Quando Can’t Be Beat

Tony Dovolani and Elena Grinenko won the American Rhythm competition on the finale of America’s Ballroom Challenge. Their victory proves that everyone loves the song “Quando, Quando, Quando.”

Their performance was described by co-host Tony Meredith as “creative, expressive, and sexy.” Tony and Elena walked hand-in-hand onto the dance floor slowly, as if they were walking along the beach. Tony wore a tuxedo shirt and pants, and his bow tie hung loose around his collar. Elena’s slinky blue dress was held in place on her right side by only a rhinestoned clasp, giving the illusion that the dress might come off at any moment. Their seductive Rumba moves told a romantic story, and they left the floor in the same manner that they entered.

At the end of the program, Tony and Elena competed against the winners from the American Smooth, International Standard, and International Latin competitions. Tony and Elena performed a Mambo, complete with bright yellow outfits. Their efforts put them in second place behind International Latin champs Andrei Gavriline and Elena Kryuchkova. Both of Gavriline’s and Kryuchkova’s dances looked more like performance art than ballroom. Give me something from the International Standard division any day.

The real stars of the evening were Emmanuel Pierre-Antoine & Joanna Zacharewicz, the Mambo champions who performed an exhibition dance on last Friday’s Dancing with the Stars. They performed another exhibition for America’s Ballroom Challenge that was just as fun and exciting as the one on DWTS. ABC better pick these two up as pros for DWTS 3!