Maybe Mensa Made a Mistake (Episode 5-10)

On this week’s Apprentice,
Tarek and Charmaine fought like idiot parents at a Little League game.
While their boardroom blowup was satisfying to watch, it ultimately did
neither of them any good, as both contestants were fired.

week provided one of the season’s most mundane tasks: managing the
grand opening of a Hair Cuttery franchise. This involved arranging hair
products on shelves, handing out flyers, and not much else.

Synergy’s Project Manager, decided to hand out flyers the night before
the opening, mostly as an excuse to have dinner alone with Sean. He
seemed optimistic about his future with Tammy: “I’m pretty certain
we’ll have lots and lots of babies once this is all finished.”

and Lee didn’t make things easy for the Gold Rush PM, Charmaine. Lee
didn’t appreciate taking orders from a woman, and Tarek pushed
Charmaine’s buttons on whether they needed a grand opening theme other
than “Grand Opening.”

The morning of the opening, Charmaine sent
Lee and Tarek out to put flyers on cars just to get them out of her
hair. Then she relaxed and had one of the store’s stylists do her own
hair. Charmaine wasn’t even bothered that Viceroy Bill Rancic walked in
as she was getting her hair curled.

Allie earned the victory for
Synergy by aggressively selling hair products. But the team was
punished by having to write lyrics for a song with Burt Bacharach,
which sounds more like a task than a reward. The song opened with the
line, “When I’m thinkin’ tasty, I’m thinkin’ Chicken Naturals.”

the boardroom, Lee tried to protect himself by encouraging his
teammates to turn on each other. But Tarek and Charmaine didn’t need
much incentive, since a fight between them has been brewing for weeks.

branded Tarek as unmanageable, and he retaliated by calling her a
whiner and a crybaby. Michael defended Charmaine’s attempts at
leadership. And, as hard as Trump and his viceroys tried, they couldn’t
get Lee to commit on which teammate he wanted to go home.

political strategy may keep him around for a few more weeks, but Trump
won’t like the idea of giving someone so shady even a semblance of
power in his organization.

Trump said that “maybe Mensa made a
mistake” about Tarek, but fired Charmaine because she should’ve found a
way to manage him. Then Trump fired Tarek for being unmanageable.
Compared to the silence of the losers’ cab shared by Tarek and
Charmaine, the noiseless vacuum of space sounds like a Flaming Lips

Next week, teams are split up into men versus women for
a task at Rutgers University, where Lee is mistakenly elected student
body president.