DwtS Offseason Update: 6-30-06

George Hamilton Breaks a Record
George Hamilton recently presided over the unveiling of the world’s biggest beach towel. I wish I could offer an explanation.

Drew’s High Standards
Drew Lachey tells People magazine that he won’t allow his brother Nick to baby-sit little Isabella until his diaper-changing chops have been put to the test.

O’Hurley On Stage
John O’Hurley recently took over the role of Billy Flynn for a limited run of the musical Chicago. Here are links to an interview he conducted with the St. Petersburg Times, as well as that paper’s review of his performance.

Speaking of St. Petersburg
While vacationing in Sarasota last week, my husband and I drove to St. Petersburg for the Millenium Dancesport Championships. We went on Friday, hoping to take in some of the daytime competition.

our dismay, we discovered that the hotel was located in the same area
as the Warped Tour music festival, meaning that tens of thousands of
teenagers had already claimed every parking spot within miles of the
hotel. We gave up on the dance competition and headed back to Sarasota,
where we instead spent the afternoon dolphin-watching. Not such a bad trade.