He Should’ve Cast Magic Missile (Episode 2-5)

Karl didn’t have much to say in any of the previous episodes of Beauty and the Geek, but it was no surprise that he narrated most of episode five. As is reality show tradition, the producers wanted to give him plenty of airtime before he was eliminated.

As the episode began, Josh was disturbed by the lackluster response he and his partner, Cher, received upon returning from the elimination room. Cher explained that their housemates’ coolness was directed at her, not him. As much as everyone feared Chris (whom Josh and Cher eliminated), the rest of the cast seemed to dislike Cher even more.

Everyone was excited to find out that this week’s challenges would take place in Las Vegas. Joe used the bus trip to Vegas to teach the girls how to play poker in preparation for their challenge. None of the girls took Karl up on his offer to teach them Dungeons & Dragons. He didn’t have the charisma to talk them into it.

Upon arriving in Vegas, the beauties and geeks did what all twentysomethings do when they go to Vegas. They drank. With his confidence bolstered — whether by liquor or by his experiences on the show — Joe played drums for the hotel’s dance club band. Cher and geek hunk Wes left the club early to make out in Cher’s room. That left Josh to spend the night on the couch, which is marginally better than the closet. Just ask my husband.

On game day, the girls found out they’d be playing strip poker, but using their geek’s clothes as chips. The couple whose geek ended the game wearing more than just his underwear won the challenge.

Cher quickly realized that her best shot was to bluff her opponents. Three of the beauties fell for her act, leaving Ankur, Wes, and Karl shivering in their briefs. Brittany saw right through Cher and won the challenge with “kings over queens, full house.” If she was able to pick up poker that quickly, maybe Brittany’s faking her flakiness.

After putting their clothes back on, the guys roamed the casino, inviting people to a party that evening. Each guy hosted a catered party in their suite, and the geek with the highest number of women at his party won. Despite having told everyone that his party would be “awesome,” not a single person came to Karl’s soiree.

Josh and Ankur got the best response to their invitations, although Ankur spent most of his event hiding from his drunken guests. Josh schmoozed his way to victory, and only about half of his female guests had their husbands in tow. Cher was thrilled with the win, and Josh was just happy she wouldn’t think of him as a loser anymore.

When it came time to decide who would be sent to the elimination room, Josh wanted to send Sarah & Wes. Cher asked that Josh spare her new boy toy, and he relented. That forced Danielle & Karl to do battle with Jennipher & Ankur, who were selected by Brittany & Joe.

Danielle got her team into an early hole after she failed to answer a single question correctly. Jennipher gave Ankur a two-point lead, meaning he would only need to get two questions right to win. Karl kept pace, answering his first two questions correctly. But Ankur went 2-for-3, so Danielle & Karl went home.

Karl appreciated the confidence he gained from being on the show, but vowed to continue playing Dungeons & Dragons — only now on Wednesday nights instead of Friday. Danielle said she didn’t know she had it in her to help build someone’s confidence the way she did with Karl. The word geek is no longer a part of her vocabulary, she vowed. Karl reminded her to give herself more credit for being smart.

Next time on Beauty and the Geek, the beauties ask the geeks out on dates. After boring dinner conversation with Wes, Cher wonders if what happened in Vegas should’ve stayed in Vegas. The guys direct the girls in a lingerie photo shoot, and Wes makes Brittany uncomfortable by proposing some provocative poses.