$1 Million For Your Dignity

Original Survivor Richard Hatch’s legal troubles made the front page of Yahoo! again. The story as a whole isn’t that interesting, but the second sentence in the article is (the italics are mine):

“U.S. District Judge Ernest Torres on Wednesday denied three motions filed by lawyers for Richard Hatch, the Newport man who sometimes competed naked on the CBS reality show.”

How sad would it be if the second thing people said about you — in Richard’s case, the first is that he won the first season of Survivor — was that you were naked on television? “Jane Smith, the mother of two who was naked on Judging Amy…” It’s not a good image to have forever attached to your name.

What’s worse is that Richard’s not the only Survivor cast member with that problem. Survivor: Amazon gave us two others: Jenna M., the Amazon winner who got naked for peanut butter, and Heidi, the former gym teacher who got naked to share that peanut butter.

Reality show contestants: the producers may tell you to pretend the cameras aren’t there, but they still are. If you get naked, that’s what they’ll show and that’s all the audience will remember. And there’s no glory in being known as The Naked Guy.