DwtS 3, Week 9: Results Show

Mario and Emmitt have been fan favorites since the beginning of the
season, so it was no surprise that they earned spots as finalists for Dancing with the Stars 3. Still, it was sad to see Joey & Edyta go.

a brief rundown of last night’s performances, the judges asked Mario
& Karina for an encore of their Tango. Len said that the judges
finally agreed on which of the perfect-scoring routines to award the
encore “after hours of deliberation and three bottles of wine.”

Hey, look, the newest Bond girl is in the audience! Perhaps it’s because the latest James Bond movie comes out next week.

wouldn’t you know it, several of the pros just happened to choreograph
a demo dance to the James Bond theme song just in time for this week’s
show. Elena, Tony, Kym, and Max were joined by two of last seasons
pros, Anna Trebunskaya and Jonathan Roberts. It was good to see them
back again.

After the shameless promotion, Samantha interviewed
the remaining couples backstage. She recycled some of the questions
she’s been asking for weeks. Joey’s still working hard, and Mario’s
still feeling “the pressure.”

Emmitt said that Joey and Mario were so competitive, “They could play my sport.”

backstage interviews were followed by footage of interviews with
members of last night’s audience. Of Emmitt, one audience member said,
“Any man that can smile like that and make your panties fall off, he
deserves to be voted for.” (I must not have sat next to her; there was
no underwear on the floor by my table.)

Elizabeth Berkley was rooting for her former Saved By the Bell
castmate, Mario. And Dr. Kenneth Kaunda, first president of Zambia (and
my unofficial date for last night’s show), said he was impressed by all
of the celebrities. That’s the kind of stuff you’ve gotta say if you
want to be president.

After the interviews, we got a preview of some of the early rehearsals for the DwtS
Tour. Even though she’s not listed on the official tour website, Ashly
DelGrosso was at rehearsals, perhaps filling in for Karina while she
competes with Mario.

To build excitement for the tour, Max &
Willa, Harry & Ashly, Lisa & Louis, and Kym & Joey McIntyre
performed a fun jive to “Footloose.”

Slim-Fast contestant
Tysonia and her instructor Christian were in the audience tonight to
watch footage of her performance at the Pacific DanceSport
Championships. They finished their round in second place. According to
the DwtS board at Dance-Forums, the winning couple was pro Jeremy Gatlin and his student Mika Garrett.

Then, tonight’s special musical guests, Pet Shop Boys, performed “West End Girls” alongside some hip-hop mimes.

package of interviews with members of the media followed. Rachael Ray
said that the show is so popular, even the animal kingdom keeps up on
the show: “My pit bull definitely has an opinion about this.” Most of
the media members expressed more interest in the scandals associated
with DwtS (e.g., Shanna decking Paris Hilton, Sara Evans’ divorce, etc.) than in the show’s dancing.

clip package featured the remaining participants talking about their
competitors. Edyta said that when Emmitt dances, “he looks very

“Joey’s a real nice guy,” said Mario. “And I think that comes across when he performs.”

And of Mario, Joey said, “Those routines that he does with Karina are perfection.”

it was time for elimination. Mario & Karina were announced as the
first couple moving on to the finale. Then Tom announced that Joey
& Edyta had received the lowest number of audience votes, meaning
they were going home.

Tom asked the audience, “Have you ever seen as much unbridled enthusiasm as Joey brought to the dance floor?”

Edyta, Joey said, “This is a great friendship. We’re gonna go on the
tour, and we’re gonna rock it out for 40 dates or so.” Joey tried to be
positive about his experience, but the smile was gone from his eyes. He
was obviously disappointed.

Samantha announced that next week,
the final two couples will dance their favorite routine from the
season, a new freestyle routine, and then both couples will perform
dances to the same song

As the show closed, Joey & Edyta danced their final dance to the comically insensitive “Didn’t We Almost Have It All.”