Life After Rock Star

Now that Rock Star: INXS is over, I’ve got 2 1/2 hours of Prime Time back every week. What will I do with all this freedom?

Monday: A light night, with Arrested Development being my only must-see show. And I’ll even have to tape that since it’s Dungeons and Dragons night. No, I’m not kidding. I bought my first 20-sided die last year at the age of 27, and I don’t intend on putting it down any time soon.

Tuesday: David Boreanaz’s weird comic timing makes me predisposed to like Bones, but it’s a show I’m willing to sacrifice. Supernatural is one of my favorite new programs because of the interaction between the two lead actors, but this week it’s getting taped in favor of the 2-hour season premiere of The Amazing Race 8. Look for the Paolo family to struggle early; Tony and Marion are two of the oldest and least physically fit parents, and I don’t know if their two sons will be able to carry them, literally or figuratively. However, it would be awfully fun to see the Godlewski sisters efforts dissolve into bickering before they even reach the first clue box. The Real World may have to wait until one of its 27 re-airs this week. Here’s a show summary in advance: roommates get drunk and fight, then romance between roommates. There’s really no point in even watching the show anymore, and yet I still do.

Wednesday: Another full night, kicking off with The Apprentice: Martha Stewart. While I enjoyed the first episode, there’s still a good chance that the contestants could turn ugly. Oops, guess I was too late. After Martha, there’s Lost followed by Invasion. It’s great to see character actor William Fichtner starring in Invasion. Chicago Sun-Times TV critic Doug Elfman described Fichtner as having “the blank-faced stare of the world’s most confident weirdo.” Well said.

Thursday: The season premiere of Smallville gets taped in favor of Survivor: Guatemala. There’s just something about reality shows that demands you watch them in real time. Although I am really looking forward to Lex finally confessing his love for Clark in this season of Smallville. C’mon, everyone knows what’s really going on there.

Friday: Old yellow eyes is back with Brent “Data” Spiner and the crew of Threshold. And there’s always What Not To Wear, one of the most useful shows on cable. It’s helped me to purge my closet of all my tapered pants and cartoon character sweatshirts. And now it’s muumuu day every day.