Cook Islands: Episode 13

On this week’s Survivor: Cook Islands,
Jonathan’s stay at Exile Island gave the other Survivors a taste of how much more peaceful life was without him. At Tribal Council,
his former alliance-mates decided that, sometimes, comfort trumps
strategy, and Jonathan was voted off the island.

The morning after Candice’s ouster, Parvati, Becky, and Sundra were preparing coconut, when Parvati
nearly chopped off the end of her left thumb with the machete. The
paramedics gave her a few stitches to hold the end of her thumb on and
bandaged her up.

The paramedics’ instructions to keep the
bandage mostly dry went unheeded at the Reward Challenge. As soon as
the Survivors’ family members showed up, all bets were off.

Jonathan was reunited with his wife, Parvati with her dad, Sundra
with her mom, Becky with her sister, Yul with his brother, and Ozzy
with his mom. Adam enjoyed a reunion with his father, George, who looks
exactly like Adam will in 30 years. Both Adam and Dadam already have the same hairdos and gape-mouthed grins.

Survivors partnered with their loved ones for the challenge, which, in
its simplest form consisted of transferring the contents of a pail of
water into a larger bucket, until that bucket was full enough to lift a
counterweighted flag.

Survivors had to wear blindfolds as they scooped water from the ocean.
Then, they tossed the water from their pail. Their loved ones, standing
about ten feet away and not wearing blindfolds, tried to catch the
water with another small pail, which they then emptied into the large

Relying only on vocal directions from their partners,
the Survivors launched pail after pail of water at their loved ones,
drenching them in the process. After each toss, Jonathan’s wife wrung
out her shirt and hair into her pail, maximizing her efficiency.

Jonathan and Ozzy had the early lead. But Parvati and her dad were able to make up ground and squeak out the win. When asked to pick someone to go straight to Exile island, Parvati didn’t hesitate to send Jonathan.

For their Reward, Parvati and her dad would spend a couple hours at the Aitutonga camp, before being ferried over to a ceremony and feast with a local tribe.

And they wouldn’t be going alone. Two other Survivors and their relatives would be joining them. Parvati’s dad, Mike, had to pick who would be joining them — with no help from Parvati.

First, he selected Sundra’s
mom, whom he referred to as the “beautiful island lady.” Then he chose
Adam’s clone, George. Because she’s closest with Adam and Sundra, they’re probably the two Parvati would’ve chosen, too.

a short stay at camp, the reward winners joined the women and children
of a native tribe in a ceremony on a nearby island. Following the
tribe’s religious ritual, the castaways entered a sacred cave, anointed
a freshwater pool with scented oils, and dove in.

Then Parvati, Adam, and Sundra feasted on meatloaf, fried chicken, corn on the cob, and biscuits with their relatives.

at camp, Yul, Becky, and Ozzy decided to hide the coconuts they’d
collected, so that they didn’t have to share food with Parvati and Adam. The trio wanted to keep their enemies from being too well-fed for challenges.

But when Parvati, Adam, and Sundra
returned from their reward with a bag full of meatloaf, corn, and
biscuits, Becky said that she, Yul, and Ozzy felt too guilty to carry
through with their coconut embargo.

The Immunity Challenge the
next day was designed for Ozzy to dominate, and he did just that. It
was a floating obstacle course, requiring the Survivors to run over
planks, rowboats, and floating barrels to reach buoys with two bundles
of sticks attached.

After completing two passes through the
course (one pass to get each bundle) the Survivors tied their sticks
together to form a long pole, which they used to reach two hanging
rings, suspended about a dozen feet away.

As Ozzy was “doin‘ it all with the pole,” as Jeff Probst
put it, his competitors were falling off of barrels into the water and
moving with all the accuracy of drunken coeds. Ozzy later said, “It was
certainly quite hilarious seeing people just eating it all over the

Upon returning to camp, it became obvious that no one
was happy to have Jonathan back from Exile Island. When joined the
group at the fire, he got the silent treatment for a few minutes,
before everyone just got up and walked away.

He chased his supposed allies Becky and Sundra
into the forest to talk strategy. But he had to yell, “Guys? Guys?
Ladies?” before they would even give him the curt response, “We’re
getting firewood.” At that point, Jonathan knew he was in trouble.

told Jonathan that he’d do what he could to convince the group to vote
for Adam as originally planned. But Jonathan wasn’t hopeful: “Are they
going to sacrifice everything they’ve worked for because Parvati’s smiling at them?”

Jonathan was right to be worried. He received six votes at Tribal Council and became the next member of the jury.

his final words, he was mostly disappointed that his former allies
didn’t have the courage to tell him he was going. “These people are
terrible liars,” he said of the Aitu Four.

was a bad strategic move to get rid of Jonathan, especially for Yul and
Becky. Jonathan was in no position to turn on them, and it’s unlikely
that he’d win any Immunity Challenges from here on out.

important than that, there was absolutely no chance that the jury would
award him the $1 million, so he was the perfect Final Two candidate.

Instead, Yul and Becky will now have to work extra hard to keep Adam and Parvati from winning Immunity or convincing Ozzy or Sundra to switch sides.

In fact, it looks like that’s exactly what Adam and Parvati try to do in next week’s episode. When Ozzy starts spending too much time with the former Raro members, Becky and Yul consider turning on Ozzy.