Week 8: Reality Episode

If loose lips sink ships, then Dilana’s dinghy is sitting on the floor
of the Pacific right now. The fan (and band) favorite trashed her
fellow contestants in front of the media on the latest Rock Star: Supernova reality episode.

week’s music clinic was replaced by media boot camp. Several
journalists interviewed the rockers at the mansion, although someone on
the production staff mistook Mark Long (the 45-year-old who keeps
showing up on Real World/Road Rules Challenge) for a journalist.

most of the interviews were pretty tame, radio host Jamie White did her
best to rattle the rockers. She told Storm she shook hands like a man,
and then questioned Toby’s rock credibility because he didn’t have many

Toby defensively snapped back, “I have five. How many
have you got?” Reminding Toby of the one lesson he was supposed to
learn that day, Jamie said, “This isn’t about me. This is about you.”

of focusing on why she was right for the job, Dilana was relished the
opportunity to dish the dirt about her fellow mansion dwellers.
According to what Dilana told the interviewers:

  • Toby is just along for the ride.
  • Magni is too set on being near his family.
  • Storm hated the lyrics to the Supernova track that Dilana performed last week.
  • Ryan hated the music for that same track.
  • Patrice shouldn’t even be here.
  • Lukas needs to be strangled.

Lukas sat down for his interview with Jamie, she told him that people
said he was hard to deal with. Lukas fell for the bait and asked who’d
said that about him. When Jamie told him that it was Dilana, he said,
“Tell her to mind her own business.”

After hastily wrapping up
the interview (in part because Jamie told him he was being “a complete
dick”), Lukas found Ryan and complained about Dilana. In his opinion,
she’d crossed “the fine line between professional and punk.”

any kind of a showdown would have to wait, as the following day was
song selection. This week, two contestants would get to perform
original songs–an honor nearly everyone wanted. Storm suggested
settling the argument with fisticuffs, but Magni had a less violent

He proposed that Ryan get one of the originals since
he’d given it up to Zayra last week, and that Patrice get the other,
since she’s already been in the Bottom Three several times. The group
voted for Magni’s idea, and Storm put her boxing gloves away.

up the slack since Zayra’s departure, Storm took the song that no one
else wanted: “Cryin'” by Aerosmith. A practice session with Magni made
her feel more confident about her choice — so confident that she
straddled him for a hug as he sat on a deck chair. Magni asked an
obvious question…

Magni: “Is my wife going to be happy that you’re sitting on my lap with your breasts in my face?”
Storm: “I’m sitting on you like a brother.”
Magni: “I have two brothers, and that’s never happened before.”

seeking payback for his naked run around the pool last week, fought
Dilana over “Every Breath You Take” by The Police, even though he
didn’t want the song at all. He set the same price as she did, so
Dilana got naked and ran her own lap of shame. Toby told her that,
naked, she resembles “a 12-year-old boy in a wig.”

Only after
she started practicing the song did Dilana realize that perhaps her
dignity was too high a price. Years of smoking have robbed her of her
falsetto range, rendering parts of the song nearly impossible. Toby and
Lukas went to investigate why the mansion’s pet dog was howling, only
to discover that it was Dilana practicing.

Unless she rearranges
the song, Dilana could have an onstage meltdown to rival Jordis’
horrific version of “Dream On” by Aerosmith last season. That marked
the end of Jordis’ reign as the likely winner, and the same thing could
happen to Dilana if she can’t make “Every Breath You Take” work.

with the House Band showed Magni to be in similar vocal trouble as he
battled the flu. Toby sounded much better as he practiced his tune:
“Layla” by Eric Clapton. But the big hit of the night could be Ryan,
whose original song could steal the whole show.

Not bad for a guy who admitted in one of his media sessions that he prefers the magazines Teen and Vogue to Maxim.