DwtS 7, Week 6: Results

Lackluster performances led up to a predictable outcome: Cloris has left the building.

As in past seasons of Dancing with the Stars, the Group Dance was awarded the encore. Too bad this year’s Hip-Hop number was the worst Group Dance yet.

Following the performance, Lance Bass & Lacey Schwimmer were told that they were safe, as was Cody Linley. Cody said that Julianne Hough’s appendectomy went well, but he’ll dance with Edyta Sliwinska next week, in order to give Julianne time to recover.

Then it was time for the Ballroom Kids competition. Siblings Craig & Samantha defeated Simon & Lucy in a clean sweep.

Next, the Pussycat Dolls performed with Missy Elliot.

Then, Warren Sapp & Kym Johnson were told that they were also safe.

After the announcement, Michael Flatley danced on a burning stage. The actual performance wasn’t quite as exciting as the description would have you believe, but Flatley did a nice job.

Following that, some random dudes, including a sports psychologist and a Marine, talked about the mental discipline required to compete on Dancing with the Stars.

Finally, Cloris Leachman & Corky Ballas were put under the red lights alongside Susan Lucci & Tony Dovolani. Tom Bergeron announced that Cloris & Corky had been eliminated.

As Cloris lingered on stage saying farewell to Susan & Tony, Samantha Harris called from the dance floor, "We want to have time to talk to you before you go, so come down here." Then why the hell did you wait until the last minute of the show to announce who was going home?

Samantha feebly attempted to ask questions as Cloris walked past her to the judges table. Tom said, "The producers are in my ear[piece] going, ‘If you want to get her over….’ No, I don’t actually. I wanna let her do what she wants to do."

When Cloris finally stood next to Tom & Samantha, she cajoled all of them into sitting on the floor. As Samantha continued to ask the standard questions about the experience, Cloris feigned indignation: "I can’t go home. Are you serious? This is a joke," before adding, "I can’t get up now."

If for nothing else, Cloris, you will be missed for for your unrivaled ability to frustrate and torment Samantha Harris.