We Had a Meltdown (Episode 8-10)

The inevitable finally happened: the Godlewski sisters imploded on tonight’s penultimate episode of The Amazing Race: Family Edition. The four blondes showed America that, even though you love your family, you don’t always have to like them. More accurately, you don’t even have to pretend to tolerate your family. So much for growing closer together as a result of a shared experience.

Bickering was the Godlewski’s ultimate undoing. During the final Roadblock, Sharon decided she’d rather walk the golf course while searching for brightly-colored golf balls than ride in a golf cart with Michelle. Sharon thought Michelle was driving erratically in order to throw her from the cart. While the Godlewskis might not have been able to beat the Weavers to the mat for third place anyway, teamwork would’ve made the finish much closer and would’ve allowed them to depart with dignity.

Wally Bransen and his girls finished this leg in first place, earning them a new Buick Lucerne (yes, the same Lucerne featured on The Apprentice: Martha). Don’t be surprised to see the Bransens finish in third place next week because, now that Wally’s got his Buick, he’s just not that into the race anymore. Hell, if it’d been a Lincoln Town Car, he would’ve let the Godlewskis take his family’s place in the finale.

The Linzes finished this leg in a close second, setting them up with a good chance to win the $1 million. They’re in the best shape and have been performing well on Detours and Roadblocks recently. So long as there are no complicated driving directions, the Linzes should be assured of victory. The only thing that could stop them is a Roadblock requiring team members to refrain from making fart jokes.

Look for the Weaver family, this week’s third place finishers, to finish in second place next week. They’ve struggled while driving lately, including getting pulled over for speeding this week. The Weavers feel as if everyone is against them, and that’s been weighing on them more heavily with each day. If they lose, they’ve got plenty of excuses lined up already. Because they’ve stopped holding themselves accountable for their own performance, there’s not much to motivate them to win.

If the Weavers do win, it will be an ending almost as unsatisfying as Flo the Quitter winning Season 3. But at least Flo won without counting on Jesus to pick up the slack.