Great Balls of Lukewarm (Episode 4-4)

Guest judge Naomi Judd let contestants have it on tonight’s episode of
Nashville Star. Melanie Torres was eliminated, as the voting audience
continued to pick off the women.

To her credit, Naomi did offer
some helpful professional insight, throwing around terms like
“resonance” and “vocal timbre.” But she didn’t hold back on catty
remarks, telling Kristen she needed tips on how to do her hair and

In response to Casey Rivers’s lame version of “Great
Balls of Fire,” Naomi offered her best line: “Sounds more like ‘Great
Balls of Lukewarm.'”

Chris Young was the only standout performer
among the men. He finally realized that women respond favorably to
good-looking guys who can sing, and started playing to the ladies in
the audience. Now that he’s adopted that approach, it’s his competition
to lose.

The best female performer of the night was Nicole
Jamrose, who narrowly beat Melanie to stay in the competition. Nicole
took a risk singing “Thing Called Love,” a song that suits her voice
but obviously invites comparison with Bonnie Raitt. Nicole held her
own, turning out a strong rendition, without sounding like an imitation
of the woman who made the song famous.

Judge Anastasia Brown
said that Nicole was the best woman in the competition, but the voting
audience obviously favors Kristen McNamara. Kristen performed the
over-covered “How Do I Live Without You,” which, coincidentally, was
also performed on tonight’s American Idol. Kristen might deserve to be kicked off just for picking that song.

Jared Ashley and Matt Mason both sounded nasally, and one of them will probably wind up in the bottom two next week.

for what else will happen on next week’s show, I have no idea. Wynonna
couldn’t concentrate during the show’s closing moments, because her
mother was onstage with her. And Troy was equally distracted, because
something shiny was onstage near him. They mumbled something about next
week’s show, but their delivery was so off, I couldn’t tell what they

Hopefully, the wardrobe department will put Wynonna in
something more flattering next week. The bell sleeves of her blouse
invited Kool-Aid Man comparisons. And then her mother said, “You’re the
best Hostess since Twinkies.” And…oh, hell.