Jingo, Jango, Jurino…Jagino! (Episode 9-6)

Following in the footsteps of TAR 7 merchant Chicololo, Jagino the Sicilian fishmonger became internationally famous, thanks to pairs of stinky Americans yelling his name as they carried swordfish around an outdoor market. Nerds Dave & Lori lugged around their catch of the day for nothing, as they were the latest team eliminated from The Amazing Race.

As this leg of the race began, hippies BJ & Tyler had a two hour lead on the second place team, frat guys Eric & Jeremy. The hippies arrived in Catania, Sicily, with enough time to write an obviously fake “Official Team Sign-up” sheet and post it at the gate of a ruined Roman amphitheater, which didn’t open until 8:30 a.m.

They watched from their car as Frat Guys Eric & Jeremy signed their names to the sheet. The Frats gave the sheet a second look, and then knew it was bogus once they noticed the Hippies nearby, in hysterics.

Although they had to wait for the ruins to open, the two lead teams got a jump on the competition, who all got stuck in rush hour traffic and didn’t arrive at the theater by opening time. After a simple task, counting 41 heads on fenceposts around the theater, both teams chose a Detour option called “Big Fish,” which required them to carry a 32-pound swordfish several blocks to Jagino’s market stall.

The task was easy for them, but not so for third place MoJo. Monica struggled to carry the heavy, bloody fish as Joseph tried to call out the fishmonger’s name: “Jingo! Jango! Jurino!” She stopped several times to cry before they found Jagino.

Fran & Barry were the only team to choose the other Detour option, “Little Fish.” They took over a market stall and sold four kilos of small fish in order to receive their clue. The sight of Monica in tears was confirmation that they’d chosen the right task.

Nerds Dave & Lori left the Pit Stop nearly 10 minutes ahead of last place team Ray & Yolanda. But, upon approching Catania, Dave refused to ask for directions, despite Lori’s insistence. By the time he stopped to ask for help, Ray & Yolanda had already reached the first clue.

After finishing their fishy tasks, teams drove to Siracusa, where they encountered a Road Block. One team member had to hop in a kayak and join a water polo game played on a section of the local river. Teams could walk to the Pit Stop as soon as their water polo player scored a goal.

The Frats pulled ahead of the Hippies during the drive to Siracusa, and finished quickly, despite Jeremy initially forgetting his paddle on the dock. Jeremy scored a goal before BJ was even in his kayak.

Phil waited at the Pit Stop near a natural spring, accompanied by a local marching band. When the Frats arrived, Phil remarked on their fishy smell. Jeremy explained that the scent was a new cologne called “Sword.” The team’s first place finish earned them a cruise vacation.

All the teams stayed in the same order from the Detour to the Pit Stop, which left Dave & Lori in last place. Their elimination wasn’t all bad. If this had been a non-elimination leg, they could’ve been forced to wear their smelly fish-clothes for the rest of the race. Dave & Lori held their heads high, knowing they’d raced well and had the experience of a lifetime.

1 – Eric & Jeremy
2 – BJ & Tyler
3 – Monica & Joseph
4 – Fran & Barry
5 – Lake & Michelle
6 – Ray & Yolanda
7 – Dave & Lori

With six episodes remaining, and presumably only two more teams to eliminate before the finale, expect things to get pretty complicated over the next few episodes. We’ve yet to see a true non-elimination leg, where a team is stripped of their money and possessions, so it’s a good bet that next week will be the first.

Also, we’ve yet to see a Fast Forward opportunity, so expect at least one in the coming weeks. There is one Yield opportunity remaining, and in past seasons, Yields have often occurred on non-elimination legs. Unless the first team to arrive exercises their Yield option, the Frats and Hippies may continue to trade the first and second place spots until the finale.

Next week, teams travel to nearby Greece, where Fran must overcome her fear of bungee jumping. Tyler develops some new fears of his own while wrestling a guy in a loincloth during some ancient Greek games.