TAR 10: Episode 5

The Amazing Race 10 finally had its first non-elimination
episode. Kentucky couple David & Mary are the lucky ducks who got a
second chance.

Teams left Ha Long Bay,
Vietnam, and took a train to Hanoi, where they needed to purchase
airline tickets to Chennai, India through one of the city’s many travel

The long train ride gave teams the opportunity to form
alliances. An agreement already existed between Erwin & Godwin, Lyn
& Karlyn, and David & Mary. Rob & Kimberly informally
teamed up with Tyler & James to share information and follow each
other around.

Peter, eager not to be left out of the information
swapping, offered his insight on travel agencies to anyone who would
listen — provided they agree to help his team at a later date. Dustin
& Kandice were the only team to consent to work with him, even
though they had no actual intentions of ever helping Peter & Sarah
in return.

Flight jockeying ultimately got Dustin & Kandice
and Peter & Sarah the earliest flight into Chennai — even though
the Beauty Queens did their best not to share any info with Peter when
sussing out connecting flights. Both teams arrived in Chennai at 7:50

Lyn & Karlyn, Erwin & Godwin, Rob & Kimberly,
and Tyler & James all arrived in Chennai at 9:20 a.m. David &
Mary, who were unable to get seats on an earlier flight, arrived at 10

In Chennai, teams had to take a bus to Mamallapuram, or as
Peter put it, “We go from one polluted city to another.” (I think he
was misquoting lyrics from “One Night in Bangkok.”)

was the site of this leg’s Detour: “Wild Things or Wild Rice.” In Wild
Things, teams transported a crocodile from one pen to another, and in
Wild Rice, teams completed a traditional rangoli
design by filling in a chalk outline with various colors of dyed and
powdered wild rice. The colors had to match those in a diagram given to
each team.

Some of the teams went to Wild Rice first, simply
because it was the closer of the two Detours. When they saw the level
of detail work required, most decided to tempt their fate with the
crocs — a significantly faster task. Only Tyler & James and David
& Mary saw Wild Rice through to completion.

Peter &
Sarah were the first team to successfully move their croc from one pen
to another. But, jogging to the bus stop, Peter had little sympathy for
Sarah, who had to hop along on her damaged prosthetic leg. He yelled at
her to keep up with him, even though it wasn’t physically possible.

they had time to sit, Peter tried to pin Sarah’s frustration on her.
“Get it together, Sarah,” he said. “It’s just a game. We’re just having

“I’m not really having fun with you, Peter,” Sarah shot back.

completed the Detour, teams took the bus back to Chennai for one of my
new favorite Roadblocks from any season of the race. One team member
attended a class on Indian rules of the road, and then got into a car
and took a driving test to earn an legitimate Indian license. And the
racers thought the crocs were scary…

The classroom instruction
portion of the road block wasn’t especially helpful. Drivers were given
a horn so that they could honk at any animals or children who wandered
into their paths. When the instructor told Rob not to drink and drive,
an honestly confused Rob asked, “Drink what?”

Miraculously, all
of the drivers were able to avoid being run over by buses, and they
similarly avoided hitting any motorbikers, pedestrians, or bicyclists.
The driving wasn’t pretty, but it wasn’t deadly either, which is really
all you can hope for on the crowded streets of India.

drivers licenses in hand, teams had to drive themselves — with an
instructor in the car — 10 miles to the Pit Stop, which was at the
Chennai Chettinad House. Peter & Sarah arrived first, winning a
pair of home gyms.

Dustin & Kandice arrived next, followed
by Rob & Kimberly (who didn’t argue this entire leg, as far as we
saw), Erwin & Godwin, and Lyn & Karlyn. Tyler & James were
stunned to find out they were in 6th place. They had no idea that the
Wild Rice Detour had taken so much longer than the other task.

& Mary, who’d been even slower at the Detour than Tyler &
James, didn’t reach the driving school until after dark. They were the
last team to arrive at the Pit Stop, but were not eliminated.

of taking the team’s money and possessions, as on previous seasons,
David & Mary received a different kind of penalty. Unless they
finish the next leg of the race in first place, they will receive a
30-minute penalty.

Considering that the 30-minute penalty given
to Tom & Terry in week three dropped them from second place to
eighth, 30 minutes could very likely mean the end of the race for David
& Mary.

Next week, Lyn & Karlyn get in a fight with
Dustin & Kandice. After the fight, one of the Beauty Queens refers
to Lyn & Karlyn as “The Sistahs.” That’s no way to win Miss