Week 7: Elimination Show

The inevitable day finally arrived; Zayra was eliminated from Rock Star: Supernova. Believe it or not, her elimination was actually a shock. Why would Supernova boot scantily-clad, over-the-top Zayra instead of milquetoast soccer-mom Patrice?

Brooke Burke recapped last night’s performance show and then introduced new footage filmed at the mansion after the rockers returned. In the footage, Ryan, Toby, Magni, and Lukas worried that Storm might have enough fans to keep her out of the bottom three, even though Supernova hated her performance. Storm reviewed a video of her ill-received version of “I Will Survive” and felt that the band exaggerated how bad it was.

After the footage aired, Dave stood by his negative comments from the night before, but said that he knew that Storm might be the only one of the rockers emotionally strong enough to withstand such harsh criticism. Storm said that, while “I Will Survive” isn’t her favorite song, it’s somebody’s favorite song, so she just tried to do her best.

Instead of handing out the traditional encore, Supernova announced a special surprise. Earlier in the week, the rockers were given the lyrics and music for a new Supernova track. They rehearsed with the band in the studio, and Supernova picked their favorite singer from the rehearsals to perform live with them. For the remainder of the series, one of the rockers will perform a new song with Supernova each week.

Dilana won tonight’s Supernova performance, saving us from having to endure an encore of “Cat’s In the Cradle.” The track was called “Leave the Lights On.” It’s a catchy tune, reminiscent of “Bang a Gong (Get It On).” There were even slutty-looking dancers on stage, a staple at Motley Crue concerts. The dancers did a nice job distracting from how much Dilana’s raspy voice didn’t work with the song.

Then it was time for the traditional encore. Ryan got to reprise his creepy, cool version of “In the Air Tonight.” I think it’s safe to declare his voice the best, not that it’s any guarantee he’ll win the Supernova job. But it may win him a nice solo recording deal, which is probably what he’s really hoping for anyway.

When Brooke announced the contestants eligible for elimination, the early bottom three, Zayra, Patrice, and Toby, were joined by Magni and Storm. Dave said he was surprised that Magni was there, and, despite the fact that he didn’t like what Storm did, thought she sang well enough to have stayed out of the danger zone. This week’s final Bottom Three were as follows:

Zayra – “Razorblade” by Blue October
This was the first I’d ever heard of this song, and the first time for Supernova as well. It was crazy and intense and hard to listen to — kind of like Zayra in song form. It was a bad idea, because it wasn’t a rock tune, but I imagine it was Zayra’s way of saying ‘good-bye.’

Patrice – “Celebrity Skin” by Hole
Lukas forgot the lyrics when he performed this a few weeks ago, but he was still better than Patrice. She scooped up to every note and butchered the verses, screwing up a few words herself. She even stole Dilana’s move and went up on Supernova’s mini-stage. This did nothing but highlight Patrice’s total lack of originality.

Magni – “Creep” by Radiohead
The lyrics to “Creep” seemed to describe Magni’s Bottom Three debut: “What the hell am I doin’ here? I don’t belong here.” He proved his point further by showing Zayra and Patrice how to sing and perform a rock song.

Storm seemed angry and confused that Magni went into the Bottom Three instead of her. She was ready to rock. Fortunately, Magni was never in any danger of going home.

Gilby complimented Zayra on her willingness to take risks, but the axe fell on her anyway. Dave said she’s one of the most compelling performers from either season of the show, and that she’ll have a successful solo career. Jason promised he’d remain one of her biggest fans.

Next week’s performance show will air an hour later, at 10/9 c. Fans can now vote online for songs for an upcoming all-request show, choosing between three previously performed songs and a new “wild card” song for each rocker. It’s too bad we’ll never get to hear Zayra butcher her “wild card” song: “We Are the Champions (a.k.a. Somos los Campeones).”

In memory of Zayra, here is her final performance, which pretty much epitomizes her: