Cook Islands: Reunion Show

Survivor reunions are always a mixed bag of amusing
exchanges and bloated exposition, and the Cook Islands Reunion Show was no
different. Here are some of the highlights…

Yul on his winning strategy
“I think the key to winning the game is maximizing the good luck and mitigating the bad luck.”

Jeff Probst outs Yul as a nerd
“Out on the show, Yul was constantly going, ‘We have a 33.3% chance of this happening.'”

Yul confirms his nerdiness
talking about convincing Jonathan to flip back to Aitu, Yul said, “I
came up with this whole argument where I said, ‘If you don’t switch
over to our side, probability-wise, we’ll be able to execute a strategy
in which you’ll be out in the next two rounds, so really you have no

Did Becky ever consider a romance with Yul?
“No, it didn’t enter my mind.”

Yul on his inclusion in People’s Sexiest Man edition
think this is a little silly. I think my mom would be happy. I think
she just wants me to get married, and she’s hoping this will help me
find a wife.”

Jeff and Yul discuss Yul’s naked dip in the hot tub with Parvati and Ozzy
Jeff: “I couldn’t tell if [you thought] ‘Wow, this is great,’ or, ‘This is my worst nightmare.'”
“I think it was more the latter. I wanted to get the hell out of there,
but I didn’t want to give them the opportunity to strategize.”

The first thing Yul did when he got home
got a Costco membership, and I went crazy. I bought so much food, it
wouldn’t fit in my fridge. And I just sat there… ‘Well, gotta eat it
now,’ and chowed down.”

How did Ozzy feel upon returning to civilization?
“Honestly, I think I fell into a deep depression. The concrete jungle kinda got to me a little bit.”

Was Jonathan playing a villain?
“There’s no villain in Monopoly. I was playing to win one million bucks.”

Jonathan on watching the show with his family
warned them that I was going to be called some fantastic names. They’re
like, ‘What do you mean, Dad?’ ‘Oh, like cancer and rat and weasel.’ So
that sucked. So you get called names, so what? We don’t call people

Send him back to the island, please!
wrote a ridiculous, Lionel Richie-esque song about Survivor, and he
performed it as the Reunion Show went to commercial. As Sekou sang, he
actually yelled, “C’mon, everybody, sing along!” — even though this
was the first time anyone had ever heard the song.

Yul on the success of his racially diverse coalition
hoping that in some small way, we’ve shown that it’s not the color of
your skin that determines who you are, but what’s inside… who you are.”

Jeff and Stephannie discuss why she called Nate a “race traitor” after he voted for her
Jeff: “Did you trust him because you’re both from the same ethnic group?”
Stephannie: “Absolutely. I expected him to have my back.”

Brad, on pressure to positively represent his ethnic group
think a lot of times in media, [Asian] men are portrayed as these
WASP-y, thin, nerdy, bookwormish type of guys, and I think Yul and I
did a fantastic job of breaking the mold, breaking the stereotype that
a lot of America have today.” (Hey, Brad. Yul’s a lawyer who did math
problems on the island. But at least he’s ripped.)

Adam on the status of his relationship with Candice
“Candice is a great girl…” Enough said.

Jeff and Parvati discuss her profession
Jeff: “We labeled you as a boxer on the show. What kind of boxing do you do? I don’t even know.”
Parvati: “It’s called ‘model boxing.'”

JP hops on the reality show carousel
He revealed that he’ll be on the Janice Dickinson Modeling Agency, starting January 10, on Oxygen.

Billy on his professed love for Candice
in the heat of the moment. How many of us haven’t stuck out foot in our
mouths in our lives? I just happened to do it on national TV.”

Coming this spring… Survivor: Fiji.
revealed that, this time, there will be 19 contestants. One tribe will
live in luxury, while another lives in poverty. There will be two
Hidden Immunity Idols on Exile Island — and, of course, another twist
or two. Plus, one Survivor will make “a controversial decision that will
have all of America talking.”