DwtS Fantasy Casting: Final Results

After one month and tens of thousands of votes, here’s the final list of ten celebrity contestants that you chose to be on your dream season of Dancing with the Stars. You went for a lot of comic relief, and a little bit of royalty — a Duchess and a Warrior Princess.

Congratulations to Meg in Connecticut, who nominated half of the contestants that survived all the way to the final cast! (And many of her other picks fared pretty well, too.)


Chevy Chase (nominated by Meg in Connecticut)
Following in the footsteps of John O’Hurley and George Hamilton, Chase could be the dream season’s suave funnyman. Maybe ABC could have Chase dance to “Moon River,” in an homage to Fletch.

Ricky Paull Goldin (nominated by Monique in New York)
The dream season’s soap star is Guiding Light hunk Goldin. He barely made it to our final round, but fared well once he got there.

Wayne Gretzky (nominated by Meg in Connecticut)
The Great One showed how elegant he could be in what’s often viewed as a brutal sport. As the dream season’s athlete, we’d get to see if his skills hold up when he’s not wearing skates.

Tito Jackson (nominated by Dianna in Illinois)
He may not do as well on the show as Drew Lachey. But, like Drew, Tito is a talented musician who’s best known for being someone’s brother.

Weird Al Yankovic (anonymously nominated)
We don’t know who originally nominated Weird Al, but we’re glad that person did so. This would actually be Al’s second appearance on a hit ABC reality show. Last fall, he showed up on an episode of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition.


Roseanne Barr
(nominated by Meg in Connecticut)
At her show’s peak, Roseanne was one of the most influential stars in Hollywood. These days, the second Becky (Sarah Chalke, now of Scrubs) gets more airtime. DwtS could signal Roseanne’s return to the spotlight.

Candice Bergen (nominated by Meg in Connecticut)
Bergen would be a great choice for DwtS‘s first over-60 woman. And, with her duties on Boston Legal, she won’t have far to commute on days when both shows are shooting.

Kathy Griffin (nominated by Nancy in PA)
In retrospect, it seems a little surprising that Griffin hasn’t already been a contestant on Dancing with the Stars. She may be a self-proclaimed D-lister, but what does that make Trista Rehn?

Lucy Lawless (nominated by Udoni in New York)
Hercules didn’t quite make the cut, but Xena was a shoo-in. Lawless might keep her chakram handy, just in case Carrie Ann gets a little snippy.

Sarah, Duchess of York (nominated by Meg in Connecticut)
Having Fergie on the show could be fun. Not only because she’d be great contestant, but because we’d get to see if Len could bring himself to give a Duchess anything less than a 10.

Thanks to all of you who nominated, voted, or just visited during the contest. We had a lot of fun running it, and we hope you had fun participating. Keep visiting over the next few months, as we promise to keep posting Dancing with the Stars news and interviews – in and out of season!