Geology Is Rocks. Geography Is Maps. (Episode 2-7)

Ankur & Jennipher were the last team eliminated before the season finale of Beauty and the Geek 2. But Jennipher wasn’t about to leave before giving Cher a piece of her mind.

Both Joe & Brittany and Ankur & Jennipher were nervous about the prospect of facing off against Josh & Cher in the finale. In their trips to the elimination room, Josh has only answered one question incorrectly, and Cher hasn’t missed any.

When the teams received their study materials for this week’s challenge, each contestant was also instructed to film a video thank you card for his or her partner. As usual, Josh fretted over his project, but most everyone finished quickly and began preparing for the challenge.

When Cher chose to work on her tan rather than study with Josh, he decided to try and make her jealous by studying with Brittany. It worked, and soon Cher was yelling for Josh to join her down by the pool.

Josh attempted to stand up to Cher, muttering, “I’m nobody’s bitch. I’ll go down when I want to go down.” Three seconds later, he said, “I’m gonna go down.” He gathered up his study materials, as Joe and Brittany laughed.

After scarfing down their dinners, teams were instructed to meet in the library. They watched their video thank yous as a group, which made the guys uncomfortable. They’d assumed only their partners (and millions of TV viewers) would see the videos, and they were concerned about how open and honest they’d been on tape.

Most of the videos were predictably sweet. Ankur joked about how his bickering with Jennipher had earned them the nickname “the married couple.” Cher’s video was the only surprise, not because she wasn’t sweet, but because she was. She took the chance to apologize to Josh for her inconsiderate behavior toward him, surprising the other teams, who thought she was only there for the competition.

Josh thanked Cher for showing him that he was more than just a short, skinny guy. She called the video the best gift she’d ever received.

The next day, everyone participated in the season’s first team challenge. While the guys and girls had different tasks within the challenge, the team that finished first would be the only team assured a spot in the finals.

As a part of their study materials, teams were given three catalogs. The beauties went through the catalogs with their geeks, pointing out items they liked. During the challenge, each geek had to find a specific item in three different stores that his partner had chosen as the item she’d most like to receive as a gift.

For their task, the beauties had to direct a driver to each of the stores. While studying geography and orienteering, Brittany explained to Jennipher, “Geology is rocks. Geography is maps.” Because she’d once scored nearly 100 percent on a test of African geography in a college class, Brittany was disappointed that the challenge took place in Los Angeles, and not Africa.

Cher quickly navigated her driver to the first store, where Josh picked out Cher’s favorite pair of shoes on the first try. Brittany made a wrong turn, which got them to the store just after Josh had finished the task. Joe didn’t have a clue what Brittany would like, and resorted to looking under random shoes for the tag marked “Brittany.”

Jennipher was so clueless about how to read a map, she and Ankur sat in the car with their driver for an hour before she told him, “Just drive.” They ended up finishing the challenge two hours after the other teams.

At the second store, Josh quickly found the red purse that Cher wanted. As he ran out of the shop, she yelled from the car, “Get back in here, you beautiful creature.” Joe arrived at the store shortly after Josh left, and had a much easier time with the purse than he had with the shoes.

Josh easily found the necklace Cher wanted from the jewelry store, but panicked when he was told he had to find earrings for her as well. Josh finished and passed Joe on his way out of the store. While Joe had good luck again, he and Brittany couldn’t catch up to Josh & Cher.

Knowing that Joe & Brittany were close behind, Josh & Cher ran into the mansion. Upon being told they’d won, Cher tackled Josh, and they rolled around on the floor. Brittany & Joe arrived minutes later.

That evening, before heading to the elimination room, Jennipher asked Cher why she really participated in the show. Cher admitted that, at first, it was all about the prize money for her. She hadn’t expected to be affected by the other participants, and her mind changed as she got to know Josh and the others. She was happy to have the chance to live outside of her comfort zone for a while.

At elimination later that night, Brittany reasoned her way through the geography questions and scored a perfect 3-for-3. Jennipher struggled, leaving Ankur with a two point deficit. Although he answered his first two questions correctly, Ankur couldn’t beat Joe, who went 2-for-3.

Jennipher said she’d be leaving the game with more confidence and an urge to be more independent. Ankur said that Jennipher helped him realize that it was okay to be himself. In response, Jennipher said she’d consider naming one of her future sons Ankur.

On the season finale, Joe & Brittany face off against Josh & Cher in an elimination round filled with twists.