Apprentice L.A.: Episode 1

The Apprentice‘s move to Los Angeles from New York City wasn’t
the only change revealed in the Season 6 premiere. Half of the
contestants live in tents. Trump has only one viceroy. And he didn’t
keep the goofy guy with no shot at winning around just to manufacture

Trump opened the show by asking the contestants to
introduce themselves to him and each other. During the introductions,
Martin, a lawyer/professor from Atlanta, asked Trump if he could use
the bathroom, making him the most obvious target in the whole group.
Trump ridiculed Martin for his inappropriate comment. And Trump’s lone
viceroy, his daughter Ivanka, instructed Martin to “hold it.”

alpha competitors emerged from the cast as they led the others in
pitching the aforementioned tents. Once the tents were up, Trump asked
the two early leaders, Frank and Heidi, to pick teams and serve as
Project Managers on the season’s first task.

Heidi’s team
narrowly triumphed in the first challenge — selling car washes — when
they decided to roll up their French cuffs and dry some of the cars
themselves. The winning team took up residence in a mansion, while
Frank’s losers were forced to live in the backyard tents.

After a sleepless night under the stars, the finger pointing began.

team members blamed Frank for setting the price too low and printing up
handouts instead of signs that drivers could actually see from their
cars. Frank attributed the loss to Martin’s low number of sales. Since
Trump already thought Martin was a goofball, finding any excuse to
target him was probably a good idea.

In addition to living in
the mansion with her team, victorious Project Manager Heidi got to sit
next to Trump and Ivanka during the Boardroom and act as honorary
viceroy. She and Ivanka had the same advice for Trump: Martin had to go.

hemmed and hawed about possibly firing his fellow New Yorker,
“Frankie,” but he ultimately agreed that Martin just wouldn’t fit in
with the Trump organization.

I’m still somewhat stunned that
Trump opted for the good of the company, instead of the drama Martin’s
prolonged presence would cause. Maybe The Apprentice really is
different this season.

Next week, the teams design and model swimsuits. After all, that’s what Harvard-educated lawyers and real estate moguls do best.