Maybe ‘Dos’ Kilometers (Episode 8-6)

Tonight, the families of The Amazing Race 8 drove to International Destination Number 2: Costa Rica. It’s not as much fun driving from one country to another instead of flying, but at least they’re still outside the U.S.

The shrieking Godlewski sisters carried all of their belongings in a plastic bag after surviving last week’s non-elimination leg. Since they started this leg with no money, they were forced to beg at the hotel where they’d slept. Instead of cash, the gents at the hotel seemed more willing to offer sex to the four buxom blondes.

Teams had to decide whether to take advantage of the first of two Yield opportunities on the race. Well, only the Weavers really had a decision to make. Every other team was determined to yield the Weavers. D.J. Paolo reached the mat first, and the Florida team was forced to wait.

While they waited, the Weavers kept their spirits up by ridiculing other teams. They called the Paolos “retarded” and accused the Godlewskis of having breast implants. Then the Weavers talked about answering to “a higher authority,” and said the Yield wouldn’t get them down.

I have a feeling that their “higher authority” wouldn’t have approved of their nasty comments.

Meanwhile, the other teams were completing a Roadblock that required one team member to search a pile of coffee beans for the one bean that was painted red. Megan Linz finished quickly enough that her brothers named her an honorary Linz Boy. In effect, Megan had finally earned her balls.

The Paolos were hung up on their way to the next task as Brian tried to get directions from a drunken American with a Southern drawl. Brian was told to drive “maybe ‘dos’ kilometers,” leading D.J. to declare himself official direction-seeker from that point on. For the second week in a row, the Paolos finished in first place, earning each family member the choice of a Segway, Vespa, ATV, or jet ski. Just what we need, Marion Paolo rolling around the Bronx on a Segway.

Tammy Gaghan struggled to find the red bean, and the team never recovered. Carissa’s tears at the mat were heartbreaking, as was the uncomfortable look on the Costa Rican lady’s face as she stood next to Phil. The Gaghans were a great example of how a supportive family can really bring the best out of each member. It’s too bad the Widow Weaver didn’t have more time to learn from them.