Leper Island (Episode 11-7)

Survivor aired its first-ever Halloween Special tonight. Last week’s Reward Challenge rendered most of the contestants unrecognizable beneath their scabs, so tonight’s episode was a gross-out spectacular. The burn victims on CSI looked downright healthy compared to these ghouls.

Bobby Jon’s wounds were worst of all, not surprising since he’s got a rep for smelling the worst, too. Overnight, his congealing wounds stuck to his shirt, and the scabs peeled off when he removed his shirt in the morning. For a minute or two, my dry heaves drowned out the show’s audio.

Later, Bobby Jon got in the tribe’s swim cage, where he sat patiently as minnows fed off the scabs and skin. It gets worse. As the minnows feasted on his own twists of flesh, Bobby Jon put his face in the water and tried to eat the minnows that were nibbling at him. GROSS! Your injuries are not bait. I pity the women of Alabama if Bobby Jon is the best they’ve got to choose from.

Yaxha won tonight’s Reward Challenge and a zipline ride over the jungle canopy, followed by enough chocolate to make you weep. They wisely brought what treats they couldn’t eat back to camp.

The chocolate snacks came in handy when Yaxha decided to throw a birthday bash for Danni. In the spirit of good sportsmanship, Yaxha rowed to the Nakum camp to invite them over for a pool party. Nakum accepted and they were treated to a dip in the pool and some of the leftover chocolate. Now who wouldn’t enjoy that?


The Most Bitter Guy in Guatemala couldn’t stand fraternizing with the enemy and quickly pulled the plug on the party. His fellow Nakums were having a fine time, enjoying food, water, and company. Then, for reasons known only to him, Jamie told them it was time to go. Jamie’s hilarious contempt for all things fun makes me willing to endure a few more weeks of scab healing.

If it was so easy for Yaxha to paddle over to Nakum, why didn’t the tribes go to the other team’s camp before? A few late night panty raids by Nakum and we’ve got ourselves a season, folks. At the very least they could’ve stolen Yaxha’s deck chairs. This seems like a great prank opportunity wasted, and I’m a little disappointed.

Yaxha lost the Immunity Challenge and voted off Amy. At least we know someone received proper medical attention that night. Jeff Probst surprised Yaxha by instructing them to proceed straight from Tribal Council to Nakum’s camp. There should be no shortage of likely candidates to vote off of the newly-merged tribe next week. The oversized egos of Bobby Jon, Jamie, and Judd should bump them right to the top of that list.