I Will Now Make My Assistant Disappear (Episode 11-2)

After returning from last week’s Tribal Council, it looked as if Blake might be a goner. He couldn’t breathe or keep food down, and his shoulder still hurt. Amazingly, he was able to win the Fishing Gear Reward Challenge for Nakum, only to resume his rigorous schedule of naps when they got back to camp.

Blake’s lack of effort around camp rubbed Brandon and Judd the Chud the wrong way, prompting Judd to ask, “How much relaxin’ does this guy need?” Normally, I’d cut Blake a break since a tree fell on him; but if he was really that hurt, wouldn’t it show during the challenges?

Rafe proved to be the weak link on Yaxha during the Reward Challenge when he exhibited less upper body strength than, well, everyone else on the planet. Yaxha also had a chance to win the Immunity Challenge, which started with both teams engaged in tug-of-war. Neither team won, although Danni had the best moment of the night when she told Brian that Gary had been an NFL quarterback. I have no idea how she knew Gary had hidden that from his team, but it was an excellent move on her part.

Nakum swept three individual rounds of tug-of-war to win: Judd defeated Gary and Jamie, and Brandon also beat Jamie. Judd the Chud became Judd the Stud.

That meant that Bobby Jon avoided Tribal Council for the first time in his two seasons on Survivor. And it meant that the inevitable plotting against Stephenie could begin.

Despite his noodle-arms, Rafe’s name never came up during discussions of whom should be voted out of Yaxha; Stephenie, Morgan and Lydia were the prime candidates. It looked as if Lydia would be booted out of fear that she’d be a handicap during challenges. But her efforts around camp, and Morgan’s laziness, motivated Brian to take up Lydia’s cause.

Shortly before Tribal Council, Brian convinced all of his tribemates to vote for Morgan, who, when the votes were read, looked as shocked as if she’d just seen Criss Angel levitate. And then, MINDFREAK! Morgan disappeared.