Using a pair
of glasses, Michelle was able to start a fire, meaning that her tribe
could finally boil water to drink. It’s one of the few times in Survivor history that a contestant was able to make fire without flint.

the challenge, two greased-up contestants from opposing tribes slid
down a slippery incline, grabbing a numbered ball along the way. At the
bottom of the incline, the first contestant to toss the ball into an
elevated basket earned a point.

The first team to six points won
their choice of rewards: a set of fishing gear, the luxury items they
brought from home, or a basket of fresh fruit. Also, the winning team
sent one of the losers to Exile Island. That person would return in
time for the Immunity Challenge.

Many of the contestants dove
head first down the incline, in traditional Slip n’ Slide style. Gary
took a few steps onto the slippery surface and fell hard on his back.
He completed the challenge, and Moto won again, choosing the fishing
gear and sending Sylvia back to Exile Island — a smart strategic move,
limiting the number of people who could potentially have the Immunity

Back at camp, Gary was disoriented and couldn’t take a
deep breath, leading him to fear a broken rib or possibly heart
trouble. The show’s medics didn’t find anything seriously wrong with
him and prescribed painkillers and rest.

Luckily for Gary, the Immunity Challenge wasn’t physical in nature. It was an old-fashioned Survivor
eating contest, meaning that contestants had to eat gross things like
sea cucumbers and peanut worms. It’s one event I can always count on to
make me glad I’m a vegetarian–until the next time I see my husband eat
another delicious hamburger.

Rocky and Mookie were the only
members of Ravu to win their face-offs, in part because the rest of
their tribe was dehydrated and didn’t have enough saliva to swallow
their food. The final battle came down to Anthony and Gary, and Gary
earned Moto’s fourth consecutive victory by eating two disgusting,
hairy pig snouts before Anthony could swallow his first bite.

Sylvia was still Ravu’s biggest outsider, Mookie felt that Anthony
hadn’t tried hard enough at the challenge. Because they feared Sylvia
might possess the hidden Immunity Idol (meaning that the person with
the second highest number of votes would be eliminated) a couple of
people agreed to vote for Anthony.

As the day dragged on, Mookie
became even more convinced that Anthony wasn’t a committed member of
the tribe and told as much to anyone who would listen. At Tribal
Council, Mookie told Anthony off, and it looked as if Sylvia might last
another week.

As the votes were read, Anthony and Sylvia were
tied at three votes each. But Rita decided to branch out on her own and
cast her vote for Earl. The tiebreaking vote was cast for Sylvia, and
since she hadn’t found the Immunity Idol, she was eliminated.

Next week, concerns about Gary’s health linger.