TAR 10: Episode 10

The Chos learned a valuable lesson on this week’s episode of The Amazing Race.
If you frequently stop to ask for directions, you will reach your
destination. However, you’ll probably also finish in last place and be

Beginning right where last week’s episode
ended, Tyler & James were the first team to finish the frightening
face-first rappel down the tower at Olympic Park in Helsinki, Finland.
They opened their next clue, in which they found cash and learned that
they were only halfway through this double-length leg of the race.

clue instructed them to fly to the capital city of the country in which
the Chernobyl nuclear disaster took place. As they drove to the
airport, Tyler fumed that the other teams would most likely catch up to
them there and level the playing field.

But before that could
happen, the other teams still had to complete their descents down the
tower. Dustin & Kandice did so with relative ease. Heading to the
airport, the team discussed what they remembered about Chernobyl.
Dustin said, “I know it’s where the atomic bomb went off.”

& Kim were the third team to reach the ground and receive their
clue. As he drove to the airport, Rob exclaimed, “We’re going to

Erwin learned the hard way why the racers wore helmets
on the rappelling task. He lost his footing and swung around, hitting
hit head on the tower. He wasn’t able to get back in the proper
position, and so he spent a good deal of his descent scraping his
helmet along the wall.

At the airport, Tyler & James learned
from the ticketing agents that Chernobyl was in Ukraine, and that the
capital was Kiev. Unfortunately for them, the first flight there was at
8:45 the following morning, which left plenty of time for the other
teams to book their flights.

Tyler & James and Dustin &
Kandice booked the 8:45 flight, which connected in Vienna and was
scheduled to arrive in Kiev at 1:35 p.m.

All of the other teams
got on another flight that connected in Warsaw and was also scheduled
to arrive in Kiev at 1:35. Because of a delay, the Warsaw-Kiev flight
landed approximately 30 minutes after the first flight, giving Tyler
& James and Dustin & Kandice a bit of a buffer.

When the
teams arrived, they jumped in their cars: old Russian sedans of
indeterminate make and model that reminded Kandice of her first car, a
’64 Falcon. A clue inside the car contained directions written in
Ukranian. Dustin read the Cyrillic lettering as, “Ta hocka bocka wocka.”

clue directed them to a tank training academy run by the Ukrainian
army. Most of the teams hired cab drivers to read the directions and
guide them there. Erwin & Godwin did not.

Instead, they
stopped, repeatedly, to ask for directions. This was bad news for Lyn
& Karlyn, who were following the Chos. They grumbled about the Cho
strategy until, finally, the Chos gave in and hired a cabbie as well.

the tank school, a Roadblock awaited the contestants. Representing
their teams, James and Dustin hopped in a pair of Soviet era T-64 tanks and drove though a mile-long obstacle course. Dustin skillfully navigated the course, passing James along the way.

on the other hand, struggled to keep his tank moving. And when it was,
it crashed into Dustin’s. She plowed through a huge mud puddle
smoothly, but when James hit the same puddle, a wave of muddy water
splashed into his tank, drenching him.

The next clue directed
teams back to Kiev, where they need to find an apartment building and
pick up a clue from the tenant in apartment 33.

As both teams
drove back, they passed Rob & Kimberly heading to the Roadblock.
Tyler & James stopped to point Rob & Kimberly to the training
center. Seeing this gesture of friendship, and aware of the Chos
alliance with the ‘Lyns, Dustin said, “We don’t have any friends.”

the school, Rob wished he’d chosen to drive the tank, which did look
like a lot of fun. But, instead, Kimberly raced around the course,
finishing well before the last two teams arrived.

Driving back
to Kiev, their car overheated. Rob & Kimberly had to wait for a new
car to be delivered, though they were still able to keep their lead
over the Chos and ‘Lyns.

Godwin and Lyn did the tank driving for
their teams. Godwin finished first between the two, because, as Lyn put
it, she drove “like a blue-haired lady on a Sunday drive.”

true to their alliance — and despite being in a race to avoid last
place — the Chos decided to wait for Lyn to finish, so the teams could
return to Kiev together.

In Kiev, the Beauty Queens and Male Models got their next clue from a kerchief-clad babushka in apartment 33. It was a Detour: “Make the Music or Find the Music.”

Make the Music, teams had to create a rap song about the countries
they’d visited on the race. They then had to perform the song at a
dance club. Their judge was Kiev’s top rap star — a guy that looked
like a Nascar driver who’d mugged Kevin Federline for his clothes.

Find the Music, teams went to the National Music Academy and searched
thousands of pages sheet music, looking for Tchaikovsky’s “Concert
Fantasy.” Then, they had to search over 100 practice rooms for one of
six pianists who could perform the piece for them and hand them the
next clue.

Dustin & Kandice picked Make the Music and went
to the club, where they put on their own rap gear, which was as cheesy
and gaudy as you’d probably assume. Dustin said, “I wish I knew how to
pretend I was a rapper… like stick your hands in your pants.”

their performance, the Beauty Queens rapped about one of the tasks in
Kuwait: “By the time it was over, we looked like hags.” The Ukrainian
rap star approved of their rhymes, and he handed them a clue sending
them to the Pit Stop, which was in the shadow of a sword-weilding
statue at Kiev’s Great Patriotic War Museum.

at the conservatory, Tyler & James had put on tuxedos to search the
stacks of sheet music. Finding the piece was easy, but searching the
practice rooms was not. They interrupted a number of violinists and
singers before finding a pianist who was waiting to play for them.

models listened until she finished playing the entire piece, then
changed back into their less-formal racing attire. They arrived at the
Pit Stop first, earning the Models a trip to Puerto Vallarta. Dustin
& Kandice weren’t far behind.

Rob & Kimberly decided to
take on the rap challenge. Kimberly wrote lyrics while Rob drove to the
club. Rob asked, “Are you gonna make it funny?”

Kim replied, “I don’t know. Whatever. I’m just gonna rhyme.”

& Godwin were still driving to the apartment building, stopping to
ask for directions whenever they had even the slightest doubt about
where they were going, which was often.

Lyn & Karlyn knew
they could make better time on their own, so they and they drove away
from the guys at one of their frequent stops.

Godwin cursed when
he realized they’d been ditched. Erwin just said, “We’re disappointed.
Our alliance with team Alabama is over.”

After both teams got their clues from the apartment, Lyn & Karlyn went to rap, and the Chos headed to the conservatory.

Meanwhile, Rob & Kimberly finished up their lackadaisical rap and reached the Pit Stop in third place.

& Karlyn were much more enthusiastic, stretching out their rap with
the occasional “Yeah, boy!” Lyn was flowin’ with lyrics like, “We had
to travel far and foreign talk,” and “Madagascar, ahhhhhhhhh!”

got their clue and hired a cab to lead them to the Pit Stop. On the
way, Karlyn said of her former allies, “Hopefully, the Cho brothers are

Erwin & Godwin had an easy enough time at the
conservatory, but they decided not to hire a cab to guide them to the
Pit Stop. Consequently, they drove onto a street that was closed for
pedestrian use only, and they were stopped by the police.

In scary Soviet-era fashion, the officer told the Chos to get out of their car. He then demanded, “Show all documents.”

the time the Chos reached the Pit Stop, the sky was dark and all of the
other teams were long gone. When Phil told the brothers they’d been
eliminated, he asked about their “nice guy” strategy. Godwin sobbed,
“We wanted to run the race the way we were raised.”

Next week,
James has a rough time trying to drive a chariot. And Lyn & Karlyn
get excited about a chance to Yield the Beauty Queens.