Week 8: Elimination Show

In a single episode, Dilana went from the hero — and favorite — of Rock Star: Supernova
to its suddenly vulnerable arch-villain. All this on a night when she didn’t even perform.

Brooke Burke kicked off the show with clips of last night’s performances, which flowed into footage from right after the show.

dinner at the mansion, Dilana told Ryan, “Tonight, you would’ve been
nothing without the House Band.” She continued putting him down later,
telling Ryan that she’s getting more votes than him because she’s been
good since week one. Magni, who’d been sitting by the pool with Ryan,
told her they were growing as performers each week, while she keeps
doing the same thing. Ryan asked Dilana, “Are you out of ideas?”

the group looked over some Windows Live Spaces sites created by fans,
one of which suggested that Ryan and Dilana front Supernova together.
Dilana said, “Over my dead body.”

Back at the live footage, Dave
wasn’t happy that Dilana had ripped her fans’ ideas. She said that she
just doesn’t want to share the stage with anyone. Then Dave asked her,
“What would any of you be without the House Band? Are you a
little bit threatened by The Dark Horse (Ryan)?” Dilana coolly replied
that she wasn’t.

Ryan told Dilana that, as the front runner, it
looks bad when she speaks down to the people who trying to catch up to
her. For her own benefit, she should be more positive. Dilana pouted,
as she would for the rest of the show.

During the week, the
contestants rehearsed a new Supernova track with the band. The band
decided Toby was the best man for this song, and so they asked him to
perform with them.

Toby – “Be Yourself and Five Other Cliches” by Supernova
turned out to be more of a punishment than a prize for Toby. He sounded
awkward, but I think that it was the song’s fault and not his own. The
only interesting thing about the song was that it was probably the
first time in Jason’s career that he’s ever played something with a
swing beat.

I understand the kind of heavy pop music they’re
trying to make, but it’s just not working. Supernova would be better
off as a Butch Walker cover band.

After the lackluster
performance, Brooke introduced footage from the media clinic that had
been featured in this week’s reality episode. In it, Dilana talked
trash about Toby, Magni, and Lukas. When Lukas told the reporter that
Dilana should mind her own business, the studio audience cheered.

incredulous Dave asked Dilana, “What the hell are you thinking? You are
doing so well. You never bag on your peers like that.” Dilana said, in
regard to Lukas, that she was like a mother dove who wanted to take him
under her wing. Lukas interrupted, “I don’t need a dove. I don’t need a

Dilana apologized to everyone, but then said, “I’m too
honest, I don’t know how to lie,” as if not answering the reporters
questions wasn’t an option. Lukas said he wasn’t surprised by Dilana’s
actions, and that he’s bigger than that. Dave warned them all to grow
thick skins, especially since whomever wins will always be known as the
singer who won a reality show.

Due to all of the bonus footage
— and to avoid giving Ryan yet another encore (especially for a song
better than Supernova’s) — nobody was asked to reprise a performance from the previous show. Instead, Brooke went striaght into announcing all of the eligible
candidates for this week’s Bottom Three: Patrice, Storm, Toby, and Magni.

Magni – “Fire” by Jimi Hendrix
shook his head in disbelief when he heard Magni had been un-voted into
the bottom three. But Jason perked up and sang the word, “Awe-some!”
when Magni announced his song. Apparently Magni’s recovered from the
flu, because his performance was sick–not him. He even strapped on a
guitar and joined in on the solos. Supernova made it obvious that Magni
was safe for another week as they cheered through his entire

Patrice – “Middle of the Road” by The Pretenders
took an easy-to-sing, straightforward pop song and rearranged it,
making her voice sound like crap in the process. She sang — as she
often does — with the same near-monotone lilt that bad poets use when
reading at coffeehouse poetry slams. And she accidentally slammed the
mic into her grill and gave herself a bloody lip, which Magni
graciously let her wipe on his shirt. Even before the third performer
was announced, it was obvious Patrice was going home. And she
definitely did not go out on top.

Toby – “Plush” by Stone Temple Pilots
was the best thing Toby’s done in a while. He even got some bass in his
voice, for once. Hopefully, he can carry some momentum over into next
week. There was no way that Patrice was going to survive the night
anyway, but Toby’s solid performance ensured it.

Gilby was happy
that Patrice had gotten to share an original song with the world on
Performance Night, but he reminded her that this was her fourth trip to
the Bottom Three. He also warned Magni that this was the second week in
a row at the bottom for him. Then Gilby told Toby it was insane that
the audience had failed to keep him safe.

After taking the mic, Tommy hemmed and hawed and acted as if booting Patrice was
a hard decision. But even she knew it was coming, and after her name
was announced, she graciously thanked the band for what she said was
among the top experiences of her life.

While everyone said their
goodbyes to Patrice, Dilana stood apart from the group, her head
hanging down. Magni finally put a hand on her back, but it could be a
lonely week at the mansion for the (former?) frontrunner.

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