My Crystal Ball Is Broken

There’s a good reason why I try not to make predictions about reality shows: I stink at it. Take, for example, my predictions for Survivor: Guatemala. I came close on a few of my predictions as to when individuals would be voted off, but mostly I failed. Granted, this was before the show started and Bobby Jon and Stephenie hadn’t been announced as contestants. As if that would really have made any difference.

Here’s how I did:

Order Kathy’s Pick Vote Results
1 Lydia Jim
2 Brian Morgan
3 Rafe Brianna
4 Jim Brooke
5 Jamie Blake
6 Margaret Brian
7 Morgan Margaret
8 Blake Amy
9 Brianna Brandon
10 Amy Bobby Jon

I didn’t expect the contestants to whack the beautiful people as quickly as they did. You couldn’t know from looking at her that Brianna didn’t have an athletic bone in her body. And the only reason Jim went first was because he was hurt. Now I feel a little shallow.

From my list, Jamie, Rafe, and Lydia are still around, and Lydia’s sure to make the Final Four. She’s not a threat so people will forget about her until the end. Jamie’s annoying everyone, speeding his departure. But Rafe could be around until the end, unless his conscience gets the best of him and makes him a liability.

I still won’t be surprised to see Cindy and Danni go far. Danni’s always been my pick to win, despite the numbers being stacked against her. She’s still performing well in challenges even though she’s looked like an animated skeleton from day one, so there’s no reason to think Danni will be sent back to the grave anytime soon.