Cook Islands: Episode 4

Being big and strong doesn’t mean much in Survivor, if you’re
not willing to use your muscles around camp. The women of Aitu got sick
of J.P.’s lazy butt, so they decided to vote it — and the rest of him — off the

At the start of the episode, Candice returned to Aitu
from Exile Island to find that Cecilia had been voted out. Jessica put
Candice on the spot, asking if she felt Adam and Parvati had saved her
for a future alliance by sending her to Exile Island, where she had
avoided Tribal Council.

Candice gave a “playing dumb”
performance worthy of a fourteen-year-old, overselling her ignorance
with a dumb lie, claiming that she “didn’t have time” to consider why
she’d been sent to Exile Island. With only a couple days on an island
where there’s nothing to do and nobody to talk to, where would she have
found the time to think?

Later that day, Aitu’s teamwork helped
them defeat Raro in a Reward Challenge. Two members of each tribe were
clipped to a rope that wrapped around, over, and under various
obstacles. Their tribemates pushed and pulled them around the course.
Raro got tangled a few too many times, and Aitu coasted to an easy

They were rewarded with blankets, pillows, and a
hammock. They also sent Adam to Exile Island. He would return for the
next Immunity Challenge, meaning he wouldn’t get to skip Tribal
Council, should his team lose.

As Raro tried to make their own
pillow-less camp slightly more comfortable, the women of the tribe
noticed that they were doing all of the work, while the men sat around
the fire drinking coconut milk.

J.P. was particularly annoying.
Though he did little to help around camp, he issued orders to everyone
else. He sprawled out in a makeshift throne, as if reclining in a
La-Z-Boy, and asked Parvati to walk over and pick up a machete that was
only a few feet out of his reach. He was lucky that she decided against
using it on him.

Parvati asked her main would-be-squeeze, Nate,
if the four Raro guys had formed an alliance, and he confirmed that
they had. When she voiced her displeasure with J.P., Nate said his plan
was to “let the king sit pretty” until it was time to get rid of him.
He told Parvati that he’d make sure she stayed safe until then.

at Aitu, Cao Boi climbed a tree to check a bird’s nest for eggs. He
shooed the mother bird away and knocked the nest out of a tree with a
stick (which probably would’ve broken any eggs inside of it, anyway).
There were no eggs, just a newly hatched baby bird.

An emotional
Jonathan was able to hand the nest and baby bird back up to Cao Boi,
who replaced them in their original branch as the mother bird squawked
at him.”What am I doing stupid things for?” Cao Boi asked himself. “I
feel really bad.”

The next day’s Immunity Challenge was a
multi-stage affair. First, four members of each tribe assembled a
stretcher from large, wooden puzzle pieces. After completing the
stretcher and carrying it to a nearby beach, one of the four swam out
to a ship’s mast, to retrieve a fifth tribe member. That fifth member
was then carried inland on the stretcher. Once teams reached their goal
area with the stretcher, their remaining tribe members had to build a
rescue fire and keep it going until it burned through a strand of rope.

finished assembling their stretcher quickly, but Aitu’s Ozzy — whom
Yul had earlier called “Poseidon,” because of his fishing skills —
caught up to J.P. in the water.

The race came down to which team
built their fire first, and Cao Boi’s skills couldn’t be beat. He waved
a smoking bundle of kindling around, in what looked like a strange
ritual. But the ritual worked, as Aitu had a roaring fire in no time.
Rebecca, Stephannie, and Jenny didn’t even manage to get a spark for
Raro, although Jenny did cut her thumb pretty gruesomely.

felt personally responsible for the loss. Back at the Raro camp, she
told the tribe, “I’m the weakest link.” Many tribe members took that as
a signal that she wanted out of the game, and voting her out at Tribal
Council seemed like a foregone conclusion.

It didn’t take
Stephannie long to realize her huge strategic blunder. “I can’t believe
I set myself up like that,” she told Cristina.

Luckily for
Stephannie, Jenny and Rebecca realized that this was their best
opportunity to get rid of lazy J.P., while the Raro women still
outnumbered the men. Stephannie and Cristina agreed, so they just
needed to present their plan to Parvati.

“I just don’t know if
that’s in our best interest,” was Parvati’s immediate response. She
went off to think over the plan, leading the women to assume she was
going to rat them out to Nate. As a back up measure, they grabbed the
most trustworthy guy, Brad, and let him in on their scheme. He seemed
interested, but wasn’t convinced that letting J.P. go served his own
best interests.

At Tribal Council, the women learned that their
plan had worked even better than expected. Not only did both Parvati
and Brad side with them, but Adam voted for J.P. as well.

“Dang, you guys outwitted me big time!” said a stunned, but impressed, J.P., as Jeff put out his torch. “That was pretty good.”

Next week, Cao Boi gets mad at his tribe’s lazy women, who prefer discussing their underarm hair to working.