Catch Them While You Can

As the TV season winds down, here are a few shows worth catching before they’re gone — some of them for good. (All times Central)

Invasion Series Finale
Wednesday, May 17 – ABC 9 p.m.
This sci-fi gem never got the respect it deserved. It didn’t help that even those turtles from the Comcast commercials thought the first five episodes were slow. Still, show creator Shaun Cassidy took more narrative chances with this than any other series currently on the air. The sheriff convinced a guy to cut off his own arm, for Pete’s sake! Invasion has been consistently more compelling than its lead in, Lost. Tune in Wednesday to find out the fate of the human race.

Max Chmerkovskiy on GMA
Friday, May 19 – ABC 7 a.m.
The long rumored “Dancing with the Rising Stars” segment is finally airing on Good Morning America this week. Max and his students, who introduced the mini-competition on Monday, return on Friday for the final dance-off. What’s better than a good looking guy teaching kids how to waltz?

Deadliest Catch Marathon
Saturday, May 20 – Discovery 6 p.m.
…Good looking men fishing for crab, that’s what’s better! The studs of the Bering Sea dominate Discovery’s airwaves for a 4-episode marathon. Okay, most of them look like crusty seadogs, but they have their charm. There’s grumpy old Hiram, goof-offs Matt and Casey, and Edgar, the Brad Pitt of the fleet. My personal hero, Captain Sig, always comes up with a few good lines. Nothing inspires a crew quite like depriving them of food and sleep, and then calling them “robots.”

Heavy: The Story of Metal
Monday, May 22 – VH1 8 p.m
“Photograph” by Def Leppard is the greatest song ever written, and I’m counting on this documentary to confirm that. VH1 runs this four-part series Monday through Thursday, tracing the history of the music that helped shape my worldview. I believe that, as Kiss sang, God did give rock and roll to me, and that Yngwie J. Malmsteen really fought a dragon with his guitar.

Top Chef Season Finale
Wednesday, May 24 – Bravo 9 p.m.
Every episode of this series has been entertaining, so the finale should be good. Viewers will learn this Wednesday night if the emotional Dave and the emotionless Tiffani will face off for the grand prize. Whatever happens, as Dave says, it is what it is.

National Spelling Bee
Thursday, June 1 – ABC 7 p.m.
The National Homeschool Competition, er, Spelling Bee goes prime time this year. Past Bees on ESPN have produced legendary moments like this. 11-year-old social outcasts + intense pressure = good TV.