Cook Islands: Episode 6

Neither tribe had immunity this week on Survivor: Cook Islands. Cao Boi and Cristina were the least popular on their respective teams, so they got axed.

day after a Tribal Council in which Cristina learned her tribemates all
considered her “annoying,” both the Aitu and Raro tribes were summoned
to a Reward Challenge.

For the challenge, each team selected
three members whose job was to hold on to a post for dear life. In
teams of two, the remaining tribe members tried to pull one opposing
tribe member off a post, through about fifty feet of sand, and
across a goal line. First, women would go against women, then men
against men, and then the women were up again.

The first tribe to drag all three opposing post-holders to their goal line won.

told the tribes he had some good news and bad news. The winning team
would enjoy a feast of roast lamb. However, they’d be gorging at Tribal
Council, where both tribes would be voting someone out.

the challenge was physical, and Aitu had an extra man, Cao Boi sat it
out. As it turned out, the challenge was more than just physical. It
may have been the most brutal in show history.

Aitu’s Jessica
and Becky manhandled Raro’s Jenny, yanking her from her post and
hauling her to the goal line, Jenny kicking and squirming the entire
way. Her body took a beating, and so did her swimsuit, which had to be
blurred out at one point.

At the same time, Raro’s Parvati and
Rebecca had little luck wrestling Aitu’s Candice away from her post.
Each time they were able to move her, Candice used her lanky frame to
reach back and grab on to the post.

Once Jenny had been dragged
across Aitu’s goal line, Yul and Jonathan took a crack at Nate. He put
up a good fight, but they were still able to pull him to their goal
before Parvati and Jenny bested Candice.

Perhaps the best fight
of the challenge was Raro’s Cristina versus Jessica and Becky. Early
on, Jessica put Cristina in an illegal choke hold. Cristina’s police
training kicked in, and she pulled Jessica’s hair and shoved her face
into the sand. At times, Jessica’s only recourse was to pin Cristina
down and hope that Becky could pull them both, a few inches at a time.

the fight raged, Raro’s Adam and Brad were able to haul Aitu’s Ozzy to
their goal. Ozzy didn’t make things easy, and the three lay in the sand
trying to catch their breath as Parvati & Rebecca went to grab
Sundra, Aitu’s final woman.

Sundra gripped the post with her
legs in a scissor lock, buying her teammates enough time to get
Cristina near the goal. With a final pull, Becky was able to touch
Cristina’s toe to the goal line, earning the win for Aitu.

tribes had time to recover from the challenge and discuss voting
strategy before Tribal Council. Cristina begged the Raro tribe for a
second chance. Nate and Rebecca discussed saving Cristina, and
eliminating Jenny instead.

At Aitu’s camp, Cao Boi awoke from a
weird dream about a shaman woman who told him he needed to apply for an
American Express card. Obviously, it could mean only one thing: Cao Boi
had to come up with a plan to flush out the Hidden Immunity Idol. Rarely
are dreams so literal.

Assuming that Jonathan had the Idol —
because he’d been to Exile Island twice — Cao Boi suggested to Yul
that three people vote for Jonathan and three people vote for Candice.
The tie would force Jonathan or Candice to use the Idol for
self-preservation, and the other would be sent home.

Yul called the plan “ingenious,” but he didn’t comment on its lone flaw: Jonathan and Candice didn’t have the Idol. Yul did.

constant shifty glances and secretive ways made the plan, named “Plan
Voodoo” by Cao Boi, appealing to many tribe members. But its source,
the dream, also reinforced the reigning opinion that Cao Boi was off
his rocker.

That opinion was confirmed at Tribal Council, when Yul said, “I can’t say I fully understand him.”

asked about his voting strategy, Cao Boi further confused his
tribemates with a chess analogy that didn’t make much sense, until Jeff
Probst correctly interpreted Cao Boi’s plan to “expose the queen” as an
attempt to put the Hidden Immunity Idol into play.

only Jessica and Cao Boi stuck with Plan Voodoo. Jessica voted for Jonathan,
while the plan’s mastermind voted for Candice. Everyone else voted for
Cao Boi.

In his exit interview, Cao Boi said his only regret in the game was trusting in “the Asian Community.”

then moved over to the jury box, as Raro took their seats for Tribal Council.
Before deliberations began, Jeff handed Aitu a pot of greasy lamb
shanks. The members of Raro could do little but watch and lick their

When asked about the verbal beating she took at the last
Tribal Council, Cristina admitted that it hurt. Brad stood up for her,
saying, “Some things are better left unsaid.”

But Adam refused to let things go, saying, “Her personality just clashes with ours. She can’t change it.”

Raro voted, Jeff gave Aitu the opportunity to kidnap someone from Raro.
That person would be awarded Immunity, share in the lamb feast, and
then become a part of Aitu through the next Reward Challenge. Aitu
kidnapped Nate.

Nate chowed down as Raro cast their votes. Once
they were finished voting, Aitu was sent back to camp, leaving Nate in
the dark about who was voted out from his tribe.

Cristina and
Brad voted for Jenny, but the rest of Raro sided with Adam and voted
for Cristina. Brad looked nervous as the votes were read, a possible
sign that he’s not on the same page with his tribemates.

Of her experience on Survivor, Cristina said, “I met some really good people, and I met some awful people.”

Next week: Jessica says too much about Plan Voodoo in front of Nate, and one survivor spends a stormy night on Exile Island.