TAR 10: Episode 6

In a reversal of last week’s first and last place finishers, David
& Mary finished in first, and Peter & Sarah came in last. But
getting eliminated from The Amazing Race wasn’t all bad — Sarah’s not stuck with Peter anymore.

Teams left Chennai, India, for Kuwait City, Kuwait, arriving on the same connection from Mumbai. The couples drove to the Kuwait Towers where they found their first clue, which held instructions for both a Roadblock and this season’s first Fast Forward.

Fast Forward was especially important for David & Mary, who needed
to reach the Pit Stop first to avoid a 30-minute penalty (the price for
finishing last in the previous week’s non-elimination leg).

dissuade other teams attempting the Fast Forward, Erwin & Godwin
pretended that they were going for it, along with David & Mary. The
other five teams could then feel secure that they were in no danger
this episode, as whichever of the two Fast Forward-seeking teams failed
to get it would likely be too far behind to catch up with the pack.

& Godwin walked to the parking lot with David & Mary. The
Kentucky couple drove off, and the Cho brothers waited a few moments in
order to give their alliance-mates a head start. The Chos then went
back up the tower and rejoined the other teams, pretending that they’d
decided, at the last minute, to attempt the Roadblock instead.

the Roadblock, one team member climbed a service ladder on the Tower’s
exterior, 610 feet above the ground. At the top, the Roadblockers
retrieved satchels full of puzzle pieces, which they brought back to
the ground to assemble. As Sarah climbed the ladder, Peter cheered on
his “Bionic Spider-Woman.”

Once assembled, the puzzle revealed
the location of their next clue — written in Arabic. Tyler finished
his puzzle first, and then asked a local man to read the location and
give him directions. Other teams followed suit, although the quality of
information varied depending on which local they asked.

& Karlyn were asking a couple of men for directions when they
noticed the Beauty Queens approaching. “Don’t help them,” the Alabama
mothers told the men, grabbing their arms and pulling them away.

of the men did help Dustin & Kandice, but they were upset by Lyn
& Karlyn’s actions. “It’s tough when you have The Sistahs being big
pigs,” Kandice said. In their car, Lyn and Karlyn felt that it wasn’t
fair that the Beauty Queens had gotten to use the same local help that
they had.

Erwin & Godwin, who were in last place after the
diversion they’d caused for David & Mary, made up ground by getting
a police escort to the next clue’s location: a bead shop in a local
market. “I have a whole new respect for law enforcement,” Godwin said.

David & Mary reached their Fast Forward. They donned fire-retardant
gear and, walking behind a fireproof shield, retrieved a clue from a
box next to an oil fire.

As she inched toward the fire and its
1000 degree heat, Mary said, “Maybe Steven Seagal will see me and want
me to be in one of his movies.” They got their clue, which directed
them to drive to the Pit Stop, near the Al-Sidiq Water Towers.

& Mary drove to the Pit Stop, where Phil informed them that they
were the first team to arrive and had won a trip to Jamaica. Their
enthusiasm was somewhat muted, as they worried that Erwin &
Godwin’s generous act may have cost them the race.

the other teams scoured a crowded street, looking for the Race flag
signifying the shop in which they’d receive their next clue. Tyler
& James found the bead shop first, and a man behind the counter
gave them their next clue. It was a Detour: Manual or Automatic.

Manual, teams drove to an outdoor facility that manufactured camel
feed. Each team needed to fill ten 110-lb. bags of feed, carry them to
a pallet, and stack them — all to the foreman’s satisfaction.

In Automatic, teams drove to a camel racing track. There, they needed to strap a voice-activated robot jockey
to a camel’s back. On commands sent via a walkie talkie, the robot
jockey whipped the camel. Once the camel crossed the finish line, teams
received their next clue.

Teams made their choice between Detour
options, but the tasks themselves weren’t what separated the pack.
Nearly every team got lost driving around Kuwait City. Tyler &
James watched their lead disappear as they failed to get clear
directions to the site of the Manual task.

Rob & Kimberly
arrived at Manual, first, with Dustin & Kandice right on their
heels. The Beauty Queens filled and stacked their bags remarkably
quickly, only to discover that their bags weren’t full enough. They
redid much of their work, as Rob & Kimberly finished and Erwin
& Godwin arrived.

Dustin & Kandice out-navigated Rob & Kimberly to the Pit Stop, winning the race for second place.

& Karlyn were the first to the Automatic Detour. They strapped a
robot jockey to their camel and yelled, “Go, camel, go!” to activate
the robot’s automatic whip. This was one of the rare occasions when the
less physically demanding task was also the quickest.

Lyn &
Karlyn arrived at the Pit Stop in fourth place. The Cho brothers,
certain that their earlier good deed would go punished, were stunned to
hear Phil tell them they were in fifth place, and not eliminated.

& Sarah, the third team to reach the market, had the worst luck of
any of the teams. After thinking they were irrevocably lost, Peter
spotted a red-and-yellow Race arrow along the road. He laughed and
congratulated himself repeatedly for spotting the arrow. Unfortunately,
the arrow eventually led them to the long-completed Fast Forward — not
to a Detour location.

After receiving a string of bad
directions, Tyler & James abandoned their plans to shovel camel
feed and, instead, drove to the camel racing track. They ran alongside
their camel, yelling, “Whoa, wait for us!” They reached the Pit Stop in
sixth place.

Peter & Sarah were still lost. Eventually, they
drove all the way back to the Kuwait Towers. There, a man offered to
lead them to the Manual Detour. Somehow, they wound up in the parking
lot of a grocery store.

When they finally found the camel feed facility, the sun had set. At the Pit Stop, Phil informed them they’d been eliminated.

asked what they’d learned about each other on the race, and Peter
announced that he and Sarah had broken up. “I think Sarah and I both
realize we’re good friends. We don’t really balance each other very

Sarah was more blunt: “He’s not a very nurturing individual.” She vowed to find someone better.

week: Tensions escalate between Dustin & Kandice and Lyn &
Karlyn. And Dustin crashes the Beauty Queens’ vehicle into a bus. I
guess an Indian driving test only improves your skills so much.