GQ Stands for Men’s Fashion (Episode 2-6)

After weeks of challenges that pushed the guys out of their comfort zones, it was time for the girls to feel really uncomfortable on Beauty and the Geek. All of the girls came to the same conclusion after hitting on guys in a bar while not wearing makeup: dating sucks.

The show began as Ankur & Jennipher returned to the group after eliminating Karl & Danielle. In an interview, Jennipher vowed to do everything she could to keep Cher from winning. Her sentiment was part of what Josh described as the strange combination of camaraderie and competition felt by the remaining contestants.

When teams received their study materials the next day, the girls were given a special assignment. Their materials included a note instructing them to ask one of the geeks, other than their partner, out on a date.

This was a new experience for the beauties, none of whom had ever asked a guy out to dinner before. All of them were nervous, even though they were hardly asking out strangers. But the guys were flattered (and pleased) by the anxiety the girls expressed during their awkward proposals.

Brittany was especially worried about her date with Ankur, because they’re so different from one another; she likes Diet Coke and he likes “this fruity stuff.” But she had a positive attitude, and used her date as an opportunity to listen to someone else for a change. Jennipher, who had dinner with Josh, took the same approach. Not only did the two girls learn a lot about their dates, they also had a much easier time than the other two pairs of daters.

Sarah, who picked Joe because they had developed a friendship, was disgusted when he blew his nose in his silk napkin. And Cher, who’d already made out with Wes in Las Vegas, realized at dinner that they had a hard time finding anything to talk about when under the pressure of a semi-official date.

The date itself was awkward, but that didn’t stop Wes and Cher from hooking up again that night.

At the guys’ challenge the next day, the girls were in for another surprise. They were to be the models in a photo shoot directed by the guys. Each geek picked out an evening gown and set of lingerie for his partner to wear for the shoot.

The prospect of Ankur picking out her clothes was enough to make Jennipher shriek. And Cher said that, on the list of people she least wanted to choose lingerie for her, Josh ranked second — after her father.

Things went smoothly enough at most of the shoots, although it was clear that none of the geeks has a future in fashion photography. Sarah looked like a sausage lying on a couch, thanks to Wes’s poor direction.

A panel of fashion experts and photographers judged two shots of each of the beauties. Brittany looked the most comfortable in her photos, so Joe was unanimously declared the winner.

What could be worse than posing for photos in underwear picked out by a geek? Begging guys to buy you drinks when you’re not wearing makeup. For their challenge, the beauties arrived at the House of Blues, wearing no makeup and without fixing their hair, as instructed. Only then did they find out that they’d be going to a party, just as soon as they changed into some unflattering thrift store outfits.

In one hour, the girls had to get as many men to buy them drinks as possible. There were plenty of attractive girls at the party, and for the first time, the beauties weren’t counted among them.

By the time the beauties arrived, most of the attendees had already formed cliques, and Sarah found it especially hard to talk to people. After being blown off several times, the four girls commiserated with each other, too dejected to talk to anyone new. They agreed that, if that was how they were normally treated at bars, they simply wouldn’t go.

By the one hour deadline, Sarah had been offered only one drink, and Cher, just two. Jennipher, who’d approached men aggressively throughout the challenge, earned the victory with five drinks bought for her. Before the challenge, Jennipher thought she would have the confidence to beat Cher in an elimination round, but her confidence was exactly what helped her win the challenge, and avoid–or at at least delay–such a showdown.

The geeks appreciated that the girls could now relate to the discomfort they often feel in social situations. Josh explained that the reason he doesn’t dance in public is because you really are being judged. He felt that it was an important lesson for the beauties to learn.

With Ankur & Jennipher and Joe & Brittany safe, Josh & Cher were sent back to the elimination round to square off against Wes & Sarah. Wes and Cher spent the day snuggling, since one of them would be leaving that night.

As always, the girls were up first during the elimination round. This time, they answered questions about topics that men like to talk about. Cher went a perfect three-for-three, answering her questions about beer and sports correctly. Sarah struggled, guessing that the G.Q. in Gentleman’s Quarterly magazine stood for “Men’s Fashion.” Her partner started the next round with a two-point deficit.

Wes could afford no mistakes if he hoped to keep his team in the game. Unfortunately for him, he struggled with his question on the topic of fashion, when he couldn’t correctly name Paul McCartney’s designer daughter (Stella). Josh answered his first question correctly, sealing the victory for him and Cher.

Wes and Cher had a tearful good-bye, but felt confident they’d see each other again. Sarah and Wes said all of the same stuff everybody else does about how they’ve changed and learned so much. Couldn’t somebody please get pissed that they didn’t win $250,000?

Next time, the field of competitors is down to the final three. For their tasks, the guys have to navigate a shopping mall. The girls have to learn how to navigate, period. Their challenge should be much harder, as map reading isn’t an easy skill. All the guys will need to do is scan those mall information kiosks to find the nearest Dippin’ Dots.