TAR 10: Episode 11

After Yielding another team this week, Dustin & Kandice dodged
karmic retribution. Though they arrived at the Pit Stop in last place,
it was a non-elimination leg, meaning the Beauty Queens still have a
shot at winning The Amazing Race.

The episode began with teams leaving Kiev, Ukraine for Ouarzazate, Morocco. All the teams wound up on the same connecting flight from Casablanca, which arrived in Ouarzazate at about midnight.

& Karlyn had wisely chosen to pick up a map of Morocco during one
of their layovers. That helped them become the first team to reach the
site of this leg’s first clue: an antique store in the Kasbah market

At the store, they picked up an amulet that would be
used at the Pit Stop to determine which team won the special prize for
this leg. They also received a clue, directing them to nearby Atlas Studios.

clue warned teams that a Yield (which allows a team to force a
trailing team to wait for a predetermined amount of time) lay ahead.

‘Lyns looked forward to Yielding the Beauty Queens. But the studios
were closed until 8 a.m., so they lost their lead and weren’t able to
take advantage of getting there first.

Once the studio gates
opened the next morning, a footrace ensued. The first two teams to
reach the Yield mat — Tyler & James and Rob & Kimberly —
elected not to Yield anyone.

The Beauty Queens were the third
team to the mat and Yielded the only team behind them: Lyn &
Karlyn. Dustin didn’t consider the move a personal attack on the
Alabama Moms. She said, “If we didn’t, we wouldn’t be playing our best

But Karlyn definitely took the Yield personally. Despite
her own plans to use the Yield against the two blondes, Karlyn thought
that Dustin & Candice using the Yield to their own advantage showed
that “they have no character.” Karlyn added, “That’s for them to live

The first three teams opened their next clue: a Roadblock honoring some of the movies filmed at the studio, such as Cleopatra and Gladiator. One member of each team had to ride in a chariot around a race track, grabbing two flags suspended over the track.

Dustin, and Rob hung on as their chariot drivers sped the horses around
the track. James missed his flag on the first go ’round, forcing him to
ride an extra lap. Dustin and Rob finished their task in just two laps.

As Dustin & Kandice walked off the course, Karlyn flipped them off. Lyn told Karlyn, “Don’t do that. That’s ugly.”

the time James had completed his bonus lap and grabbed his flag, Karlyn
was getting into her chariot. Lyn had confidence in her teammate: “The
fact that we were Yielded probably pissed her off, so she’ll do it.”

executed the task faster than the three lead teams had, so she and Lyn
were able to make up ground on the way to their next clue, which was at
a cafe in the town of Idelssan.

Rob & Kimberly had to stop
to change a flat tire on their car, and they wound up passed by all the
other teams, including the Alabama Moms. Lyn had no sympathy for Rob
& Kimberly. She muttered, “You should’ve Yielded the Blondes,” as
she and Karlyn drove by.

The clue at the cafe was for a Detour: “Throw It or Grind It.”

Throw It, teams had to use a pottery wheel at a nearby potter’s shop to
create two “properly made” pots. The shop was located four miles
further up the road.

In Grind It, teams backtracked four miles to the North Africa Horse ranch and olive farm. There, they used an olive mill, (like a giant mortar and pestle, only with a millstone instead of a pestle), to grind 75 pounds of olives into a fine paste.

each of the Detours, only three teams could participate at a time. That
meant that, if all the teams chose the same Detour, the fourth place
team would have to wait for one of the others to finish.

& Kandice picked Grind It and headed straight to the olive farm.
Models Tyler & James chose Throw It and asked some cafe patrons for
directions to the pottery shop.

Just before leaving, the Models
reread their clue. They’d misinterpreted the instructions for Throw It.
Tyler said to James, “We have to make the pots, dude. It’s not actually throwing them.” They switched tasks and chased the Blondes to the olive farm.

the way, both teams saw Rob & Kimberly still struggling with their
flat tire. Dustin & Kandice sped on by, prompting Rob to shout, “I
f***ing hate those girls.”

Tyler & James stopped to give Rob
& Kimberly information on the Detour, so Rob’s anger had abated by
the time Lyn & Karlyn passed by without offering any assistance.

Rob & Kimberly reached the cafe, they elected to follow all of the
other teams to Grind It. This wasn’t the best strategic move, since Rob
& Kimberly had already seen all three of their competitors heading
to the olive farm.

They would almost certainly have to wait for
one of the other teams to finish the task before they could start —
unless one of those other teams got lost.

Luckily for Rob & Kimberly, that’s just what happened.

Beauty Queens drove past the farm, and by the time they realized what
they’d done and made their way back, all three stations were already in
use by the other teams.

The Male Models finished grinding the
olives first and began bagging the fine olive paste. Lyn & Karlyn
weren’t far behind, so Dustin & Kandice waited to see which station
would open up first.

Tyler & James finished the task and
received a clue instructing them to drive to this leg’s Pit Stop. Along
the road to Marrakesh, teams needed to look for a marked boulder, which
pointed the way to a Berber camp, where teams would spend the night.

some viewers, the game lost any suspense at this point. As Phil Keoghan
talked about the Berber camp, he stood in front of the large tent.
There were eight cots inside — enough to accommodate all of the teams
still racing.)

Lyn & Karlyn finished the Detour next,
followed by Rob & Kimberly. Driving to the Pit Stop, Karlyn gloated
over the Beauty Queens’ navigation error: “Karma’s a B!”

Dustin & Kandice finished the task and hit the road, Kandice took a
different view than Karlyn. “There’s no bad karma in a game,” said
Kandice. “You do what you do to win.”

Tyler & James reached
the Pit Stop in first place, and they also held the winning antique
amulet from earlier in the leg. It entitled them to a new Palm Treo PDA
and a year of Sprint service. Trading amulets for wireless service has
been a tradition in Berber culture for generations.

The Alabama Moms finished in second, followed by perpetual third place finishers (six times in a row!) Rob & Kimberly.

& Kandice weren’t far behind, but they finished in last place. Phil
informed them that this was a non-elimination leg — so they need to
finish first on the next leg in order to avoid a 30-minute penalty.

30 minutes will be even more precious next week, when the competition
will be whittled down to the final three teams who will compete for $1

Also next week, Lyn loses her patience for Karlyn and
tells her to shut up. And when locals pelt Rob & Kimberly with
tomatoes, Kimberly flees.