DwtS Offseason Update: 12-21-06

Tour News
The San Diego Union-Tribune featured a review of the first show on the Dancing with the Stars
Tour. According to the reviewer, the professional dance routines were
the highlight of the evening. And the celebrities made several
references to the weight loss benefits of dancing, since the tour is
sponsored by Slim-Fast.

TMZ.com was able to procure a copy of the list of tips on “touring life” given to the cast of the DwtS Tour, and it reads like the instructions handed out by your Social Studies teacher before the Junior High School ski trip. If you’re not on time, we will leave you behind, and doggone it, no #2 in the bus toilet!

Fans in the Sarasota, Florida area can mingle with Tony Dovolani on January 20 at the Florida West Coast Symphony’s annual gala and concert, titled “Gotta Dance! A Symphonic Night at the Movies.”

Willa Ford says she’s glad she gave up her career as a pop singer and avoided becoming another party girl. “That’s not the career I want,” said Willa. “You don’t see Angelina Jolie hitting someone in a bar.”

of people who hit other people in bars, Shanna Moakler offered her
thoughts on Tara Conner’s recent troubles as the reigning Miss USA, suggesting that most girls who wear the crown are unprepared for the pressure that goes with it.

Other News
Vivica A. Fox has been keeping busy with a variety of projects, including her duties as editor-at-large of the fashion magazine Jolie. She and Mario Lopez will be on hand for the January launch of GM’s new vehicle models. Although I’m not sure that standing on a rotating stage in front of a Buick counts as a positive career move.

For a special holiday treat, enjoy the video of Edyta Sliwinska, Alec Mazo, and Maksim Chmerkovskiy dancing in a commercial for Jared Jewelers. Edyta even gets to deliver the company’s tag line: “He went to Jared.”