Nude Cartoon Characters (Episode 12-9)

At this rate, Terry might win all the remaining immunity challenges on Survivor: Panama – Exile Island.
But his bad strategy revealed that he’s not as smart as he thinks he
is, and it cost Sally, his only ally, her chance at $1 million.

22 days on the island, the contestants competed for the perennial
videos-from-home reward. Everyone watched a few seconds of footage of
their loved ones, including Aras’s dad, who has a tepee in his backyard.

broke down at the mere prospect of seeing his son. “He’s my
everything,” Shane said. “He’s my best friend. He’s my brother.” That
can only mean that Shane fathered his son… with his own mother!

the challenge, contestants were split into two teams. Three members of
each team used ropes to maneuver a fourth member, who was suspended
above the ground, facedown, on a panel of wood. Teams swung the panel
so that the team member on it could grab 15 numbered flags around the
game area, and then place the flags into corresponding slots on a log.

Cirie, and Shane jumped ahead early, as they swung Danielle about. But
Aras’ rope knocked one of the flags out of its slot, halting their
progress until Danielle put it back in place. Just after she got it,
Shane knocked the same flag out again.

Bruce, Sally, Terry, and
Courtney finished their task while the other team fixed their mistakes.
The winning team sent Aras to Exile Island, and then snacked on peanut
butter and jelly sandwiches and milk, as they watched their complete

Aras was excited about being sent to Exile Island, at
first. It gave him a chance to search for the hidden Immunity Idol, in
case Terry hadn’t actually found it. But the clues to the Idol’s
whereabouts confused Aras, so he gave up and ate a coconut.

at camp, Shane seized the opportunity to ask nurse Cirie about a
medical problem while the other tribe members were away. He’d developed
a rash on his nether region, and dropped his shorts so that the nurse
could examine it.

Begrudgingly, Cirie gave his condition a peek.
“Shane is like a cartoon character anyway,” she said, “and now he’s
like a nude cartoon character.” Through uproarious laughter, Cirie told
him that his condition was similar to diaper rash, and had been caused
by wearing the same wet pair of underwear for 23 days straight. Shane’s
remedy was to wear his t-shirt around his waist like a skirt, using the
crewneck as a waistband.

At the Immunity Challenge beach, Aras
rejoined the tribe. The Survivors were given the option of skipping the
challenge to eat cheeseburgers. Bruce, Cirie, Danielle, Courtney, and
Shane eagerly took Jeff Probst up on his offer, leaving Aras as the old
Casaya tribe’s only hope for keeping Immunity out of Terry’s or Sally’s

Terry, Aras, and Sally swam out to a long plank suspended
under water, where they memorized seven symbols attatched on the plank:
variations of skulls, candles, and knives. The three competitors then
swam back to the beach, where they raced to arrange some symbol-etched
blocks in the same order as shown on the plank.

Aras finished
first but had the symbols in the wrong order. Terry nailed it on his
first try, and Jeff ordered the cheeseburger gang to stop eating. Shane
looked forlorn, as a droopy french fry dangled from his frowning mouth.

and Terry tried to sway people to their side by hinting that the hidden
Immunity Idol would be played that night. But, since Bruce and Danielle
had only briefly glimpsed what Terry claimed to be the idol, and Terry
refused to confirm that he even had it, no one committed to joining
with them. As a result, Sally was voted off.

The only chance
Terry and Sally had to stay in the game together was for Terry to
explicitly tell everyone, “Here’s the idol and I’m giving it to Sally.
Decide amongst yourself who will be voted off.” Even if some people
voted for Sally and the idol had to be played, one of the gang of six
would’ve been eliminated.

Better still for Terry: give the same
speech but don’t actually give Sally the idol. If they don’t call the
bluff, great, but even if they do, they still know it’s one of them
next, no matter what happens in the next Immunity Challenge.

week, Bruce has some serious medical problems. If he has to leave the
game permanently, there’s a good chance there will be no Tribal Council
vote. However, if there is a vote, lots of likely elimination
candidates will emerge — as it looks like Shane is back to his
premerge habit of arguing with Courtney and Danielle.