DwtS 3 Finals: Results Show

First, a quick note to all MOIB readers. We can’t thank you enough for reading us, writing to us, and otherwise supporting us this season. We’ll be posting plenty of off-season DwtS updates and (hopefully) interviews over the next several months — so please stop by every now and then. And, of course, we’ll be back in full swing when the new season starts up. Thanks again!

Even after his retirement from football, Emmitt Smith is still earning
trophies. And Cheryl Burke’s record on Dancing with the Stars remains unblemished.
Emmitt & Cheryl won the final audience vote and, as a result, were
handed the DwtS 3 mirrorball.

a recap of the previous night’s performances, Tom Bergeron announced that each finalist couple would be dancing an encore this week. From their three
performances, the judges asked Emmitt & Cheryl to reprise their
Samba, and Mario & Karina danced their Freestyle.

was then time for a final update from Slim-Fast Challenge contestant
Tysonia. After her months of dancing, she says she lost 15 pounds and
got a promotion at work. Since the show spent so much time covering
Tysonia’s journey, I was surprised that she wasn’t asked to perform at
tonight’s live show.

Next up was a recap of the show’s early
eliminations — and a medley of dances by those eliminated stars.
Tucker & Elena performed their Cha Cha Cha, Shanna & Jesse
danced their Mambo, Harry & Ashly their Tango, and Vivica &
Nick their Paso Doble. Near the end of the routine (around the 2:40 mark of the video below), you could see the
show’s emcee at the bottom of the screen, encouraging the audience to

After a commercial break, the rest of the ousted couples
performed. Willa & Max danced their Rumba, Sara & Tony did
their cowboy Jive, Jerry & Kym donned their ridiculous outfits for
the Samba, Monique leaped off of the stage into Louis’s arms for their
Jive, and Joey & Edyta performed their Fox Trot. As the couples
took their bows, Max blew a kiss to the camera.

The highlight of
those performances was Monique. Even in tonight’s brief routine, she
had tremendous speed and accuracy. By re-dancing a routine she’d
originally performed in the third week, Monique showed just how much
she’d improved over the course of the show.

The dance medleys
were followed by a package of interviews with the family and friends of
the remaining dancers. Former NFL quarterback Rodney Peete said, “My
highlight is to really see what outfit [Emmitt’s] going to wear. It’s
certainly not an outfit he would wear on a regular night out.”

Emmitt replied, “A man in pink looks strong. That’s a man that’s confident!”

Seacrest had thoughts about the clothes in which Mario’s danced. “It’s
made me a little uncomfortable to see some of the outfits he’s been
wearing on the show.”

Eva Longoria was also concerned. “I said,
‘Mario, do not let them put you in these tight pants and tight shirts.’
Then he started getting all these votes, and I said, ‘Mario, keep
wearing the tight pants and the tight shirts. It’s working!'”

Lopez had his own reason for wanting Mario to win. “The trophy, it’s
kind of like this disco ball. We’re Latinos. It would look brilliant in
our living rooms.” George added, “Mario, I think, finally, you got
people to forget Saved by the Bell.” Never, George. We will never forget.

the clips, Tom walked over to the audience and asked each of the
eliminated celebrities to name a favorite memory from the show.

Tucker: “The chair. I loved the chair.”

Shanna: “Besides dancing to Kris Kross, Jerry smacking the guitar on the stage.”

“Dancing with Ashly every night, and looking out and seeing my wife
Lisa cheering me on even when I was less than perfect.”

Vivica: “Making some new friends and dancing with Nick.” Tom asked Vivica if they stay in touch, and she answered dryly, “No.”

Willa: “The week of the Waltz, when my grandmother came to watch me.”

Sara: “Making a lifelong friend in Tony.”

(sporting his Evil Puffy Shirt): “When they said I could keep the
shirt.” After the laughter from the professional dancers in the row
behind him died down, he said, “Katie being there, that was the best.”

“Definitely having my mom in the audience, but also the day that I
found out that Jerry Springer was my dad.” Kym raised her eyebrows in
shock, while Tony and Max roared with laughter. Jerry kept a straight
face and just shook his head.

Joey: “Just having my wife, my mom
here, and my whole family get so involved in this whole thing. It’s
just been a really great ride for all of us.”

As Joey spoke, you could still hear Tony and Max cackling at Monique’s comment.

of her dancing tonight, and the joke about Jerry being her dad, I am
suddenly awaiting the next Monique Coleman project. She just earned
herself a new fan.

In a nice package of clips, Emmitt &
Cheryl talked about what their time together had meant to each of them.
“We’ve just become such good friends,” said Cheryl. “Like brother and

Emmitt clarified, “I’m the big brother.” Turning to
Cheryl, he said, “Thank you for pushing me, even when I did not want to
be pushed. I love you, and I thank you, once again, for being a
friend.” Cheryl teared up at Emmitt’s heartfelt comments.

& Karina’s clips package followed. About their weeks of training,
Karina said, “There was days when you want to kill the other half —
slowly and painfully.” But she said of Mario, “I think of him as my
castle, my wall of protection. He’s unbelievable.”

And of Karina, Mario said, “She’s my stand up comedian. She’s my friend. She’s my little dictator.”

with only a couple minutes of showtime remaining, Tom announced the
winners: Emmitt & Cheryl. Emmitt took the glamorous mirrorball
trophy and held it over his head. Though clearly disappointed, Mario
& Karina just smiled and shrugged to their friends in the audience.

show’s tight schedule allowed precious little time for interviews with
the winners and runners up. Emmitt addressed Mario and said, “To you,
my friend, I appreciate you very much. You’ve been a true gentleman.”

When Samantha asked a teary-eyed Karina to say a few words about Mario, she said, “He is my true champion.”

trickle of glitter fell from the sky, and the season’s celebs and pros,
led by Vivica & Nick, ran out to congratulate the champs. As the
final credits rolled, the band played “We Are the Champions,” and Jerry
Springer danced with one of Emmitt’s daughters.