TAR 10: Episode 3

Whatever your feelings on carbon-based economies, coal is still king on The Amazing Race. This week, Duke & Lauren settled for the wrong Detour — making a birdcage instead of coal bricks — and wound up eliminated.

From the Pagoda Pit Stop in Mongolia, teams made their way to a travel
agency to buy tickets to Hanoi, Vietnam. At the travel agency, Almost
everyone arrived at the agency before it opened at 9 a.m. So, the teams
lined up and waited for the agency to start business.

Inside the
travel agency, four workers assisted the teams. Though pageant queens
Dustin & Kandice were the fifth team in line, they snuck past Tom
& Terry to be one of the first groups to book tickets. Boyfriends
Tom & Terry were upset, though nothing much came of the incident,
as all nine couples wound up on the same flights.

After a
connection in Beijing, teams arrived in Vietnam at 9 p.m. They camped
out in front of the old Hanoi Hilton (the prison, not the hotel) and
waited for it to open at 8 the next morning.

Inside the prison,
teams were instructed to find the flight suit of its most famous former
inmate: Senator John McCain. Brothers Erwin & Godwin stopped to pay
their respects in front of the enshrined flight suit.

The next
clue sent teams to a busy intersection in Hanoi’s Old Quarter.
Father/Daughter team Duke & Lauren had spent their last $11 riding
in a cab the previous night, and they had to walk, while the other
teams paid a $2 taxi fare.

A Roadblock forced one member of each
team to sell $5 worth of flowers from the back of a bike cart. The
first few teams, among them Edwin & Godwin and Tom & Terry,
struggled to pedal the heavy, flower-laden bikes. Eventually, they
noticed the later (and apparently smarter) teams were making easy money
by never riding the bikes in the first place; they set up shop and sold
their flowers right on the sidewalk by where the bikes were parked.

good news for Duke & Lauren was that they got to keep the money
they earned selling flowers. That meant they could afford the bus fare
to their next location: the city of Vac.

Peter & Sarah
jumped on the first bus they saw, hoping that it was the right one. It
wasn’t, and they were left to languish at a bus stop as the other teams
boarded the proper buses.

Erwin & Godwin were the first team
to Vac, and they asked around for directions to a Buddhist temple. One
helpful man offered to give them a ride on the back of his motorbike,
but the brothers had to turn him down. For safety reasons, teams were
not allowed to ride or operate motorbikes in Vietnam.

The clue
at the temple was for the episode’s Detour: “Fuel or Fowl.” Teams had
their choice of making 30 coal bricks in Fuel, or one ornate birdhouse
in Fowl. Everyone chose Fuel and walked in the direction of the
brickmaker’s house.

Erwin & Godwin made 30 bricks from the
wet, Playdoh-like coal, but had to redo them all because they were too
short. During the Cho brothers’ second attempt, Tom & Terry showed
up, fresh from a ride on a local guy’s motorbike.

After all of
their practice, Erwin & Godwin had gotten good enough at
brickmaking that none of the local onlookers were watching them —
choosing instead to laugh at Tom & Terry, who had little aptitude
for the task.

The brothers finished the Detour on their second
batch of bricks. Their next clue instructed them to head on foot to the
Pit Stop, which was in a nearby rice paddy. This week’s prize was a
home entertainment system of no particular make, model, or components.

all of the other teams — except for Peter & Sarah — arrived in
Vac and wandered the neighborhood looking for the brickmaker’s house.
Duke & Lauren lost track of the group and accidentally stumbled
into the courtyard where the Fowl Detour was set up. They found a shady
spot under a tree and decided to make a wooden birdcage, instead of
trying to find the other teams.

Eventually, Peter & Sarah’s
bus showed up. They, too, chose Fuel and showed up at the Detour right
after the previous bus’s teams found it.

Soon, Tom & Terry
finished their bricks and ran to the Pit Stop. There, Phil told them
that they’d incurred a 30-minute penalty for their illegal motorbike
ride. The couple found a dry patch in the paddy and waited for the
other teams to check in.

Back at the Detour, Kentucky coal miner
Dave was not impressed with Vietnamese coal: “This ain’t real coal.
Ours is hard. Theirs is mud.” He was also distracted by the
significance of being in the country where his father fought a war,
decades ago.

One by one, teams finished
making their bricks and checked in at the Pit Stop. Tyler & James
were awarded second place, followed by Rob & Kimberly, Candice
& Dustin, Peter & Sarah, and Lyn & Karlyn. Dave helped Mary
through the paddy as she labored on her twisted ankle, and they were
able to finish in seventh place.

Finally, the 30-minute penalty ended, and Tom & Terry learned they had fallen from second place to eighth.

& Lauren eventually finished their birdcage and checked in at the
Pit Stop. As the last team to arrive, Phil told them they’d been
eliminated from the race. Phil asked Duke if he had come to understand
his lesbian daughter a little better, and Duke replied, “Whatever’s
gonna make her happy will make me happy.”

In a post-show
interview, Duke said of the Race, “You almost wanna wish this on every
parent out there, because…” He was too overcome to finish his
thought, so he just kissed Lauren on the cheek.

Next week: Sarah
gets pissed that Peter won’t allow her to quit on any challenges, but
doesn’t apply the same rule to himself. And Rob & Kimberly argue
again, this time at sea.