Brent Stank (Episode 5-4)

After annoying teammates and audiences alike, Brent finally annoyed Donald Trump enough to get fired from The Apprentice. Even though his biggest contribution was making his team late, Brent still felt he was the most qualified candidate.

Tarek and Lenny returned from the boardroom at the beginning of the episode, and Tarek told everyone that Theresa was fired for not bringing Charmaine into the boardroom. Charmaine retired to her room to cry. She was comforted by Leslie, who spoke her first words of the season. She reminds me of my little brother when he was a kid. It took each of them a long time to start talking, but when they did, it was in complete sentences.

To prove Trump shouldn’t have targeted her, Charmaine decided to manage Gold Rush on their new task. Teams created billboards to promote Post’s new cereal, Grape Nuts Trail Mix Crunch. (I live a mile away from a Post factory, and there is nothing better than the sweet smell of Cocoa Pebbles wafting through the suburban night air.)

Trump’s advice for the teams was to “keep it simple.” That’s exactly what Synergy didn’t do. Tammy, the team’s Project Manager, chose to go with Allie’s idea of the cereal being “the next generation of Grape Nuts,” a concept that’s hard to communicate through one signature image and minimal text, which is usually all you want on a billboard.

While searching for models on the streets of Manhattan, Sean, Allie, and Roxanne selected a young-looking guy in his forties to portray the father of a woman in her mid-twenties. This totally defeated the team’s concept of one generation passing something on to another. Instead, it looked like a flannel-wearing, average-looking guy giving a box of cereal to his hot girlfriend. New Yorkers driving by the billboard would probably just assume it was for the Broadway musical version of According to Jim.

Andrea designed some busy, text-heavy graphics that distracted further from the concept. When Brent asked Tammy if he could make the team’s presentation to the Post execs, she told him he didn’t look fit enough to tell them about health food. She had a point, though the team wasn’t promoting the healthful aspects of the cereal.

Gold Rush made better luck for themselves, selecting a girl-next-door type for their ad. She donned workout gear and pretended to chug cereal straight from the box. Charmaine kept her team focused on the concept, producing a clear billboard the Post execs called “brilliant.” After Andrea’s breakdown last week, Charmaine became the second PM in a row to go from crying to victory over the course of an episode.

For their reward, Gold Rush cooked and dined with the head chef at Trump International Hotel, Jean George. Master chef George ribbed Lenny for adding cayenne pepper to his already-finished dishes and insisting that the chef add vodka to everything.

While Gold Rush dined out, Synergy moped in the suite. In someone’s bed, Allie and Roxanne draped themselves all over Sean and talked about the loss. Sean managed to pretend he was upset, too, despite this being the greatest moment of his life.

Tension was high as the team entered the boardroom. Trump asked Roxanne what she thought of Tammy’s performance, and Roxanne replied that Tammy was the best Project Manager so far. Andrea bristled at the comment, since she lead the team to victory last week.

Brent had a different opinion of Tammy. “I thought she stank as a Project Manager,” Brent said, opening the floodgates for his team members to attack him. Andrea said Brent was a liability, and he retorted, “You’re a liability.”

Brent continued ranting about his accomplishments, and Roxanne laughed when he said, “They’d be 0-4 without me.” Trump wasn’t sympathetic when Brent told him how Tammy didn’t want a fat person presenting the team’s ad campaign to the Post executives. Trump said, “I’m not in the greatest shape, either.” He admitted that, in a similar situation, his model daughter Ivanka (who again subbed for Carolyn as viceroy this week) might be a better choice.

Trump didn’t even give Tammy the option to bring anyone back into the boardroom. Instead, in front of the entire team, Trump criticized Brent for not learning from experience. Because Brent had never adjusted his behavior to fit in with his teammates, he was fired.

In the cab on his way home, Brent insisted that he was the only true leader on Synergy.

Next week, the teams must complete their tasks aboard a cruise ship before it leaves port. The waters are choppy for both teams as Lenny and Roxanne freak out on their teammates.