DwtS 3, Week 5: Results Show

It was a bad night for dancing, in two respects. The professional performances on this week’s Dancing with the Stars Results Show were nothing special, and Willa & Max were eliminated.

recap of last night’s show was full of salacious material. Explaining
her comment about the chemistry she has with Max, Willa said, “Uh,
didn’t mean it like that. We’re dancing!” Max chimed in with a deadpan,
“Yeah, exactly.”

Louis said that the closing move in his routine with Monique “was in the last page of the Kama Sutra book.”

in regard to Bruno’s randy comments, Mario said he hadn’t realized he
was “throbbing.” Karina replied, “Baby, you are the King of Throbbing.”

was then time for the judges to award the encore. First, Len
complimented all of the professionals on the work they’ve done with
their celebrities. When choosing an encore, he said, “Sometimes you
want to see a couple for the pure joy and entertainment they bring.”
That could only mean that Jerry & Kym would get to reprise their
fun, silly Samba.

After carting one old man off of the dance
floor, they carted on another: Rod Stewart. Rod’s velvet jacket looked
awesome, but his shirt needed an extra button at the bottom. His modest
gut kept hanging over the top of his tight, acid-washed jeans. Edyta
& Kym accompanied Rod’s performance of “Hot Legs” with their own
hot legs. They looked great, but the routine was just okay.

Rod left the floor to look for some Hot Wings, Samantha chatted with
some of the celebrities backstage. She asked Joey if his fifth place
finish with the judges made him feel vulnerable. “I’ve felt vulnerable
every week,” he said. “It’s really no change for me.”

Mario vowed to act on Carrie Ann’s advice: “I’m gonna try to ‘unclip’ myself… and listen to Karina.”

asked if he was concerned about possibly having to learn two new dances
next week, Jerry asked, “What do you mean, two dances? What’s the
difference? I dance the same dance every day, just at different speeds.”

it was back out to Tom, who introduced a package of comments from last
night’s studio audience. James Tupper from ABC’s show Men in Trees
got into trouble with his date when he said that Willa Ford was “hot.”
And Tia Carrere was glad that she was an audience member this time, and
not a participant: “It’s not me stressing out there on the dance floor.”

After that, Mario & Karina and Monique & Louis were announced as the first two safe couples.

preparation for next week’s group disco, some unidentified pros
demonstrated the dance. Lifts will be allowed next week, and the
lifts were definitely the highlight of tonight’s demo. It was
choreographed by Travis Payne, whose work you may have seen in the
movie, From Justin to Kelly. But you probably didn’t.

the 1970s flashback, Samantha caught up with the two safe couples.
Mario & Karina were relieved to survive another week; Karina’s
normally psychic mother had dreamt that they’d be leaving the show
tonight. Monique said that her performance with Louis was so strong
because, “for the first time, we just had fun.”

Then it was time
to check in with Slim-Fast’s rep, Tysonia. This week, she performed the
Quickstep in front of her choir. She said that her energy level has
gone up dramatically since she started dancing.

When the show returned from commercial, Rod Stewart was back to sing “Fooled Around and Fell in Love.”

build the suspense a little while longer, Tom introduced a package of
clips of the pros talking about the challenges of training celebrities
with no dance experience. Cheryl said, “The number one thing the
celebrity has to overcome is the fear of feeling stupid.”

And it
takes different teaching styles to make the relationship work. Kym uses
positive feedback, while Max says, “My style is just… you do exactly
what I say.”

After the clips, Tom and Samantha announced the
fates of another two couples. Sara & Tony were safe, while Jerry
& Kim were in the Bottom Two.

Before announcing the final couple in the Bottom Two, it was time for another clip package: Everyone was nervous on performance day… A priest blessed Mario… Joey sang… Just get to the Bottom Two already!

& Cheryl and Joey & Edyta were safe, leaving Willa & Max at
the bottom with Jerry & Kym.

After scoring first place points from
the judges this week, Willa & Max were eliminated. The crowd booed loud and
long, and Jerry looked more devastated than Willa.

Willa tried to quiet the crowd, and she told Tom, “I did exactly what I set out to do. I improved every week.”

Max said of Willa, “She may have become my favorite student.”

& Maksim took the floor for their last dance. It looked like many
of the celebs and pros, especially Kym and Sara, were fighting back
tears — appropriate, since Willa’s farewell song was the Roy Orbison
classic, “Crying.”

Quick Note: Cheryl Burke’s friend, Imee DuBose, was one of Cheryl’s VIP guests at this week’s Performance Show. Imee’s writing a pair of articles for MOIB about her experience, and we’ll be posting Part One on Friday.

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