How’s That Face Feel? (Episode 8-8)

Finally, we’ve got ourselves a race! With only a few episodes remaining, The Amazing Race: Family Edition just had its first exciting episode.

The tasks fueled much of the fun in tonight’s show. Racers got to ride in a helicopter, rappel into a canyon, and ski jump into a pool. On top of all that, everything took place in Utah, a stunning part of America that’s often overlooked. The show’s production staff made Utah look as inviting and spectacular as any foreign country they’ve featured on past seasons.

The Linz family had a banner night, including a predictible, yet still funny, misread of a clue mentioning Elephant Butte. Nick treated his siblings to a perfect run on the ski jump culminating in a face plant into the pool. Upon reaching the mat in first place and seeing a lovely young woman standing next to Phil, Nick exclaimed, “Is that Miss Utah? Miss Latin Utah…even better!”

The Weavers didn’t fare so well, as the emotional toll of being social outcasts weighed heavily on them. Bad directions and being Yielded by the Linzes put them in last place. Their only comfort came from Big Macs and McFlurries from McDonalds. Surely, it’s not the first time they’ve turned to food for comfort.

Although this was a non-elimination leg, the Weavers were hardly excited to continue with the race. Instead they said they’d rather just go home. If we learned anything from Flo on TAR 3, it’s never to say that you want to quit. Flo remains the most unsympathetic and unlikeable contestant ever to race (I refuse to even acknowledge the participation of TAR 6‘s Jonathan), but if the Weavers keep talking about giving up, they might be able to knock the queen from her throne.

Next week will probably bring more of the same complaining from the Weavers, although it should be an elimination leg. The other teams, and most viewers, can only hope that the Weavers will finish last and finally get the elimination they asked for tonight.